How To Replace Air Compressor Switch 60 Gallon

Air Compressor Switch

One today is replacing this pressure switch reason one replacing is because

it would try to get up to the two set pressure that I have that and what it

end up doing is it would actually cut off a for Dan and I have to keep this

out of like a perfect position just for your stay on so we go ahead and breaking this down

I’ve already took out the wires yeah I’ll show you how to put them back on

but it’s real simple we’re gonna take off this release valve we’re going to

take off see already nine starters for everything on the gauge we’re gonna

unscrew from here we’re gonna take off this forgot the name of it and we’re

gonna remove it so first go ahead and I’ll show that right now alright so

first thing we’re gonna be doing is removing the relief valve and then also

the stage of your on side okay already going to loosen anything else again so

I’ll speed it up and what I did with this was since it’s already in

stationary position here I’ll just take this and all this uses right

and just take off so that takes care of that we’re going to place this on the

side here you see it has the little tape so we don’t pick up on the next thing

I’m going to do is I’m going to take off his gay same thing with the gage I just

use a wrench put it in here and just remove try to do this while this is

pretty much stationary so it won’t be that hard

alright okay and that’s the gage off next thing we’re gonna do is we’re going

to take off this I think it’s a release valve I’m not sure this is a good

picture this right here alright so the way this works is there’s like a little

lock on this side here so you can see this little for a little slot where it

goes in you see that all right so what we do is we just move this okay it’s

already locked in we just move it to that slot and it comes right out just like that

alright so that’s that now the way this works is um let me show you the new room

stay right there for me wait but this is a new one this is a new one so this

right here are you gonna see it actually here actually goes in and out and out

and that allows for you to do this for you just to push this down like this and

take that that’s it so this is off and now all we need to do is take this off

now this one you can try to move this but it’s probably going to come out the

actual compressor so we’re going to do is we’re going to take these vise grips

go ahead and we’re going to take this here we’re just going to unloosen it so

you hoping the vise grip to keep it in place is always trying to do is take this off boom

so we already got it off again is that going to be this easy because I think I

pretty much I’m screwed everything alright I’m screwing it it’s real time

I’ll need to know if this are going to work what anyway the part number for

this is 0 3 4 – 0 1 8 4 and that’s everything for you that you all right

there so if you proceed oh cool alright so we’re going to replace this

and we’re going to put the new one now the new one let’s just double-check we’re gonna take

this off here okay we’re going to verify the part number say what we’ve said zero

three four days zero one eight four okay all right so the first thing we’re going

to do is back you down right now with us I’m just using this teflon tape and just

wrap it up edges here then that’s doing this so I’ll take off whatever this is

yeah it’s a good idea to clean all this up so taking this and this song just

gauge the time beyond roll that out the way this gauge this on this per survive

on nation’ go ahead and just throw that to the side here and we’re going to go

ahead and put this one again we should be able to put everything back on

all right so at this point we got one two three, oh they close this up they close this up

so let me get a monkey wrench and take this out and close this up all right so

what I haven’t moved yet is on the backside they have a plug I guess you

can’t add something else to it I don’t have anything to it but I used a quarter

and I went ahead in on vices up vice it up them on for a minute and just throw

it out so just get that and take that out this is good to go so let’s put some

teflon tape on this and we’ll get back to reinstalling I’m doing right now is

I’ve already put all the teflon tape on I’m just going to reinstall it I’ll move

this inside just a little bit and go ahead and put this on I’m just going to

start to twist it on as such put it all the way down like this right

oh I see babies are like a crab I’m probably if I could go one more but

let’s to do it you see well that’s gonna do it

so we’re gonna keep it right there nice and tight then we’re going to put this

same relief valve and put that on right there and put our gauge with your clean

on get it up like I said I don’t ever use it put that tighten it up then we’re

gonna take take our little wrench here see you type it go ahead and is that the command

all right I guess doctors on his way tie this up make sure everything’s airtight

we’ll come back sure this is tight should be fine we’ve come back and check

for the strip nuttin that’s all tight alright so next thing we’re going to do

is we’re going to take let’s take this line right here and then what I was

talking about it being inside are we going to do is take this line right here

see we can bend it just a little bit it has some flexibility to it but don’t

want to get crazy but we just take this shows lined up take it and we just see

how that walks in and then this little flange comes out a little piece right

get a little copper piece comes out and that’s it so everything should be

airtight so now we’re just gonna put the wires back on and I’ll show you how to

do that and we should be done with this we’ll crank it up and see how I got

everything back installed all the wires this is the ground and don’t let me get

the line but these are I’m not sure anyway this is the ground and just read

your specs for this all right so we’re gonna do now is just put the cover back

on I still got it the same way hooked up that I had up from the box so

one day I’m gonna come back and redo it but nevertheless we’re gonna just tie

this down and crank it up and we’ll see if it obtain pressure and make sure that

we don’t have any leaks all right you know we did we do a real-time over here

so you can see exactly how it goes down no edits and hopefully nothing blows up

oh that one cool that one Co mmm what just happened

just do one try it again look and see what’s going on alright

just now I went ahead and I took this off and make sure I had good connection

everything was straight now what I did do was wash everything up I mean you

can’t tell but I washed everything up and I think it’s just having a hard time

starting back up so we’re gonna try it again and let’s see if we can crank up

trying to do is you try to get the pressure all the way up to 120 that’s

where I keep it just making sure we don’t hear any leaks

over here to so far we don’t just always leaks here and just to start off of it

didn’t get straight but anyway um try it again that wraps that up so far success you

can hear okay there’s no leaks here there’s still like a constant leak down

here I just need to replace this little piece right there that’s the one that

came stocked on it I think I remember a few ago remember might have been even

Greg that went ahead and replace that right there and he’s brought it out a

little bit farther here but anyway that wraps that up that’s how you replace the

pressure switch on a COBOL 60-gallon you see part number a number two two one five six five.

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