How To Identify Or Choose A Pilot Air Compressor Unloader Valve

Air Compressor Unloader Valve

I’m askin to live here we have some pilot vows is a short explanation how to choose a pilot

unloader valve identifying a pilot loader bow that you need for your gas or

less your compressor planning will load about essentially what it does it just

basically the brains of the compressor so it will decide what the cut in

pressure and what the cutout pressure of the compressor will be now these are

various styles few of the very popular styles and loader valves used on many

different units whether it be electric or gas you can now for a gas-powered

unit you have to have a pilot loader valve so this will be in place of sake

and a pressure switch on an electric unit whereas the pressure switch

electrically controls the cut on a cut-off psi of the compressor this does

the same just pneumatically of course with a gas-powered compressor you have

typically a style like this it’s a very popular type where you have your outlet

down to your tank and this is it in this case a female pipe style your Inlet from

the compressor transfer tube from the hip so this will be a half inch male

compression in this case and of course you’ll see most of these valves will

have a vent well while the compressor is idling it’s not pressurizing when the exhaust

will obviously exhaust through this vent here so it won’t you know bypass the

tank so most will have that exhaust port right there and of course you’ll see 8

inch either male or female connection on the side of the pilot valve this is for

the engine throttle control cable so either the valve of the cable will

install on to this eighth inch port going up to your engine throttle plate

which will actuate the you know the engine to idle you know cut back in to

pressurize the unit and of course on top here get your toggle some of the pilot

valves may have a knob on top somewhat of us will have a toggle like this and

on the up position this will unload the compressor so it makes it easier to

start up so it does not load the compressor down and of course flip it down

to load the compressor so that’s a common feature on all and all of these

are adjustable you’ll see these adjustable nuts here which we have a

separate explanation and technical document how to adjust the cut in and cut out

pressures at differential etc so they are all adjustable of course here we

have a very popular type use on many for instance and blow to wall compressors

this is your most basic type of pilot unloader valve you’ll have your quarter

inch NPT outlet usually install it to the tank or manifold it’ll have your

course toggle on top to unload or load the unit and of course it’ll have just

an eighth inch female therefore your throttle idle control cable or valve to

your engine and this doesn’t have a port or an exhaust such as this pilot valve

or this pile of valve here because this will typically be used on pumps that

have built in a head-on loaders so it doesn’t necessarily need an exhaust port

so that’s one type here’s another popular type used on many different

types of units including roller specifically same eighth inch outlet or

quarter inch outlet I’m sorry and 1/8 inch throttle idle control port and this

has a muffler which will is basically just obviously muffle the exhaust when

the compressor idles here’s another 8 inch fitting here for the line going to

the check valve so that’s another accessory port there and again the most

popular type is going to be this style here this is actually a Czech pilot

unloader combination valve actually has a built in check valve just a basically

a precautionary about you know function to make sure there’s no back pressure

getting back to the pump it so the check valve will keep that air and hold it in

the tanks so this is actually a combination check pilot and unloader

valve this is also a Czech pilot on motor balance basically a different

configuration is all it is all right here we have our half inch NPT outlet to

your tank and this has an the intially detection on the side of this is

actually a large three-quarter inch compression style Inlet which our

transfer tube will attach to here we have our exhaust right here just like

the exhaust just a different type and which will exhaust the air when it

idles here’s another basically a cold start valve to basically relieve any

kind of excess pressure in the line when it starts just another kind of a you

know we’re done two valve head and loading valve essentially and we have

our eight inch for our thought a lot of control to your engine and our toggle so

you basically want to choose a pilot valve you know basically the most

important thing is the inlet you know the type of thing which our tube will

attach to whether it be on the top of the valve the side whether it be a male

compression like this or whether it be a female pipe or flare pipe style we have

very many to choose from and just choose that based on the type of fitting on

your inlet tube and of course here whether it be male or female on the

outlet to your tank and of course the PSI readings all these are typically

preset as certain pressure for instance this will cut in a 145 psi and it will

cut out at 175 psi for two-stage units whereas something like this over here

will be a have 125 PSI rating so it will cut in at 90 psi cut out a 125 psi so

all of these are preset adjustable but our preset for your particular setting

that came with the air compressor so that’s essentially the different types

of styles pilot valves we offer and if you have any more questions you can

simply view the technical documents on the web site as well or call into a

sales rep for more assistance.

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