Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Home Depot Unboxing And Review

Air Compressor Home Depot

All right so I’m going to do an unboxing video of this compressor that I bought

for the Home Depot website it’s a husky twenty gallon oil free air compressor

that’s 1.5 horsepower it’s oil free has 7 inch wheels on it and it says 5.0 at

40 psi on the box so I don’t know what to expect but will unbox this thing and

we’ll check it out together and see what we may or may not need to do to put this

together the reason why I bought this one not an even bigger one is that

you’ve seen a ton of our videos so we’re always working on ATVs we’re always

working on like the house fixing siding I figured this one was pretty easy to

wheel around the house to put clap pull it up make some repairs around the house

if I needed to and you know if you needed to work on the Jeep or whatever

it is it breaks down it could zap you know tires off and I’m pretty easy with

this one and I’m do something general repairs we don’t really tend to get into

a lot of heavy stuff so this should be perfect to what I need it for

so that’s sad let’s open this thing up be careful to using the utility I want

to cut me like it seems to be packaged pretty well around all right so let’s

income sandwich in between a couple pieces of styrofoam and the wheels I

Rockets are gonna have to put that those on let’s take this thing out here the

wheels right here there’s one thing I learned to like Stockholm makes a mess there it is

that’s a little look like you can take it out of the pat box alright so on the

one that I’ve received those hold the card on it and it does tell you pretty

much the environment that’s made to be used in which is you know finishing work

some painting a little bit of prep work and removing like tires and wheels and

stuff like wheels and stuff your car I also got some care guide and some bolts

and I’m kind of guessing those are probably the bolt the wheels on so open

this up seem to do and I’ll show you how to put it together alright so I really

need to put the wheels on are a couple of wrenches which I just grabbed and I

put one wheel on let’s put a block of wood under it to help to keep it upright

and it might be a little bit easier to if you have somebody just kind of keep a

handle on it while you take the wheels up it’s not how to do it so I’m rocket

science but it can be a little wobbly so you get these on so bumpy little on and

the washer that in there let’s have like a socket our couple of

graduate seconds why would I get support let me go alright so before I plug it

into the wall and turn it on and just wanted to show you a couple of things

that the air compressor has it has a handle here of the nice grip on it

so you can easily tilt it and you can drag it around the shop around yard if

you’re doing some work on your house there is a pressure regulator knob right

here and you can add psi take psi away this relief valve on this side now you

can pull out and these two gauges and let’s see the gauges are right there and

here’s where your air line goes in so there is like a cook release coupling on

there so you can plug your ear hose in theory air gun or whatever it is it uses

like a ratchet and the button to turn it off and on is on the side so let me see

he’s like over here man this is the back of it looks like

and see if there’s a drain valve on the bottom so I figured you guys would be

interested in this too umm there’s the valve on the bottom here to drain any

water out so it happens you get any condensation in the little the bottom

and let’s plug this in cuz next question you guys didn’t have is how noisy is it

well let’s find out weights let’s turn this on for the whole time and see how it is you

all right so it’s definitely not a quiet a compressor but I mean no I’m really

not anyway but that gives a good idea of how much noise would come out of it

and so I’m going to do is we’ll start using this thing.

Source : Home Depot Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Unboxing

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