Harbor Freight 3 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor Accessories

Air Compressor Accessories

In this explanation I thought I’d tell you about this little 3 gallon air compressor that

I got from Harbor Freight I think it’d be a good gift for the DIY or that’s

either a woman or man who doesn’t already have a compressor in the garage

I paid only $50 for this a compressor you do have to buy some additional

accessories to go with it but when I first bought it I bought it to use with

this little 23 gauge pin nailer which was also super cheap at Harbor Freight I

think it was like $15 and there’s some things I don’t love about it I probably

will in the future by a upgraded brand but I’m really happy I got this because

I don’t know if I ever would have spent the money on a better quality if I

didn’t get to see how much I like this first I’ve been using it to build some

small woodworking items and with five-eighths inch pans 23 gauges of very

narrow it’s almost like a just a straight staple but there’s no head on

it you can also use this compressor with this 18 gauge two and one so this one

instead of just pins that you can do some Brad nails which are tiny little

nails with a tiny little head on the end anywhere from 5/8 inch along to 2 inches

and it can also shoot staples from 5/8 inch to one and a half inch and that’s a

18 gauge which is a little bit heavier nail but still very tiny I mean you’re

going to need a configure compressor if you’re doing big jobs but for small jobs

the sole three gallon compressor runs those just great they also will run

things like a blow gun I just used this on blowing out these little filters I

didn’t have any of those little cans of compressed air and this did just as good

of a job and this thing was like five or six bucks you know so all of these

central pneumatic things if it’s something you’re just going to use every

once in a while for household use this three Gowan compressor and these little

inexpensive accessories are going to do just fine for you for the money it gives

you a chance to try something out and see if it’s something you’re really

going to use so I don’t use this one yet I also got this little set from cobalt

that came with all kinds of little attachments and all kinds of connectors

this is for filling up the air in your tires it also can do that you know if

you have a giant 18-wheeler probably going to want to get a bigger compressor

I got this kit at Lowe’s this cobalt kit and it was really handy I think it came

with this teflon tape which will you’ll want to use when you’re attaching the

quick-connect quarter-inch quick connects when I bought this I bought

package of these steel quick connects and it came with it came with this which

goes on the hose you’ll leave this attached you’ll have this attached to

the compressor you’ll put some teflon tape on here and just leave these on

your accessories and then you just pop these in like this so you’re going to

pull this back you’re going to pop that in there and then it snaps on and this

teflon tape will keep the air from seeping out and then you can shoot the

dust out from whatever you’re trying to clean and it works great I don’t use

this one it was a little more this is 3/8 inch I think this is what the guy

told me to get and I am eventually went back and bought the coiled hose now you

can get the coiled hose for pretty cheap at Harbor Freight and I think that’ll be fine

there’s a higher-quality coiled hose that’s made out of something a little

more durable but I like to coil the hose it’s a little narrower and it works

great and it’s just it’s compact it’s easy to keep this all tucked in together

okay so you’re just going to make sure you have the air turn towards to the left

it’s just going to run for a few minutes when you have it plugged in till it gets

up over 100 psi and then it shuts itself up I can turn it off now and unplug it

and take it inside my studio or you know if I’m putting up crown molding or

something I can just pick it up and move it over there and then here’s the coiled

hose that I like this one came with that cobalt kit it’s just a couple of dollars

more to get the coiled polyurethane hose rather than the nylon and from what I’ve

watched in other YouTube explanations the polyurethane is just I don’t know more

pliable or longer-lasting or something so before you move the air pressure over

to the hose you want to connect your item, okay so you want to connect your

item there just snug then on so this is the pin nailer so there’s my little pins

and here’s the safety that that could be a whole lot better anyway but I think

I’ll let shade like 15 bucks for that so I’m going to disconnect this for now and

I’m going to get the little blowgun and show you that this is the none that that

I got at Harbor Freight for a couple of bucks so to use it I’m just going to

turn this to the right and you will be able to watch the pressure gates show

the pressure in the hose you can hear it and I actually have this turned off now

so let’s see if it even works with ya I don’t even think you need it turned on

it’s just on to fill the tank so I’m going to turn this up to about 100 or 90

and then let’s put this one on it pretty much does the same thing but it’s a

shorter neck on that most of this stuff that I got the cobalt stuff I got has

these brass fittings and then most of the stuff that I got with the Harbor

Freight stuff just was this steel fitting but they all seemed to work was

fine as far as I can tell so now we’re going to turn this back on you can see

the pressure move up here and then okay, so um that’s what this compressor does I

got it on sale I think for $49 Harbor Freight has coupons all the time

all kinds of great deals when you’re done with it you just want to ascend the

pressure back to turn to the left and send the pressure back to the unit so 56

and then a couple little attachments maybe another five or ten dollars so for

about seventy bucks you can get the whole set up and if you really want to

be able to let the person really get to work right away you can buy one of these

pin nails or Brad nailers for under $20 and so for under $100 that you’re going

to give that person a gift that they’re really going to wonder how they ever

lived without it so I have a separate review of this.

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