Home Built Gas Powered Air Compressor

Gas Powered Air Compressor

Hi folks subject of today’s explanation is portable air compressors there are a

number of times that I need to have compressed air away from my shop and air

tanks just don’t do it they always seem to only carry half the air you really

need for any given job so I decided that I’m going to build a small gas-powered

air compressor because commercial ones are a too expensive and be too heavy

I wanted something light portable gas-powered take around the property

take away from the shop and to take to steam shows I need compressed air to

power a lot of my models steam engines and and whistles when I met the shows I

tried this year earlier to put an inverter and a small 120 volt air

compressor together at the show and I ended up killing my battery because I

got busy talking and forgot to start the vehicle to keep the battery charged so

while I was at the show I looked for and found a small rebuilt

compressor in a two horsepower engine I added some parts and I had in stock

and for about 125 bucks total came up with this unit so let’s take a quick tour

sorry for the bath this is the air compressor single single cylinder single

stage sewing air compressor it’s got a check valve here and I’ll take you

around to the other side in a few minutes and show you the other side but

there’s a Popoff valve back here a gauge and then air fitting compressed air

comes out of here gives a little chance to cool and goes into basically a harbor

freight tank that I scavenged I built up a little frame here a couple of L

brackets and welded it to the tank put an axle and a couple of wheels on it put

a handle out that I can pull it around and pop the handle out it actually goes

in here and you can store it so it makes it pretty easy to carry around it weighs

about 67 pounds now it’s not light but it’s not nearly as heavy as a commercial

one would be a little 2 horsepower engine I got ran really well I paid 20 bucks for it

and I rigged up a little throttle here a little off of a lawnmower and I’m pretty

pleased with it so I’ll get you let me take a second here I’ll turn you around

and we’ll take a look at the other side. Okay here’s the the business side with

alla pulley is a nice big pulley here this was this was nice this is a 10 inch

pulley yeah 10 inch pulley and this is a 1 inch and a half pulling what’s really nice is this 2

horse power engine can start this up when there’s air in the tank because the

reduction is so great it doesn’t have a lot of cubic feet per minute but again

I’m not running a jackhammer or anything like that usually for pumping up tires

or for running small engine or small steam engines like they said here’s that

Popoff valve I was talking about it pops off 280 pounds so basically what you do

is you start the engine let it build up and then when the tank gets 80 pounds

this Popoff vailable pop the internal pressure of the tank will drop Popoff

valve goes back so there’s no chance of it you know over over charging so let’s

get around to ground and I’ll give you a demo

okay we got her on the ground we’ve got our gassed up go over and fire it up and

let it start to fill the core throttle choke is right here

you’re going to be able to hear over that to the engine or not but that’s

check it out a knife and it takes about I’d say ten minutes about two

about 15 pounds right now couple of other things that I’ve added

down here…

working on the other end of the whole octopus pressurise larger pay

standby do two more Valley 40 pounds right now counts and I want you to hear

Popoff failed auto-leveling, I can say it’s not there’s not a

hi cubic feet per minute application but if you’re out in the middle of a field

a tractor tire that sounds or trailer player that a nice little waiter

another thing I forgot to mention is that copper pipe there

right there besides cooling it a little bit the air a little bit I also

I also could slide that compressor back and forth on a set of slots

to tighten tighten the belt, so I needed to have a little bit of flex

in that system so that’s why there’s a loop second reason there every five pounds now


so there you go spleen these again because I don’t know

if the audio is going to come across all that well but here’s a pressure

regulator I don’t always need eighty pounds here I might want to drop it so

you can just top this on after the length of any length of hose and then

adjust the pressure within your output pressure also I have an octopus this is

if I wanted to run 80 pounds out of this one and I could put the regular eight

regulator on here and drop it to whatever pressure I wanted or if I had

multiple airlines and then this one here is a pair of males with a cutoff between

them so you can take the output of this and pressurize a larger tank to reduce

the cycle time you wouldn’t necessarily have to run this all the time

pressurize a couple tanks so that’s it that’s what I’ve been doing the past

couple weeks well in my spare time is putting this together and running pretty.

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