How To Emglo Air Compressor Repair

Emglo Air Compressor

All righty tubers let’s go ahead and start off with this guy got a Honda GX

340, 340 it’s 11 horses you can read it’s got a key start not sure if charges some

battery yet a lot of these models didn’t very few of them came with Staters on

them now stator some of you may not be familiar with the name

but a stator is like an alternator it recharges batteries it’s actually in

where the coil is for the ignition is probably over here somewhere there’s

usually a second coil either on the outside or it’s built onto the inside of

the flywheel I seen them both I don’t know about Honda I haven’t had a ton of

I’ve back up a little bit there I haven’t owned a ton ton of Honda’s and

as far as all my Honda’s are concerned none of them had been key start other

than my knockoff Honda but the knockoff Honda is on a generator and the

generator itself produces 12-volt so he works a little loose you can see the

back side move there that needs to be tightened up let me tell you what this

thing is immensely heavy me and another gentleman the guy I bought it from we

couldn’t lift it into the back of the truck and I mean this is just my little

way to pick up and I couldn’t get it into the back of the truck ourselves we

actually had to walk it up plank up into the back of this truck so it was pretty

pretty extensively heavy which surprisingly you think the compressor is

the heaviest part we could get the front end of the up off the ground but when we

go to lift the rear there’s yeah there’s no way now as you can see there’s my

scripts on it already the fuel line does week we’re going to

need to go grab my gas tank we kind of drain the gas back out what you drain it

back out sure we regal so we can get the fuel line changed because on the bottom

of the gas tank there’s no shot the shut-off is on the carburetor itself so

absolutely messy little tool bag my trailer of awesome let’s see what

occurred needle know that be first over that was my toolboxes at work for maybe

six seven months I outgrew it it didn’t have not near enough room for all the

tools I haven’t work thankfully it suits me pretty well here I don’t need a ton

of tools here like I do art even though I probably do more extensive repairs

here at home you need less specialty tools I’m going to take that off real

quick fact I think I’m going to go ahead and shut the camera off I’m going to

change that fuel line out and then as well here’s another another thing the

engine is pretty well locked up it does turn over if you pull on really hard

won’t turn now but it was I’m going to go ahead and pull spark plug out I’m

going to mix about 25{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} marble 25{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} diesel I’m going to take a little old whatever

how our world this diesel is going to make take some of that out I’m going to

throw it cylinder I’m going to tilt this up right

so it’sit’s more this way and soak that cylinder and then I will turn the camera

on if you’re I soaked it and I’ve put a new fuel line on and I’ll go ahead and

fill it back up again alrighty so you can see that change my feeling it and to preoccupies you can

see there’s some water and rough and nastiness coming out of the spark plug

ol I got the power start working I put more carb cleaner into the spark plug

hold trennis McLean out some of that water as you can tell and you can hear it

something I’ve got full trust this Honda will run whether or not it’ll smoke

that’s another question but I can I can make it how to processor I can get

this to run I need to check the Jets out I’ve got but on the carb off its rusty

I’m going to change that fuel line out now and it starting gryzzl starting to

rain a little bit see it on my phone it’s raining

all rightie tubers just starting to rain even harder now it freed up considerably

all that water and junk is out of there I’m going to choke it up now I got the

new fuel line in place I’ve got the fuel line clamp on it is throw up right now I

think that’s throttle down I think that’s throttled up I choke it

and then see if we can get it to start that’s off the mare choked it up again

okay some carburetor giving it to run off that for a minute

all right Siebert got my headlamp on it is perfectly dark as you can see so that

went ahead and pulled this carburetor apart and one thing that people missed

on a Honda carburetor sometimes I pull the jet out clean it put it back

together a month sometime it will run fine but beyond the jet there is this

guy I can’t remember name escapes me I want to say it’s a venturi one of those

one of the guys out there yeah that’s a finisher here no you idiot not a venturi

okay but it is the it’s in there further so it’s in there and the jet actually

holds it in place and I pull those out as you pull the jet out and then there’s

that piece right here that will be sticking up a little brass piece I need

to push on that then it will actually push out of the carburetor so it goes

back in description OOP carpet 30s chokes it off see as you can see it’s not sticking out

there yet once we wished I really wish I ignore my tripod was that’s why my

explanations mission today once we tighten this guy down a little

bit is going to go a little bit on tectal foot legacy that guy’s looking out there so

all around there has been cleaned and he is I need your hand the Handy wings really kicking up

all right that’s tight lovely old screwdriver, yes I know I’m pretty random and

I poured the gases here but I’m going to see if I can match it up well enough and

still use it if I can get it to work and I’ll use it but bowls nice and clean now

I did soak everything in this for about an hour Berryman’s chem debt if you do

carburetors by any means if he’s doing on one now once a wee ones every other

mom just the beginning of the season whatever pick up a can of that

oh man it’s worth it you can pick it up Walmart sometimes autozone carries it

all rightie carries it but it’s by a different brand I don’t like quite as

much I think this stuff looks better but I some people replace is like every year

if they’re using it pretty heavily I use this pretty heavily and I been using the

same can for like three or four years now so I’m going to go ahead and

reassemble this guy get it back on the engine see if we can get it started up

darker and darker yet alright Devers is all back together again have not tried

starting it have not done anything with it just took the battery pack up nice

full battery green light means extra full excuse let’s see new which wastes choke that

weighs too that sums up that so I thought I’m going to do

I love them on this little smokey it smells like marble miss Roy why baby that will go away

like always days of sand on the dark tribe bleeding it off once before same

stuff to get something off alrighty will main guys well it’s a runner rather good

especially for beans these debt when I got it Oh chick-fil-a nice

plenty of compression still need to tighten that that guy up my tiny tech

somebody put on there I might just take that off I’m out something else there

may be newer one this one’s kind of kind of broken that and it has nothing on it

as zero a minute legal tech an hour meter I don’t know there’s a way to get

into the other mode seeing hits resetting again

yeah I don’t all-righty tubers I think that will conclude it for today that

will be the end of the explanation you will see more of this I’ll make more explanations

understanding more figuring the processes out of it if anybody wants to

tell me anything about it go for it that’s the company I’ll do some research myself

that’s pump well I’m not familiar with that company but hey when you say

alrighty tubers I hope you have a good one and I hope you have a good rest of

the afternoon or morning or rest your night I have a good on tubers give me

thumbs up thumbs down whatever you want to comment if you want to there’s a

little bell over here if you want to click on that it’ll make it so you guys

see my explanations when they come up it’s kind of anything interesting ever seen it before no you

see though is changing for good and for that they do wish.

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