Harbor Freight 12V Air Compressor Portable High Volume Pump

Air Compressor Portable

Hey guys how’s it going, I stopped by um harbor freight the other

day and I picked this unit up it was on sale for 25 bucks so I was also looking

at their other high-volume 150 psi for $80 but that was not on sale so I

decided just to try out this little guy since it was $50 cheaper and see how

this one is the bigger pump I was going to go with but I hear a lot of mixed

reviews about it so uh know if I’m going to get something bigger and I’m going to

need to be more reliable probably do a little bit more shopping around make

sure I get the best of the best so but like I say this one’s just a little one

so it’s maybe good for a car or four tire it’s probably not too deflated but

you never know so like I say it was only 25 bucks that was on sale so uh but here

it is a 1200 PSI high volume air compressor so it claims blades car tires

less than three and a half minutes so but I’m not going to test that out

probably it’s going to let a little bit air out of my tire right here um see how

that goes so this item number nine six zero six eight I’ll go ahead and take it

out of the box you can see what’s in here first comes with a nice little bag that

up and your instructions so see what the specifications are exactly with this I

know on the bigger pump it tells you it’s air great information on it

I hear specifications so I don’t know if we can get a good look at this as you

can see there right there for the little poem air specs so to show you guys

instead of try and read it so what that’s it what the restrictions are

little bit of quick review each page I know there’s some curious people out

there like to know what’s what’s on there because some people aren’t very

close to the Harbor Freight so it’s got the one-year warranty now went and got

the additional extra year on it just in case comes with a nice little flexible

hose with the air coupling on it the stem valve right here so it actually

screws on to the tire so you don’t have to hold it take my entire cap off and

screw that on there see the air stops so it looks like it has a stop plunger

inside of it in here so no air can escape that feature I just noticed right

now also three fittings for uh other stuff that needs air like a ball BB raft

or say just looks that’s for three is three extra accessories in a bag here’s

the pump right here wrapped up in a nice Bowl bread bag there it is

there’s a coupling right here it goes through the handle you take off this tie

wire other tie wire right here as a 10-foot cord on here and there’s it

but the high volume compressor looks like, so there’s your gauge up to a hundred

and that little rubber feet on here so here’s your switch

there’s an intake right there right behind that is a felt like a little

piece of felt so it’s pretty much your local filter so that feels pretty rugged

no it looks small but I did plug it in earlier so don’t put them out good

follow you all them air out let me show you how to diffuse on this the fuses

right here in the cigarette lighter plug so right there, I believe this one was also rated at

30 amps I think it was 30 35 so we’re plugged in instructions on here

others additional oh here you pull that out so you can look at it right here’s a

stop prevent blown fuse turn it on before connecting to a tire valve also

says that any instructions or instruction manual easy steps let’s connect it see we let

her in turn on and put it up to your tire go ahead and actually I want to see

how much I’m actually running pretty low right now we’ll check the pressure for

the tire a 44 psi so I guess I’m actually low of what I need so right now

I’m about 22 so we’ll go ahead and follow the instructions as it says I’ll

take it off tire probably good to have your car room start the car, you’re the difference

yourself is still nice and cool that’s one thing I was kind of wondering

about myself for a little bit kind of concerned is how this electric motor is

going to stay cool with a fully enclosed case ultimately right now it’s very very cool

so well I think that starting warm-up is just a pump it itself

right now I’m almost at 40 so I’m getting pretty close see my bad little

you know with the maybe there’s economical little pumps hiepro can buy

books little plastic plastic be bulky bones for a little flashlight on it or bleep

lights this ultimately probably Punk’s movie to three times faster than those

hopefully one of these times I’ll actually get a bigger high volume I want

to make sure I get the best of the best because I mean make sure it’s very reliable make sure I

get good reviews from – so right now in about 40 so I got four more pounds to go

where I hit my Tara mark cochlear here is getting warm as of course any kind of

compressed air well warm up so oh by the valve stem is still cool let’s

just write here the coping that’s getting right directly over the

the head is getting hot so quickly touch it I’m pretty sure to get

a lot hotter instructions say 12 minutes on with a load and 30 minutes cooldown

okay right here says I was totally wrong the 30 35 and this one has a 15 and two keys

right here do not do not use for longer than 12 minutes continuously

their aim right there so I’ll go ahead and turn it off 44 let’s take the stem

off right there that is the Harbor Freight item number nine six zero six eight twelve old high

compressor high-volume compressor.

Source : Harbor Freight 12v 100psi High Volume pump

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