Harbor Freight 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review

60 Gallon Air Compressor

Today I’m going to give you a quick review of Harbor Freight

sixty gallon two stage compressor, what I like about it it’s an awesome

compressor for what I’ve been doing I do a little bit of powder coating and stuff

sandblasting moderates and blasting out of the garage it’s a sixty gallon it is

a two stage if you come look down over here it is item number nine to nine

three to seven four it is a hundred and sixty five psi max it’s putting out

fifteen point eight CFM at 90 psi and sixteen point four CFM at a forty psi

and also if you look over here you notice that on the sides on the side of the pump

it says 2014 and on the front of the pump it says Made in Italy it’s made by

central pneumatic right there on the front it’s made by central pneumatic

Harbor Freight sells it for $7.99 that’s before taxes I think there’s also one

that looks exactly like this it’s made by US general it’s pretty much the exact

same thing they just have different stickers on the front of it but it is a

it’s an awesome compressor for what I’ve been using it for it’s a full five

horsepower motor and the pump is made in Italy now they’re starting to run out of

these ones they’re bringing the new 2015 models into the store so if you can get

this model hurry up and get it while you can because they’re no longer selling

this model sometimes they’ll still have a few on the floor so nine three two

seven two four I believe the new ones are like six to six six nine nine or

something like that but they’re not the same they don’t use the same pump

they’ve got a different motor they’re still putting out the same psi CFM but I

know that the this pump and this motor of the yeren model that they made was

really good and really really good reviews I’ve had the 8 gallon I went to a 20 gallon I had a

30 gallon and especially with sandblasting you know it was just

constantly running the running the compressor and it was just going through

a lot so I’ve figured you know might as well up on to a 60 gallon so I knew I

wanted something with the full 5 horsepower motor and I wanted something

to stage and I know once you start getting to stages you need get 80

gallons and I didn’t want an 80 gallon compressor because I feel it’s a little

bit too big so once I started looking into it and I read a little bit about

the central pneumatic compressor I was really happy that I could find a 60

gallon two-stage and once you start looking into it a little bit more you’ll

notice that the tank is actually made here in Ohio

the motor is made in Italy I mean the pumps made in Italy in the motors are

made in Mexico so virtually actually nothing on this tank is made in China

though it is from Harbor Freight and you can go down to like Home Depot or Lowe’s

and they have the cobalt in husky and they’re 60 gallons retail usually around

450 to $4.99 and this is $7.99 now the reason that those ones are a little bit

cheaper is that they’re only single stage and the motors are only three

point seven horsepower so once you jump in at the two stage and the five

horsepower motor there is quite a price jump but it’s definitely worth it it’s

an awesome compressor like I said I do custom powder coating I’ve built a

microphones out of the garage do a lot of sandblasting my brother’s been doing

automotive work and this this compressor has been able to keep up with everything

no problem data it fills up from 0 to 165 in about five minutes flat it kicks

back in at about 120 and it’s bad back at 165 at about 45 seconds so it runs

with a good I’ll go ahead and turn it on for you so you can kind of hear what it sounds like

so it’s not super quiet but it’s not super loud but like I said these models

are running out but no longer have this model in production so if you could

hurry up and go get one I actually had waited about a week and I had saved up

money and the day that I went to pick up this compressor at my local Harbor

Freight it called me and I pulled around the back and had the new 2015 one and

the guy was kind of excited for me he’s like yeah you know I got the new 2015

one for you and it’s nice it’s got a gauge right here and it’s got the switch

that comes down on the side this one actually it’s got the the switch and the

regulator over here and it’s already got a valve installed but the pump head

assembly was completely different so I knew I didn’t want it right away so I

loaded it up on the truck and I was happy but I started calling around all

the Harbor Freight turns out I was able to get a hold of a guy up in Miramar

which is about a 30-minute drive from my house and he had this last one and it

was the floor model and they usually don’t sell the floor models because of

the one that people are touching and stuff but he told me you know what since

were no longer going to be having this model in production I’ll go ahead and

sell you the floor model so I took the one that I had just picked up which was

the 2015 I took it up to the Harbor Freight in Miramar and I took the floor

model and I’m super glad I did it’s been an awesome compressor it puts out like I

said if I haven’t thrown anything at it yet that I haven’t been able to handle

these are some of the microphones that are powder coated that I’ve done been on

and that’s all with powder coat and that’s the mr. grinch logo

and yet not to say that the new 2015 models are bad like I said they’re

putting at the same amount of CFM and pressure but this I know that this pump

is supposed to be supposedly you’re really good at pump so yeah it’s an

awesome presser if you can go ahead and get one I suggest you do and like I said

the ones that at Home Depot and Lowe’s they they run a little bit cheaper but

you’re going to get not as much horsepower and you’re not going to get a

two-stage so the two-stage basically has the smaller cylinder in the back and the

bigger cylinder in the front and then it runs through the intercooler into the

tank so you actually have cooler air into the tank you’re so set awesome

compressor and you really can’t go wrong with it you usually if you can talk to

the managers or something you can get a discount I have a cousin that works

down at Harbor Freight so I was actually able to walk out the door with a

two-year warranty for this one for 861 I think usually you’ll pay after-tax if no

discount it’s about a thousand bucks but it’s still definitely worth it because

if you look at some of the longer some of the bigger models like the more

expensive ones they’re using the exact same components and they’re going for

1,800 bucks so this is a really good compressor if you’re able to get your

hands on this model I suggest you go out and get it once again.

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