Harbor Freight 21 Gallon Air Compressor Review

21 Gallon Air Compressor

Today we’re going to be going over my Harbor Freight 21 gallon air compressor I have had it for

about a year and I’ve made a couple of upgrades to it to make it work a little better

you’ll have to excuse some of the background noise like I said in one of

my previous explanations my wife uses this table to make her candles so they got

those boiling right now trying to melt the wax down so you might hear a little

bit of that in the background like I said it’s a 21 gallon tank it’s got two

and a half horsepower pump on it and it maintains a maximum of 125 psi in the

tank some things I’ve done to it to make it work a little better is I replace the

fittings with the Milton V style fittings. I put the Flex illa hybrid hose on it

and I also replaced all of the air fittings on my air tools with the Milton

V style as well it just kind of helps it flow a little better it revives some

power back into the impact wrenches and just make sure that you’re getting

enough air to the tools as far as maintenance on this thing goes about

every two to three months I changed the oil you can use any kind of 30-weight

non detergent oil in it typically you would use a specific air compressor oil

what I use is this royal purple SIM film reset 100 it seems to get really good

reviews it seems to run pretty smooth on it and as long as I keep the oil change

so I think I’ll get a lot of years out of this thing another thing I like to do

is drain the tank about every week or so I’ll open up the drain valve at the

bottom just make sure all the water gets out it’ll help keep it from rusting from

the inside out and keep it lasting as long as it possibly can so some of the

specs on this thing and about how long it takes to air up when it’s going

we empty and you flick it on to era mine takes about four minutes and 10 seconds

there all the way up from 0 to 125 psi to test how much usage you get out of it

from 125 to 90 psi aw did was I hooked up my air ratchet set a stopwatch and

held the button down to keep it going a the air ratchet spun for about 16

seconds solid spend time before the compressor kicked back on which was at

90 psi and it took the compressor about a minute and 10 seconds to refill up to

125 psi so overall I think that’s a pretty good amount of time to use an air

tool before having to deal with the compressor kicking back on if you’re

really beating on an impact like a half inch impact it’s gonna stay running

pretty consistently but there’s not very many times where you’re just constantly

ripping on the impact except for when you’re initially taking the tires off

other than that you’re gonna be using an air ratchet or a smaller impact which

will just it’ll keep it going for a little bit it’ll come off you’ll get

some more fasteners out and then it’ll kick back on so I don’t think it’s a bad

deal if you’re going to be using a lot of air tools and a lot more frequently

than what I use them I would recommend maybe upgrading to the 29 gallon

compressor with the pump with the belt on it because that it’s got a higher

capacity it’s a quieter compressor so it’s not going to interrupt you as much

when you’re working and overall I just think if you’re if you’re doing heavy

usage I think you’ll appreciate that one a lot more the next thing I have planned

through this is I want to upgrade this air filter there’s been a lot of explanations

about it it’s just this cheap plastic air filter with a little sponge inside

of it it works but I don’t know how good it works and you can you can find

cheaper better performing air filters at most hardware stores that I think will

just it might quiet it down a little bit at my but feel a little faster but the main

purpose of that air filter is to try to stop particles from getting into the

cylinder walls and scoring them overall I’d highly recommend this air compressor

for home use and smaller smaller shops like me I just do side work out of my

garage and this compressor is held up just fine for that working on smaller

projects working on my own cars it it’s held up to everything I’ve thrown at it

would I like a little bit more capacity yes would I like a quieter compressor

yes but for a hundred and forty nine bucks this thing has kept kicking and

it’s done everything I’ve needed it to do so I can’t really complain alright

guys that wraps up my review of the central pneumatic 21 gallon air compressor from Harbor Freight.

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