How To Install A Husky Air Compressor Parts Belt

Husky Air Compressor Parts

Well once again this is Eric with master to appear here master pair we do get a

quick few calls on installation of these small belts for the small oil free

compressors here we have one is a bit difficult to install so our rep here

Mikey is going to show you some helpful tips and a really easy method to install

this and here’s Micra show you how ok guys for this example we’re going to be using

the PJ 373 belt again like Derrick said it’s it’s a tight one so what we’re

going to use a screwdriver I use a crescent wrench a three millimeter allen

wrench and a four millimeter allen wrench we’re going to start with the

four millimeter the fan the screw that goes into the fan is a reverse thread

keep that in mind you will want to go clockwise to loosen this thing okay and

the reason I have the crescent wrench is because I found it a little difficult to

get off so you can use the crescent wrench for torque if it’s fit it right

on the end get it as tight as you can and then use it for torque while pushing

down go ahead and you know knock that thing with this fan will come right off

I’ve taken it off already because you know length of the video we don’t want

to be on here all day now the screw that’s in the bottom of the connecting

rod is the three millimeter and again if you need to use the crescent wrench to

break it loose you can just be careful all right the method that I use to get

the connecting rod off is I like to just pry against the flywheel with my

screwdriver just go back and forth back and forth until it comes off some are

probably going to be tighter than others but just keep working it it’ll come off

okay there we go want to lay it to the side turn it get

it out of your way alright now the belt I found the easiest way to do this is to

go to the underside okay so you want to get the belt under the flywheel this is

the pulley this is the flywheel okay we’re going to start this thing around

the pulley okay I’ve got it underneath then we get it on this side of the flywheel okay

then I’m going to start working it around

all right I want to get my finger right up here on the bottom side on the belt

now you want to have this tight make sure that you’re going to be able to

turn this thing I take the screwdriver because I want to make sure this belt

stays on this pulley so I like to keep the screwdriver underneath the belt

without damaging it so you got to be careful with the tip tight here

screwdriver here and begin to turn it will pop alright just keep turning keep

that screwdriver up under there you want to keep it on the pulley keep it on the

pulley like lift it up and say it she’s on now you’ve got to work it up onto the

pulley a little at a time one notch at a time just keep prying up as you turn

it’ll pop right in turn it back once it’s on the pulley completely and there

you have it and that was a brand new belt so it wasn’t something that was pre

stretched or anything so don’t think that it was some kind of magic it was

very easy goes together just the same way it did and that’s that’s how you

that’s how you put the belt on that.

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