How to Repair Broken Air Compressor Drain Valve

Air Compressor Drain Valve

All right so I busted the drain valve off my dresser it’s a quarter inch brass

and I broke it clean off so there’s nothing left to put a wrench on and

compressor won’t work so I’m trying to figure out how to replace the drain

valve and get the broken threads out of the compressor and I got a screw

extractor strut set and found on that fit in here and started to use that I

thought it was going to work I sprayed it with white lithium before I did it

and it look like you’re starting to work and then the brass just crushed and it

didn’t spin then spin free so what I’ve decided to do is go from the broken

quarter inch size up to a 3/8 size so I’m going to drill out is stepping up

I’m gonna start with 3/8 go to 1/2 inch and then I’m gonna go to a 9/16 I’m

gonna tap it for the new threads 3/8 hopefully my compressor reward I’m also

going to spray the bit and the hole with white lithium grease to try to make my

bit longer don’t have a tripod and I need I want to make sure I start getting

perfectly straight I lied I think I can film it while I drill maybe maybe not

beautiful need-need one more bit then we can thread it hopefully my metal

machining skills are up to par and this says and just blow out like a rocket out of my compressor

all right so drilled out to 9/16 if you can see I left a little loop in there

then go all the way through but it’s plenty far enough for the new 3/8

fitting to fit into matters all right so I’ll refer to the rescue

they sell this here with the 3/8 pipe thread die 3/8 18 the thread count

is 18 in beauty so yeah we’re gonna use this so I’m using this t-handle with a

1/2 inch 15 millimeter spline drive socket because that’s just what I could

find to fit this shaft for me pretty snug all right so appears to be working

its threading in with the t-handle you could get the even pressure to keep it

straight so I need to use both hands and slowly keep threading it in till I have

enough threads in there and then put this new three nipple in with the

new three drain valve Oh got some threads going there backed it out and

put it back in by hand now I’m gonna go a little bit further right it out

alright so looks like we got it it’s threading in

I think we’re good it has that red thread seal already on the nipple

because this is sold for air compressors but I think we’re gonna wrap just a

little bit of teflon on there before I put it all the way in just for extra

security tightness there we go I put a little third seal tape on there and only

wrapped it about one and a half two times since it already has the red

thread sealer on there but there’s a little extra love all right got the 3/8

nipple in so I put a little thread seal maybe one wrap on there and then get the

3/8 drain on there and be finished hopefully going on there sign it up there in

circle turns give it a test run.

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