Husky 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review

Husky 60 Gallon Air Compressor

I ended up buying a husky here’s my air compressor work like a charm noop here

so I’m going to do is I’m going to get this sixty gallon air

compressor tank off was great onto a cushion put it I’m probably going to

leave it right there and then I want to drill holes in it put some vibration

pads on it and mount it properly all right so I took the compressor off

of the pallet which was a pretty wild experience and I’m very lucky that I

don’t have major cracks in my concrete and I’m also very lucky that as I’m

pushing on the compressor just on its own it does not Teeter so I’m very lucky

with that there are my vibration pads that I’m actually going to put under the

compressor so here are the washers that come with the compressor and hopefully

I’m going to have them sort of kind of like that although there’s a gap I’m not

too worried about that, so I’m gonna have a mall on all four

which will look really nice actually it should be really nice and you should dim

the sound dramatically and I also have a nice gap here so it’s about from the

actual wall it’s about 18 inches but from the actual stud it’s about 14 which

I think it’s fine more than enough ample space for the compressor to breathe I

also put it in between spaces so that way I have a lot of air flow going

through the compressor as the motor runs and as it draws air into the compressor

itself so I’m pretty happy with this location here it’s kind of away from the

garage it’s like very borderline to the rail there so it’s gonna look pretty nice I got the

hoses which is right over here and of course I’m going to put the filter and

then the regulator extension first in the filter and the regulator and then

the hose and that’s pretty much how I plan on setting up this sixty gallon air

compressor but I’ll do for you guys soon and then I’ll show you guys all the

little details that I got going on and then on also one final note the drain

plug here I did drain some water out and how you do it is you just turn it turn

it this way I could get it to turn there you go so you can see water coming out

actually I turn this way so water did come out and it’s pretty dirty water so

that’s how you drain it but just guys keep in mind that when I drained it I

have no air in it so make sure you do drain most of the air out that’s what

the instructions say don’t be turning the knob when it’s 120 psi who knows

what might happen you don’t want that bolt to shoot out or anything it

shouldn’t but you’ll never know always following safety instructions so you

don’t blow your finger off or something but anyways that’s about it I have it

mounted soon for you guys c8 what’s up new gear so I just rented a hammer drill for $20

four hours there so comes with a side rail some adjusters here for how I want

to do it even comes with a bit it’s over five inches and so I’m going to just go

ahead and drill first the four holes just try to get them out of the way and

then I can return the item all right so after you drill the hole basically take

the nut and put it right in there so none of the dirt gets in then you just

whip it sweep the excess stuff out so none of that dirt goes in there so I

just have two more to go alright so we’re just gonna drill one for you guys

he’s just gonna drill this front hole and I’m going to turn it to the hammer drill

put the nut in sweep up get yourself a clean home someone will do the last one and then

pretty much mounted all right so next up what I did is I just put a piece of

paper under here through an outline so I can put this right on top of my

vibration pad and then drill the hole as desired

alright time for the final part cut some wedge anchors 3.5 inch so I have some

leeway I’m going to drop it in there and hammer it in and tighten the bolt

some guy is the noob here so after all that I finally have the pads installed

it’s pretty snug in there I don’t think it’s going anywhere and that’s what it looks like

all right so check it out I have it all set up here so basically it’s already in

the three eighths inch out nipple and then I have the valve here extension so

I can actually turn the valve because if you put one of these here your valves

going to well for this one they will he’ll be okay still but you put up if

you decide put the regulator first it’s going to hit against the regulator so

anyways I have the extension there here’s my filter followed by the

regulator when I’m followed by the hose as far as the hose goes I will have an

extension there and then I have some plywood stapled up on top and hopefully

in the future I will have a a real well now I don’t I don’t have enough cash to

work out cuz you know it does add up with all these nipples and and valves

and filters and tools and tank so that’s pretty much my setup I mean that’s

pretty much it yes the easy parts this part this is one of the hardest parts as

well as buying it and getting it here and getting it mounted getting the

voltage this is not a dryer cord this cord is rated for 600 bolts so it’s very

safe it can take 600 volts the reason why they don’t want you to use a dryer

cord because I don’t think it could take 600 volts or take a certain temperature

but this is a very heavy duty cord which is pretty weird because they want a

heavy-duty cord but then it’s so hard to wire Campbell house fields a little bit

better to have actual whole year unless you want to drill a hole there no thank

you for me I’m had enough I have my fair share of drilling I am done with the

drilling all I need to do now while I have more drilling with the car but as

far as this heavy-duty stuff right here I’m done and there’s my fail to bear

it’s pretty pretty rockin because later on I’ll have you know extensions

everything’s pretty much set there I could pretty much drywall everything

there so it’ll look you’ll start looking pretty good as soon as I get my nailing

gun I’ll make things even 10 times easier instead of a folding table I’ll

probably make a workbench but let’s play with some air tools I mean the hard part

is done I mounted this got it in you know basically how a mounted it you guys

saw it I drilled it and I used existing washers I actually bought some lock

washers and then mounted them right on top this one this screw I had a little

problem with because the whole screw was turning in a gun it was freaking me out

I wasn’t cool so but luckily when I screwed it it pulled the screw up and

then the the wedge actually wedged onto the actual cement so it’s pretty snug

down there so pretty nice setup a acqua new here so let’s take a look at

the first tool we have here remember this stuff is very high pressured

operate very safely I mean just for me to tell you guys because it is dangerous

a lot of pain and suffering went through to installing this but in the end it’s

it’s nice because you have powered air tools right on the tip of your tip palms

and of course be very extra careful don’t spray yourself so let’s take a

look at some dirty stuff and say you got some dirt there do some spring and it is

clean just like that power there I mean stuff is pop stuff beyond imagination

see that I mean I have this car clean in no time a little bit all that Wham quick

like that I don’t I should wear mask but I’m just showing you guys a couple

examples or just air to this air to also comes with a tire pump so I can take

this off and just replace it with the tire pump and just pump tires instantly

no problem let’s took a look at another tool so here’s a little angle grinder

and then you just use those two tools to tighten your your tool here so what

we’re going to do is take this off and replace it with that

little leaky but somehow we have a brush deck in some Russian miracles of power

tools check this out that’s amazing that is hardcore

so here’s a cutter cut off tool definitely be very careful with these

things absolutely make sure that the disc here is tight and you’ll make sure

it has oil in it so it’s basically a yeast would cut off two that I bought

for myself pretty decent has a nice grip handle on it so I’m going to do is I’m

just gonna plug it in here I didn’t make sure that that was tight so I’m going to

do that real quick alright so I made sure it was tight so let me connect it

real quick airports don’t put your hands anywhere near that blade

so here it is yep thank you just you know trim pieces off and of course you

got to make absolute sure you’re safe but that’s the cutoff tool.

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