Hitachi GX160 Gas Air Compressor Review

Gas Air Compressor

Now it’s true that many of the reviews that you’ll read about something online are negative

it’s just in our nature that it’s easier to complain about something than it is

to compliment it but many of the positive reviews that you see online are

little more than paid endorsements what you’ll get from me is the honest to

goodness truth and when I talk to you online about something a product or

service it’s going to be something that I bought and paid for in this case I’m

going to talk to you about a gas-powered air compressor and this is a Hitachi and

it’s a model EC 25 10 E and it’s powered by a Honda GX 160 this is something that

I’ve used abused and I can give you a real life experience about it now some

background real quickly our shop was in major need of an upgrade in the

electrical system we had an old but large Gill Barco air compressor World

War 2 era worked ok but even comment asked it would take so long to into air

up we had to just sit down and take a break so we changed over to a Dewalt

and do what makes a fine air compressor the one we use was more than enough for

what we needed in here however because it was using the amount of amperage that

it was drawing caused us to run around the shop on plugging things resetting

breakers switching wires around so it was impractical as probably as well as

unsafe now this we also use remotely on job sites so it’s multi multi-purpose

piece of equipment I’m going to give you a summary as well as some specifics and

then we’ll crank it up shortly so at the end of the video you can kind of see

what we go through when we’re using this first off it weighs 144 pounds almost as

big as I am it’s heavy but it’s a wheel barrel design so if you can see in the

front there is a tire and there are two rubber handled grips in the back so that

you can lift this up I can load this into my 3/4 ton pickup truck with little

effort just using a we also put this on two cargo trailers

flatbed trailers no problem doesn’t bounce around because of its weight it’s

got an 8 gallon tank has your line pressure gauge up front as well as your

adjustment it’s got multiple output fittings up here so that you can run two

devices at once the Honda GX 160 if you know anything about the reputation of

Honda’s at all it’s based on durability and efficiency these are fantastic

motors and I’ve never had a complaint about one it’s got a its carbureted 1

gallon fuel tank doesn’t use a whole lot of fuel we’ve been working a consistent

long hours with this and have yet to run out of gas it’s got your basic fuel

shutoff down here it’s got a lever for your choke it’s got a lever for your

idle speed there’s also a switch over here on the side of the of the engine

electrical on and off there’s a window over here so you can check your oil

levels that’s really nice to have I think it saves most guys from having to

make excuses to their wives after they’d blown one up on why they should buy

another one I don’t think this is in the manual but I will bring this up the air

pressure relief valves right here kind of hear it we open that up before we

start this either hot or cold it just seems to make cranking a little easier

it’s kind of like the engines not fighting itself starts quicker both cold

and hot this one I believe is 9.3 CFM at a hundred psi and this one will pump up

to just under 150 psi now the CFM’s were important to us and

if you’re say winterizing a house the plumbing system on your RV where you

need a lot of line pressure something like 9 CFM comes in really handy now one

thing I will say about this is it is loud when it’s when it’s pressuring up

you know I don’t have a decibel meter but my ears are telling me it’s probably

somewhere around 70 75 decibels until it reaches the preset

air pressure setting it does have the idle down feature though and that’s nice

and and what I mean by that is when it hits say 145 psi the engine does not

shut off it just shuts it shuts down to a loader lower rpm and that’s a good

thing because then you can have a conversation in here you can hear what

people are doing and it will stay like that until it either bleeds down you let

pressure out or if you’re using equipment it’ll kick back up but that’s

all automatic real nice feature to have and you know I can’t really say that’s a

negative about about compressors or generators they’re just by their nature noisy

okay open the valve engine on choke on fuel on

so as you probably know by now I am very satisfied with this air compressor it’s

taken a beating from us and it hasn’t missed a beat this is contractor grade

it’s professional quality $900 or $700 somewhere in that ballpark I think it’s

a great piece of equipment for the heavy use home di wire but I’m very happy with

it and I would buy another one.

Source : Hitachi GX160 Gas Air Compressor Review

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