Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 8 Gallon Air Compressor Review

8 Gallon Air Compressor

I just got a whole big bag of some goodies and I can’t wait

unboxing so without further ado show you guys what I got today Good Old Harbor

Freight now you know some people have different opinions on a harbor freight

tools you know if I had the money you know I might buy different brands craftsman or

snap-on but you know when you’re on a Harbor Freight budget it’s nice that you

can go out and get the amount of tools you can get for your money

so anyways I’m really excited to have these this is a new compressor with an

air hose and my old compressor died probably about a year or two ago I’ve

just been needing one so bad and I’m so happy to have one finally a new

compressor this is a nine gallon I believe eight gallon is an 8 gallon oil

lubricated air compressor from Harbor Freight and I got a new angle grinder

this is only nine dollars they believe this was twenty dollars and this was $99

their compressor itself was nineteen I got a couple of little attachments to go

with it for my new air hose and then these I bought a separate you know they

were like ten bucks for the extra grinding wheels for the four and a half

inch jingle grinder which I also have an angle grinder as well but it’s just a

killed one and I can tell the bearings and stuff are starting to go out on the

one I have wanted to get that I have a whole box of air tools that I just

haven’t even been able to use impact air ratchet drills things like that I just

really been needing an air compressor rather than go get one that’s half to

you stuff decided to just break down and get one so this is kind of something that you know

they’re evil little thing right here this comes in the mail right you know I

keep it where you know a lot of people would keep their reading material I keep

it you know in the bathroom and this right here was what got me to run down

there because I needed an air compressor for a long time and it’s normally 159

it’s on sale if you don’t have the coupon for 119 but if you get this

magazine which is the super saver or super coupon you get this coupon right

here and it’s 98 99 which is what I paid for it and then this isn’t the exact

magazine I don’t think it has the other coupon I used I ripped the other one out

and took it with me but it had a coupon also for the Diablo 50 foot hose for $20

and then the four and a half inch angle grinder for $9 $9.50 tough it just goes

a lot quicker with air tools the other thing I need to do is on this truck this

Ford truck f250 turbo diesel I’m converting this to the newer style 7.3

Super Duty and what you have to do is kind of chop this little nub off down

here so there’s this little nub where the original lower idler pulley was

mounted and for the Super Duty one what you do is you chop that off right there

and then you mount the Super Duty one which goes in the original spot but it

has two wheels mounted on the same spot it pivots right in the middle right

there and so the way to take care of it the forward service bolts and what it

says to do is you actually chop this off right here and then it clears for the

Super Duty style when you can put it down in there so I have to grind that

nice and flush cut that off you cut a little bit of that little wing right there

offer employee I didn’t really have any good tools to do that I had one angle

grinder with an old grinding wheel on it that could explode in my face at any

time like the last one that I pushed that long did and I just didn’t want to

risk it again so anyhow that was the reason why you know that was the project

that kind of pushed me over the limit I was the straw that broke the camel’s

back as far as me deciding to actually go buy something and so yeah central

pneumatic nine gallon compressor this is a two-horse I don’t know why I keep

saying it’s a nine gallon I think I was looking at another one that was similar

price but nine gallon eight gallon compressor max psi 125 two horsepower

4.5 SCFM at 90 psi 5.5 s CFM at 40 psi and 88 DB 120 volt to plug in one so

yeah there’s a hose I got this Diablo hose and pretty cool 3/8 x 50 foot long

king proof collar cold weather flexibility burst resistant light wave

non-marking I got seventeen piece air tool accessory kit the blower and

attachments for all my tools fresh attachments make sure they’re all

the same size and some extra attachments for my attachments and this is for the

angle grinder add some extra discs and there’s a whole bunch of different kinds

for metal and stuff so there’s two for masonry or no three for masonry and

seven for metal they’re four and a half inch disks so there they are pretty cool

so I haven’t do one of those and this is an angle grinder start with that first

this is my $9 angle grinder guys okay my knowledge with the Super Saver keep

on a twinkle sign me up for that I didn’t want to be signed up for and she

did it anyways and now I’m super stoked that she signed me up for it

Thank You twinkles just doing what I didn’t want to do and yeah she was right

I’ll admit it so here it is guys the drill master $9 angle grinder comes with

a handle and a little wrench and an angle grinder so I would think that it

would come with a wheel I’m glad I bought extra wheels but there’s no wheel

in here so there’s the wheels I’m going to put on there again it’s a stack of

ten pack of them and I think I paid $9.99 for this on sale so they’re like

about a buck each for each one of those and I’m going to put probably the metal

grinding one on first I’m going to use my air compressor which I haven’t opened

yet with my cutoff wheel to cut it off and then I’ll use this to grind it down

nice and flat with my new $9 angle grinder this is my Diablo hose 50 foot hose and

