How To Change Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Oil

What up y’all so now it’s time to put oil in this air compressor pump and if

y’all missed out on any of my air compressor explanations don’t forget to check

the links in the description below cuz I’ll link y’all up to them and don’t

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tricks and you know me fixing this thing up and getting it ready to run so we got

to put oil in this thing and anybody can go down to you know a big box store

Home Depot Harbor Freight auto parts store, you know Amazon wherever and get some of

this air compressor oil for all oil lubricated air compressors so if we flip

it over reduces friction and wear rust and corrosion protection extends

equipment life blah blah blah blah blah so all this stuff is in here is sae non

detergent oil and this stuff is real cheap this is like you know two bucks a

quart and i had to get two quarts there’s the other one because that’s

what this takes is two quarts so if we flip it over it doesn’t have any kind of

ratings any kind of that stuff just sae thirteen on detergent oil hydraulic

jacks air compressors and stuff like that you know that just uses oil now I

never put this in a motor unless it specified which I don’t think it would

be but this is what it’s made for so you say four bucks you know to put oil in

this thing and the stuff at Harbor Freight I couldn’t imagine it being much

higher quality you know so yeah the synthetic stuffs better

yeah the name-brand stuffs probably better but I mean I gotta put some oil

in here to flush it out you know and then I’ll I might put some synthetic

stuff in here it’s up to you really but uh you know I like to use better quality

oils but I mean you know it’s just a pump it just lubricates the bottom of

the pump so you could argue that the higher quality stuff has you know more

corrosion inhibitors and all that stuff but this is cheap this is what

we’re doing cheap and I might source some better stuff later but that’s

what’s going in here for now so a real big thing is non detergent see where it

says non detergent if it says SAE 30 and it doesn’t specify a non detergent don’t

use it it’s not made for this purpose I don’t know exactly what the detergents

doing here but every single thing I’ve ever seen for air compressor says non

detergent so make sure you don’t just get the SAE 30 motor oil get the non

detergent oil it can be a little hard to find but auto parts stores have it you

know I got this from True Value but that’s what’s going in here

another thing with these air compressors is if you don’t use them a lot you know

moisture builds up in here and if you don’t use it enough or the pump doesn’t

run frequently enough it will build up moisture in there and that moisture this

is cast iron right here so that moisture will build up rust scale and stuff and

you want to make sure you got the right oil in there because you don’t want all

that gunk in here somebody said I read once on a form or something that the non

detergent it allows that stuff to sink out of the oil and the detergent keeps

it in the oil so it can be picked up by the filter and then filter it out but we

don’t have a filter on this so we use non detergent so that all that crud and

stuff sinks to the bottom and it made sense to me if y’all know in the

description if that’s true let me know but it’s time to fill this thing with

some oil all right time to fill her up so I got my funnel let’s crack this seal

oh sweet it doesn’t have one of those stupid little metal things smells like

oil man that is clear that’s like straight mineral oil so yeah this is cheap you

know we’re going cheap here but like I said you know it had some rough scaling

and stuff in the bottom so we’re gonna put this in here and we’re gonna flush

it out but uh I’m probably gonna get some better stuff later if y’all got a

little air compress or something you’re just trying to get you some oil in it

you know just get this stuff I mean you don’t have to get the expensive stuff

you know it’s not like a internal combustion engine that’s got carbon and

all that kind of stuff to deal with and unburnt this and that and it’s just an

air compressor it’s just a pump it just needs oil in there to keep it lubricated

alright let’s crack the next one I hope y’all can see how clear this is

you’ll see how clear that is all right she’s full

all right so this thing’s full now so I thought I’d just share that with y’all

you know a lot of people don’t know that they look for air compressor oil and all

it is is SAE 30 non detergent so I thought I’d share that with y’all you

know it’s cheap and easy you don’t have to buy the stuff that’s twice as much

you know because it says air compressor oil obviously it’s probably better it’s

probably got additives and all that kind of stuff in there.

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