Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 3 Gallon Air Compressor Review

3 Gallon Air Compressor

Today we’re going to do an unboxing in a quick review of this central pneumatic that’s

the Harbor Freight brand Center pneumatic air compressor this is the 3

gallon kind of hot dog cylinder shaped compressor cost around $60 if you don’t

get a none sale if you find one of their Harbor Freight coupons you can probably

get it for 40 or even better in some days this is oil-less air compressor so

it’s a little maintenance that’s good some of the features 3 gallon capacity

maximum psi for this 100 psi the motor is 1/3 horsepower it’s got C 120 volts

in pretty loud 88 decibels but it could be worse so without further ado I’m

going to get my little handy knife and I’m gonna let you enjoy banjo music

while I open this up quick time, okay I’m back I hope you like that banjo

piece it’s my favorite a little fast-forward music looking at this thing

right off it’s got this handle that we’ll have to undo this screw to put it

back on see how undo that with my hand it looks like it’s loose but it’s nice

to have all these things to carry we’re about yeah actually it’s not gonna let

you slide it up let’s take both screws out to move the handle and have it Bob

got two pressure gauges in here cord looks like it’s about six feet long what

else can I tell you about if I look at it pressure reliefs on the bottom it’s

got these really actually they’re fairly rigid suction cup rubber feet now help

with vibrating it like motor kicks in it’ll also help if you want to push it

down suction keep it in place surgeon you know scoot all over the floor by

itself this one doesn’t come with any of your normal accessories you’ll want you

have to go ahead and separately purchase the nozzles the air hose whatever kits

you want but let’s look a little bit closer added it says you can attach a

quick coupler to this or you can just thread it right into place I don’t know

what we have we’ll go look here the gauges pressure probably the tank

pressure and whatever you’re going out with some more on the extra capabilities

hundred psi max quarter-inch air outlet air flow at 40 psi is one cubic foot per

minute at 98.6 the button over here is on-off right on the top of it it’s got a

fuse right next to it and big sticker telling you the capability of it so it’s

a nice looking machine this is not for your real high-end projects and I think

they tell you that right in a box this is more for here we go it’s perfect for

inflating and light woodworking it’s not for heavy nailing you know if you want

to do the light woodworking like Brad nailing and stapling this will support

those kind of tools but it’s not for automotive repair where you’re using

big air hammers and and that sort of stuff pneumatic tools that need the

bigger capacity this is still pretty cool and for the price you should be

happy with it so I’m going to go get my accessories hook it up and see how it works

all right taking the handle off just going to Phillips head screwdriver it’s

actually pretty nice handle you know it’s got a really good comfortable pad

and it’s well balanced right in the center so they put some thought in there

and oh it’s a one-handed machine you know pick it up carry it around where

you go um okay, alright everybody went outside now I’m gonna hook this thing up make sure it’s

off hook it up just to the power cord it’s a beautiful day holy cow was pretty

cold earlier I took this little hose and the best way to use this I think is just

to use a quick coupling on here so you’re going to unscrew it all the time

put it on there and we are attached and I’m going to close the valve turn the

power on it’s gonna be noisy actually not as noisy as I thought it

would be let’s take a look quite honestly I thought it’d be a lot

louder we’ve got a 55-gallon compressor in the back which is a little lot louder

which collects is build up pressure with this new gauge on my wife’s car tires

alright here we are in a garage this thing is up to 85 psi so I’m going to

hook it up to any tires here and see what kind of pressure

one quarter that I thought of you that’s good a little slower but I may have a leak so

they have to read Teflon, okay pretty handy little device it’s

lightweight powerful enough to inflate a high-pressure tire the only thing you

can hear right now is a little hissing from thatle brass that brass right there

that head I’m going to let that bleed down then I’m going to go ahead and I

put some more teflon tape on there to seal it a little bit better because I

did a kind of quickie job on that but that’s a review really quick of the

three gallon central pneumatic air compressor price-wise again around forty

dollars probably well worth it for that price mark nice rubber feet hold it to

the gloss for her pretty good and I’d recommend this is a nice lightweight portable air compressor.

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