Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review

Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor

I’m going to review another one of my tools and equipment

with you this is my new husky 21 gallon 175 horsepower air compressor and I

really like this model now prior to this I had a two gallon air compressor that I

had been using for about two or three years and it worked out really well

but as I become more involved with doing DIY projects with my cars and with my

other vehicles it became clear that I was gonna need something with more power

with more gallons so that I could use it more extensively for things like

unmounting wheels and doing various projects like that so I went out and

purchased the Husky model and I’ve heard a lot of good things about husky they

tend to be written very reliable I was deciding between the 30 gallon and the

21 gallon and once I arrived to Home Depot where I purchased this upon

inspection I realized that the 21 gallon is gonna be more my style in that it’s a

little bit smaller obviously less massive and it was going to be more

along the lines of the different smaller DIY projects that I do and this is

certainly sufficient to do that so whether it’s you know doing work on your

vehicles or whether it’s painting your your house or even small projects like

that this is certainly sufficient to do that now there are few things that you

want to notice about this setup that’s different than what you’re going to get out of the box

so obviously the compressor the 21 gallon 175 compressor this is what

you’re going to get my obviously it’s going to come with the motor and the

gauges obviously it’s not plugged up but I got some pressure in here I did a few

additional things I had this small little tool pouch that I attached to the

handle here so that I could keep my smaller attachments it doesn’t have my

larger air tools in it but the smaller ones that I just usually go for really

quickly if I wanted to detail the inside of my car I have my blower here and if I

wanted to pop up on my car all on my bike I had that

attachment there along with my entire gauge so this kind of little pouch here

that I can attach to the side is really helpful that way I don’t have to go

looking around for these things one other thing that I really do recommend

and I’m gonna turn it around so you can see it would be this husky retractable

hose reel this is very important because the alternative is that you could buy a

whole separately and then you have to wrap it up every time or find some way

in order to keep it from getting tangled up so that when you need to move the

compressor around you you can do so without rolling over the hose one thing

I really like is because as you can see my garage isn’t that huge

I can sit this against the wall back there and with the reel I’m able to pull

this out to any part of the garage to take care of any of the projects that I

have and so it really is quite helpful to have this reel and I attached this

also to the handle of the compressor so that it will move around with the

compressor and as you can see it has wheels on it so wherever I want this to

go it can go and I have my hose reel so that I can attach my air tools and

really be sort of an all-in-one station and that that’s what I really wanted so

I really like this setup it’s got adequate power like I said 175

horsepower is the maximum and that’s more than enough to take care of the

different sort of things that you need to take care of around the house and

even if for example you run a small business you can still use a compressor

this size although most businesses will opt for an industrial sized air

compressor just for all of their major needs but for household this is

definitely sufficient so I’m going to attach my my impact gun I’m not actually

gonna do any work with her but just to show you that it packs enough power to

operate the gun and it’s really helpful alright hang tight and I’ll grab that

cuz I’m a husky impact gun which I’ve used before in a prior video to dismount

my wheels on my m5 as I was cleaning them you know I really like this setup

because all of my air tools I have in my tool case is back here and I’m able to

just grab them out really quickly attached pull my reel out pull the hose out

rather from the reel and I can get it to anywhere in the garage to do any job

that I need and if for example I need to do something in my backyard or somewhere

else in the house this like I said is mobile like I can certainly take this

around it’s not the most portable of models but if you really like medium

size DIY jobs this is definitely the right one so again the 21 gallon 175

horsepower husky air compressor I would definitely recommend if I recall

correctly I purchased this a few weeks ago and I believe I paid about 260 for

this I think that they’re going on sale now so you can even get it for a better

price with Father’s Day upcoming so please look into that this is a great

model I’m really really impressed with this it’s got so much power and

versatility that I’m so glad I made the purchase so you guys check that out.

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