How A Rotary Screw Air Compressor Works

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

When deciding to buy an ideal air compressor there are many factors that

one has to consider high performance that helps maximize his production

industrial design that makes it compact and easy to install reliability that

promises smooth production energy efficiency that saves power and hence

money safety features that ensure safety of the user these were the driving

factors behind the designing of the LG global series air compressors with over

50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing air compressors LG’s

equipments are strongly placed itself as one of the top players in the air

compressor manufacturing industry LG’s constant urge to set new standards in

the quality of products resulted in the making of the global series of

compresses the global series compressors ensures value for money by offering the

customer a giant leap in design performance and technological innovation

with each component designed for reliability and ease of maintenance

which makes it an ideal investment for any user the global series compressors

have in place three stages of air filtration the atmospheric air is sucked

in through the pre-filter and then by enclosed air filter wherein inlet dust

is removed by centrifugal action and finally by filter cartridge to supply

clean air to the compressor a striking feature of the global series compressors

is new generation capacity control system integrated with blowdown valve is

installed at the compressor Inlet the intake valve reduces starting current

and optimally controls the compressor capacity during less demand thereby

saves energy cost the global series compressors have an optimally selected

heavy duty ie2 motor with reserve power to take care of power fluctuations these

motors come in various power variants and can work efficiently even at high

ambient temperatures the drive system is connected to the air end system by

methods of a drive coupling this ensures positive

power transmission and enables easy serviceability for replacement of

coupling element without dismantling the motor but Global Series compressors gain

their efficiency by using LG’s etter V profile rotors this technology has

helped in improving the overall energy efficiency of the compressors this

combined with the slow speed of air end provides high volumetric efficiency

which makes it best-in-class LG has applied the unique OS v.i.c process oil

separation by impact and centrifugal action which enables efficient air and

oil separation with minimum pressure drop this method enables the pre

separation of oil oil mixture to greater extent and delivers consistent oil free

air by passing it through a separator element the design of the global series

compressors makes it very efficient in its air cooling capability the

separation of the cooling system from the rest of the unit by means of closed

air duct results in a unique cooling air path for the after cooler the cooling

system has fans with integrated motors and wider cooling surface area enhances

better cooling of hot air by using the ambient air the global series

compressors have an inbuilt moisture separator which is designed to handle

high humid compressed air outlet from the after cooler up to 99{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} of the water

gets removed by the centrifugal action and impact mechanism used in the

separator the neuron to controller is a dedicated and extremely compact

industrial automation controller for control of medium to large size screw

compressors the controller is custom designed and engineered as an advanced

embedded control solution the global series also provides customers with the

option of an inbuilt air treatment for moisture free air with the addition of

LG’s m8 refrigerant air dryer which works at high ambient conditions of

five degree and delivers dewpoint of three degree since the compressors are

not operated under full load conditions LG can serve insures substantial energy

savings based on the load demand the VFD control varies the frequency of drive

thereby increasing and decreasing the drive motor speed which results in 28{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd}

substantial energy save in lifecycle cost another important feature of the

global series compressors is it’s easy serviceability single door access point

enables accessibility to the paths that need periodic maintenance and

replacement and easy maintenance of the cooling system global series compressors

are designed and perfected to ensure the highest level of safety to its users the

compressor package and its pressure vessels are for c/e and also for other international

regulations like G B and dodge other safety trips provided for the package of

a motor load over trip high some pressure trip motor reverse control

protection pressure relief valve AOS changeover time indication and more the

global series compressors have an intelligent control system with

microcontroller edge and the comprehensive display system for visual

identification of fault report which displays the previous 99 faults in

chronological order with real time stamping and the type of fault

maintenance schedules like consumables change motor greasing etc the LG global

series compressors delights the customers with features such as high

uptime low lifecycle cost and high efficiency with very low operating speed

low maintenance costs due to longer life of consumables low operating noise level

innovative design resulting in smaller floor area for the compressor LG has

time and time again provided technological solutions to many

industries their advanced technological innovations and smart designs have

resulted in LG being preferred as an ideal compressor solutions partner

worldwide come and be a part of the technology edge.

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