show you guys it’s got yeah non bending in dominant right there so the part

where it plugs into the compressor is where it usually gets kind of kinked and

so this is like a non kink plastic attachment I guess they put on there

pretty nice-looking those though a nice black rubber hose

so not approved for over 300 psi so I don’t know what the hell I would be

doing with 300 psi but anyways open this up take a look at that hose here look at hose

it’s got the 19 cans on both sides and so I open the big one now guys take a

look at this central pneumatic air compressor stand for it or something

like air compressor oil that’s cool coming from the oil already had oil

stuff going looks like the best way to get this out of here

so we pre boxing like that the bottom until said error

we have two wheels show you that wheel their filter and I bet these are for

bolting the wheels on or the handle or both that’s about all the assembly looks

like it’s required besides pushing oil inside of it so it’s like you have a

fill fill cap right here take that off and put your fluid in there

click an adjustment for the air pressure over there with the air gauge two air

gauges on top so it has two pressure gauges on there

I’m guessing ones for the pressure regulator and one for the main tank you

know how much pressure you have in your main tank and how much you have coming

out the regulator one thing I liked about this model is that it was fairly

small when going to take up like a whole corner of the shop and I could move it

outside and use it for projects where we’re going to be working outside I

noticed it does have a handle down here on the bottom on this side

this is the hardware they give you to mount the wheels it’s really simple

you’ve got this piece right here for the outside that goes on the inset part of

the wheel there so it sits inside the wheel flush that sticks out about like

that that goes into the bottom half of the compressor and then they gave you a

lock washer and one nut to go on the end so pretty simple

all right they give you a pretty cool little QuickStart guide here and kind of

shows on there how to use it you know if you’re going to hook it up with the

different types of tools and stuff so that’s kind of nice gives you a little

quick cheat sheet in case you’ve never used the air compressor before and just

shows you where like the reset button is where to turn it on first thing it shows

you is turn off switch to release any pressure so turn and switch off to

release any pressure connect air coupler line okay closed drain valve at the bottom of the tank

it’s drain valve at the bottom we wanted to fill compressor pump to proper level

with air compressor oil and that’s really cool I saw it has a little window

on the side so it’s nice you can just dump it in there and make sure it’s

pulled before you use it plug cord in okay so one two three four

five five steps to set it up like I said there’s a little cheat sheet on the back

it shows you the diagram of how to hook up the hose if you’ve never used one

before alright so you want to make sure you put oil in it this is the oil that

they sent with it so I’m just going to use it and it says right on there

morning please add proper oil before starting air compressor good idea okay

so come around to the handle side of the compressor you’ll see the window right

here that I’m talking about they’ll show you if it’s filled up or not you’ll

actually see the line where the compressor oil needs to stand

all right so here’s the window again from the other angle

there’s the fill line right about here and this is where you add the compressor oil

it looks like that’s going to be about it there’s still a little on the bottom

so they might have given you just a little extra for the tools

if you are supposed to put just a drop in each tool before you use it that’s

perfect right where it says to be the line should be it’s right there so I

don’t want to put much more in there pay for us with the tools do you have some

more though if I needed all right so we’ll go ahead and through

the plastic cap background okay so now we’ve got the air filter installed got

the oil in there go ahead and take the oil warning label off go ahead and take

this warning label off here’s the on and off switch you can see it’s labeled auto and off

so that’s on or Auto which means it will automatically fill it up and off auto off

so the hoes we bought didn’t come with a fitting on the end I’m gonna have to put

a fitting on there so I’ll go ahead and take one out of our little kit here

let’s open up the small kit first since I don’t need all the rest of those just

yet all right I just have a little teflon tape here I’m going to throw on

there to help seal it up with to wrap it around here

so we’re going to take one of the female-to-male fittings here some teflon tape fill that up

step that part taken care of now we just need to make sure we have something here

for the tool to connect to on this end.

Source : Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 8 Gallon Air Compressor

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