Harbor Freight Air Compressor Review

Harbor Freight Air Compressor Review

This is just a quick explanation on the I notice a lot of people are interested

in information on this compressor and they want to know whether or not it’s a good buy

well I purchased this a year ago and I used it on a remodel job and have been

using it around the garage I use it a lot on that remodel job and I never had

any problems out of it whatsoever I want to say I only paid like a hundred and

thirty five dollars on this thing because they were having some kind of

sale I can’t remember the price it was either 135 or 235 they paid for itself

the first day of the job so that was a good deal but I’m gonna fire this thing

up and show you how long it takes to air up this is the 8 gallon 2 horsepower it

does have trouble starting up when it’s really cold because of that little valve

back in there you may have to throw some heat on that or put a little drop of oil

on it to get it to fire right up it does have a sight glass little reservoir

which I do like and it seems to be a pretty good compressor I’ve had I’ve

used it all the time I do a lot of work here in the shop and I use this thing

almost every day and if you’re wondering whether or not you should buy this thing

the good thing about this is this is an oil reservoir air compressor you don’t

want to buy one of those oil-less air compressors those do not last let me

give you an example this is a cold out air compressor and it is oilless see how

that Pistons just dry there there’s no oil stuff for nothing that’s basically a

copper piston and it’ll wear away it has a very short life expectancy my

girlfriend bought me this bless her heart I would never have bought one

that’s oilless because they just wear out if I take care of this thing I can

potentially have it for years so just a thought – Baron prepare

I have never seen an oil-less air compressor last very long there are huge waste of money never by

an oil with air compressor I don’t care what brand it is you want it to have an

oil sump or an oil tank oil reservoirs what I’m trying to say man I can’t talk

this thing’s definitely worthless let’s fire it up you’re gonna want to turn the

volume down and I’ll show you what this thing can do how long it takes for it to air up

okay we’re plugged in, okay so there we are about how long it took for that to fill

up I’m gonna go ahead and drain the suppressor to show you at what point it

kicks back on for this kind of it needs to kick on as soon as it hits like 110

but you can see there it got down to like 98 psi which is not the best thing in

the world for nail gun so it ran the nail gun flying it’s just when you get

to shooting off a roof you really want an air compressor regulator to kick that

pressure on a little bit sooner and I suppose the guy could take a screwdriver

to this thing and adjust that where it kicks on a little sooner I personally

would want it to kick on as soon as it got down to about 115 which isn’t much

it constantly be kicking on but when you’re shooting with a nail gun you kind

of need that so there you have it definitely worth it if you’re thinking

of picking this thing up go for it man I’m glad I did I made like forty five

hundred dollars with this thing so that kind of rocks and it still lives to see

another day and many more to come I hope I’ll post an update when it finally blows up.

Source : harbor freight 8 Gallon air compressor

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