How To Air Compressor Repair Valves

Air Compressor Repair

What’s up y’all alright so I’m fixing up my air compressor and if you don’t miss

out on any other other explanation don’t forget to check the links in the

description because I’ll link y’all to those too so you can watch those because

I’m doing a little air compressor restoration series so I just want to

show you all real quick on air compressors they have valves in the top

of the pump right to seal the air in or to let exhaust out and stuff like that

kind of like valves in a motor so I have valves right here that I took out of my

air compressor and you can see I already have one cleaned up here but there’s one

here and then there’s a broken one here and I’m glad I took it all apart because

I was gonna get lazy and not take it all apart and this one was broken so you can

see that’s definitely not good this is supposed to be in here but I’m just

gonna show y’all real quick how to clean these things up now if you got a cheap

air compressor yeah you’re probably gonna have to replace the parts but on

these american-made ones that are really high-quality like industrial quality

ones you know you can rebuild them and you can clean them up so here’s the one

I’m gonna be fixing up and before I take that apart I’m gonna show y’all where it came from

alright so you can see the top of the compressor pump right here and I have a

bunch of paper towels stuff down in there but those little valves they just

sit in here and like this one’s the intake it lets air in and then it blocks

it from coming out you know this one blocks at certain ways it they’re like

valves in a motor so they seal with these little crush washers these little

um copper crush washer gasket things and you can see the valve just sits in the

top of the pump like that you see it so this one’s got four of

them I don’t know how well you can see that but I’m gonna show you how to get

them cleaned up all right so like most of the stuff I do we’re gonna have to

understand a little bit more of how it works that way we know how to fix it

right so these things are really simple it’s just the seat you could think of

this is like a valve seat in the car but you see how shiny it is it wasn’t like

that before it was all gunked up but I polished it up with 2,000 grit sandpaper

and here is the valve itself it’s basically like a washer and I think it’s

stainless steel at least it’s supposed to be but you can see how shiny it is

now you’re gonna want to check these and make sure there’s no pitting or

corrosion or anything like that but if you can get it shiny enough to seal up

you should be good so it just sits like this and you can see these parts glide

because they’re so smooth now it sits like this and it seals up against that

surface in the middle one so those two rings on the inside it sits like this

and it’s got a spring and it goes up and down seats against it unseat seats

unseat seats unseats like that and that’s just how it works so this one’s

got these little wave washer springs but this one’s got a real spring in it and

I’m going to take this apart real quick alright so if yours is really rusted up

you’re probably gonna wanna let it soak an oil or something cuz you don’t want

to snap this screw off I don’t know if it’ll snap or not but I’m gonna use

electric impact and this is off of a champion air compressor I don’t know if

20 air compressors are similar or other air compressors a lot of them use Reed

valves but these disc valves are the best because they’re rebuildable and

cleanable and stuff so you can see here’s the seat and I already got this

one all cleaned up here’s the valve and you can see it’s kind of messed up

on that side but I just flipped it to the cleaner side after I polished it up

here’s the spring it’s just like that and it pushes up against it and then

here’s just the back part that holds the spring and stuff so all right to get

these cleaned up just get some 400 grit sandpaper some 2,000 grit sandpaper and

dunk it in you know some soap and water I got a bucket down here hold on all

right so I’m not gonna do the 400 grit one because I already did this I’m just

doing it to show you all how to do it but you take it with the seat that goes

down and this is the 2,000 grit and just polish the heck out of it and then wipe

it you know on your pants and then check it and make sure that it’s nice and

shiny you see this one’s already done but normally it’s gonna be all gunked up

and stuff you can use a wire brush acetone all that kind of stuff and get

it perfectly clean now we’re gonna do the disk and just polish it up maybe do

it this way so you don’t put uneven pressure we get that thing nice and

polished up and you can see where it seats it’s super polished now that looks like it’s

a groove but that you can’t I can’t even feel that so I’m not worried about it at

