Husky Air Compressor 30 Gallon Model C303H Review

Husky Air Compressor

I’m going to be reviewing my husky 30 gallon 175 psi oil lists air

compressor I picked this up at Home Depot the going rate on this is about

269 the everyday price I think I got it on sale I save twenty bucks the actual

model number of this is AC 303 h and we’re just gonna jump right in it here

and and do some you know pros some cons some specs and some were some light

testing on I don’t have a whole lot to test it I was gonna take the tires off

my truck with it but it’s pouring out today so it’s gonna make the best of it

the height roughly 45 46 inches high the depth roughly 2021 worst case if I’m

measuring that right the width wheel-to-wheel about 21 and a half and

that was important to me because I want it to go right there that is its

permanent home that I was planning on parking it in but I found myself

bringing it out and wheeling it around because it is so mobile let’s go ahead

and Mark that there first thing here we’re gonna see how long it takes to

build air from zero all the way to 175 and this will give you a good idea of

how loud it is to which is kind of on the pro side of thing it’s not that loud

but it again it could be quieter but here we go there we go a little over nine minutes

to build from zero to 175 a little slow in my book but at the same time it is an

oilless compressor if you had a actual oiled compressor it would probably speed

up that process but a little over nine minutes to go from nothing to completely

full all right we’re gonna get into some pros and cons here I don’t know if I

went over it already but that label up there shows you all the specifics it is

30 gallons it is 6.8 SCFM at 40 psi and that is standard cubic feet per minute

at 40 psi its 5.1 SCFM at 90 psi this is 175 psi max and a 1.7 horsepower motor

running it is an oilless compressor but I don’t know if any of you seen the

Harbor Freight version that I had for like three days but here is a pro look

at this cable the actual power cable is about twice as big than the Harbor

Freight and the Harbor Freight would dim the lights and it would deal with draw a

lot of power and I was afraid this was going to do the same thing but with this

beefy of a cable I mean I plug it right into that outlet over there and this is

this is an older garage and the lights don’t dim you know I don’t notice any power loss

it hasn’t tripped any breakers so that is definitely a plus

the oilless compressor is a pro at first it was a con in my book being a mechanic

you know I just preferred a mechanical oil compressor they tend to last longer

they’re proved and all that stuff but these loyalist models have come a long

way and I hope I get many years of good service out of this another Pro it came

preassembled in the box meaning this handle those wheels and the little

rubber feet on the other side all came as you see I didn’t have to put anything

together I just took it out of the box and plugged it in which is great a con

and as you saw it it’s a little slow to build air it could be better it does not

take that long to build back up once it cuts on because it does not go all the

way to empty and I think it cuts on around the 90 psi area 90 to 100 psi

something like that and we’ll do a test for that to see how long it takes but

another another con and this is kind of weird every time this runs it has an odd smell

I don’t know if that’s the electric motor kind of still breaking in because

I mean I haven’t used it that much maybe that smell will go away but it’s still

present at this time every time it runs it’s it’s a plasticy kind of electric

motor smell I don’t know how to describe it it’s an odd smell another con and it

has not affected the way it performs is this plastic cover this is how it came

out of the box and it looks like it should go back together but I can’t get

it to go back together and I’m not about taking apart to mess with it because

it’s fine and I’ve had bad luck with compressors so you know it’s working I’m

leaving it alone but that’s that’s really the only cons that I have for

this another Pro it has two air connectors so you can run two different

tools or two different lines at the same time and another thing and

I’m not sure what they call these I don’t have them at work they are I guess

quick connectors so as soon as you release them they stay there and all you

have to do is push it back in it’s a little hard to do one-handed see at work

you have to pull these back and put the tools in but these things just pop right

in there and as soon as you release them it goes back to being open like this so

I run a flex illah 3/8 airline to run all my stuff and it is definitely

capable of running just about everything I put to it if you know if you work with

air tools one of these these little die grinders consume a lot of air and it

doesn’t affect the tank pressure much at all when you use this so I’m gonna give

it a little demonstration didn’t use much at all I mean if you’re constantly

using it it’s gonna it’s gonna affect it but you know this is by far the best air

compressor that I’ve ever had as far as running air tools I use like I said the

Flex Scylla and then I had bought this line here plug this one in up here

and I just leave this hooked up so if I need to quickly blow something off good

hang it right back here huh put a screw but I think that’s all I have as far as

pros and cons we’re gonna get into some testing here I guess another Pro and I

can mention this is I don’t drain this tank when I go in when I’m done using it

all I do is I flip this switch off so it doesn’t sit out here and run if it does

have a leak but every time I come in I cut it back on when I go to use it and

it has always had air pressure it has not leaked down much at all and I leave

both of these lines hooked up so if there is any air loss you know it could

be in one of these connectors but it is very little I’ve left it out here for a

week without messing with it and it has lost very little air so that was

impressive to me but I’m gonna get my impact and we’re gonna go do some small

testing here like I said I don’t have a lot of stuff that requires a half inch

drive impact around here I just have small engine stuff and I was gonna pull

my truck up and take a wheel off but weather is nasty so we’re just gonna

keep it indoors and and just show you what it’ll do this is the snap-on mg 725

it is about 8 maybe 9 years now I bought this when I first started so very

powerful impact it consumes a lot of air and see no doubt in my mind that it’ll

take these off but you know it’s one of the very few tests that I have

I mean little very very little effort this is a very powerful gun but at the

same time consumes a lot of air and the compressor you’re using matters let’s go

try something different all right I’m trying to find the biggest things that I

can take off using this and you know the wheels and in the front axle it’s about

the biggest thing I have around here so I’m just going to do a quick test here

just like that it’s very fast very powerful you can just hear it in the

tool itself it wants to run it’s it’s it’s got a great compressor behind it

I hope this to the Harbor Freight that I owned for two days and it wouldn’t I

mean the difference it made to have a compressor because the Harbor Freight

was at 125 just to have 50 more psi and a slightly bigger air time makes all the

difference in the world and that’s pretty much all the tests

that I have and that compressor has not cut back one yet so I’ve been using it

over here just messing around on camera and off camera now let’s see if we can

get it to cut back on one just walk back over here okay after our test using the

half-inch impact and the brief use of the die grinder I have that’s how much

air we lost from 175 to just over 150 that’s pretty good so I got the Kindle

back out when you use this to see when it starts or engages the compressor

again and then I’m gonna start the timer and see how long it takes to build ba
up from that point so here we go a little over two and a half minutes to

go from when it kicks back on one which I believe was around the 1:35 mark I

would say so from about 135 back up to 175 took roughly two and a half minutes

which which isn’t that bad that pretty much sums up the review and testing of

the Husky 30 gallon 175 psi oil this compressor I am very happy with it for

its capabilities and price range it is hard to beat

I believe the Husky compressor comes with a 2-year warranty and they actually

will ask you at the counter if you want to buy an additional warranty which I do

not so I’m gonna trust the 2-year warranty that Husky offers to take me

there and hopefully get well over two years out of it but I’ve turned it off

for the day and I would not hesitate to say that those gauges will be exactly

where I left them if I come back tomorrow and if they are

not I would have to blame it on one of my tools connected to it because I do

leave the lines hooked up.

Source : Husky 30 gallon 175psi Air Compressor Model C303H

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