How to set Air Compressor Pressure Switch On Your Harbor Freight

Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Hello I had somebody ask me about setting the pressure switch on one of

these harbor frieght air compressors and I want to show you how to do it but I

want you to be aware that if you touch the wrong thing it you can get shocked

or if you turn the screw too much you can actually damage your unit so you

want to be very careful you want to pay attention to the warning label on the

top of this cover this here is the pressure switch this is the main control

here’s the on/off switch down here it’s in the on position right now but down on

this side where the slot is there the screw it’s very small so when you take

it out or put it back in you don’t want to really crank down with your wrench

it’s a regular screwdriver slot I don’t know if you can see that I’ve already

taken it out down on this side there’s like a little little notch and sometimes

you have to put your screwdriver in here and kind of kind of push on a little bit

to get it off I’ve already got it loose it loosened up but I’m going to show it

to you sometimes you really have to work at it so I suggest you unplug it because

these wires right here above my fingers have power on them one that’s plugged in

these two were for the motor and he’s back to her for the cord on the backside

of this I’m hoping you can see this over the light don’t kill it

there’s instructions it’s actually upside down here’s the little tab that’s

hard to get off hope you can stop the video I just see

this and read it those are the instructions under the cap

I just hope you can see those I’m going to show you how to do it the screw right

here according to the instructions is the high cutoff only and basically it’s

as least as it’ll go if I loosen it up anymore to vibrate out underneath it’s

got a spring on it that’s part of the switch just metal-looking screw right

here is the one you want to turn make sure you get a screw driver that

actually fits it and I back this off to where I was that when I took it out of

the box I’m going to turn it on here for a minute so you can see what the cutting

pressure is then we’ll stop it and then or will turn this through a little bit

they just cut in between 70 and 75 psi now am I trying to screw up a little bit

I’m going to give it about a half a turn right now the gauge is on 80

they’re still cutting in below 80 psi I’m going to back it off the half a turn

where it was and we’re going to pump it up all the way so you can see the cutout

pressure on the half a turn I just turned it up now I’m going to let the

air bill to about 105 and it will cut off again

they just cut off about 103 psi it’s just barely past 100 I’m going to turn

this back up another half a turn you

now I’m a a right right at 108 to 110 psi so I turned out a half a turn and it

gave me close to 10 psi and what I did before is I backed it off a full turn a

little over a full turn I’m going to turn this back up to another half a turn

I’ll let the air off again now the cutting pressure is right at 80

before it was about 70 to 75 and the off pressure is around 110 it should go

about 115 where the setting is right now each mark on this gauge is about 4 psi

and it’s 2 marks under 120 so it’s about 112 psi and I turn that screw about one

full turn the a little metal screw that I actually had it about a quarter turn

higher than that before the demonstration this is the inside of that

pressure switch and it’s a black plastic screw I when you mess with that one

unless unless you’re cutting pressures real high with this metal screw right

here turn a clockwise to raise it counterclockwise to lower it so I’m

turning my screw clockwise I would start with a half a turn unless your pressure

is really close to 115 when I first bought this machine it was 105 and I had

to put it in about one and a quarter turns to get it to the pressure I need

and then I have that concern of the safety valve over here is blowing off at

125 so you want to make sure you don’t turn up at 120 to put this on you just

set it back on here keep in mind it’s got this tab on here that clicks on you

hear that click on there now I can’t hardly get it off this is kind of hard

to get off and that’s why I say take the power off it before you stick your

finger in there you shook it look like a Einstein or a bad hair day put this

little big screw in here having difficulties you just tighten it

up and just use your fingertips don’t put no force on it because it’s just a

little bitty screw if you put much pressure on it you’re going to strip it

and that’s all there is to setting a pressure up on one of these I want to do

this in 1080p so you can see the detail and if I try to edit that it’ll be in low quality.

Source : How to set the pressure switch on your Harbor Freight air compressor

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