all I can’t even feel that if you can feel that you want to grind it down just

a little bit more and polish it up you more but you can see it’s reflective

it’s so boil polished so this side I’m not putting that up against the seat I’m

putting the shiny side because I want the two shiny sides like that but clean

them up and just put it back together how you took it apart I mean they’re

hitting much too bees just put the spring back in here like this

and then make sure you get it all centered back up and make sure see how

the bolt was right there before okay but before you put it all back together a

great tip is get some red loctite and you’re gonna – trust me this is a red

stuff it’s got gunk all over it but put a DAB on that screw on that bolt right

there so when you tighten it down you know this thing doesn’t come apart on

you so just put it back together and I got a wash this one and acetone to get

all that grit off of it now but put it back together tighten it up you can see

it’s not fully seated but you got to get the thing fully seated and then just tighten it back up and get

it snugged up with a wrench and the thing you can see it’s not seated at all

hold on alright so you can see it’s fully seated and you just tighten her up

with a wrench and get it you know really tight but don’t snap it off obviously

but I got this little piece of metal here and you can see how it works and

what I’ve been doing is putting it on the bench and seeing if it works good if

we gets bound up at all and you can see how it works this one’s good to go so if

y’all got any like you know you get stuck or something look at the parts

diagram and it’ll show you how to put it back together right yeah if you’ll have

to get you know if the springs worn out or if it’s pitted beyond repair or

broken like this one or whatever you got to get new ones so you can get them on

eBay a lot of times that’s the best place to look for them as eBay or Amazon

but yeah alright so I just wanted to show you all the new valve I got here

real quick compared to the old broken one but you can see it came with two new

those little sealing washer gasket things but here’s the new one you can

see it’s nice and shiny I’m not too happy about this allen screw I feel like

that’s a way to cheap out and you see it’s got a little washer underneath it

not too happy about this because all the other ones had a bolt with the lock star

ring on it and you know in an ideal world this would be glued in here with

some red loctite and it would never come out because it’s not really subject to

that much you know vibration and stuff but me being me I’m tempted to take that

out put this bolt in there instead because I don’t like the idea of this screw popping out

if it ever could right pop out of course the screws not gonna go through here but

what about that little ass washer right there that thing could go right through

there and into the top of the motor and I just don’t know why you would put a

washer under that at least this you know you know how hard these things are to

take apart you got to cut them at least that is you know stuck on there somewhat

so I don’t know but yeah everything else on it looks good

you can see this is a cast part and then the bottom part is machined so we can

see this old one I mean it’s pretty much an exact match other than this bolt and

I know these allen heads are a lot cheaper so other than this bolt it’s

exactly the same but yeah other than that I’m pretty happy with it on all

right so you need to check your valves if they have any little cast parts

similar to this I don’t know what kind of valves you’re working with but you

need to make sure as you can see where this one broke all right so you see it

broke right there where it was cast so you need to check that out and make sure

that yours isn’t messed up in any way because you don’t want the thing coming

apart and I got these I might as well just rip it all the way open right there

the new ceiling crush washer thingies okay they’re aluminum and copper crush

washer gaskets but uh yeah you got to know which way these go on the motor to

look at the parts diagram it’s kind of confusing but you got to know which way

they go so this comes with enough to do all of them I’ll put links in the

description but I mean you know it’s gonna be pretty rare that you’ll have

this exact compressor so I don’t know what good that would do y’all but this

comes with all the bum and that came with two anyway so

just figured I’d show you all this new valve real quick so you can see right

here this is a different one I’m comparing two different ones right so it

the two biggest ones I got this is a new one and it works perfectly fine and this

is the the other one I’m comparing it again so that sounds a lot more

satisfying than this but that’s the sound it makes when it’s running yeah

these things I mean these are all good to go so so if y’all get stuck or

whatever you can check the parts diagram and see how it goes back together and

make sure you put it back in the pump in the right direction so because this way

or this way or whatever make sure you put it back exactly how it was and

you’re supposed to replace those crush washers every time you take them out

because they deform and stuff so just a quick little video I hope it helps

someone out if you don’t miss out on any of the other air compressor explanation don’t

forget to check the links in the description and you can get new ones of

these on eBay and Amazon and stuff eBay is the best place to look for them what I found.

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