Harbor Freight 12 Volt Air Compressor Pump Review

12 Volt Air Compressor

So if you own a RV you know how horrible it is to try to fill one of those tires

with a small portable compressor like this and this is actually a pretty

decent sized compressor but honestly if your RV is in a deep ESI range and

mine’s actually 50 55 is where I keep it you’ll burn these up they just can’t

handle it I know the advertised on the box that they’re capable of like 100 psi

and they are if you give them breaks and you don’t burn them up what you need is

a is a high volume air compressor or a heavier duty er air compressor than what

your regular pit box stores carry that being said if you go to your local China

Mart and I and I’m not a big look with China Mart fan I know I seem to talk

about some of their stuff I think like 90{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} of the of the items in that store

are pretty much low-quality occasionally you run across something that’s pretty

decent and this is one of those cases so this is a high volume high PSI air

compressor does 150 psi the the cool thing about this is it inflates tires

extremely quick and I had one of these years ago and I let it get away from me

and recently I thought me and I really need to get another one of those to keep

an erv in case I have a flat so I can fill that thing up and not burn it up so

I went into the store I couldn’t find it I asked one of the one of the employees

where it was the person showed me on the shelf er it was and what fooled me was

this used to be in a hard plastic case they no longer give it to you in a hard

plastic case and I kind of made mention that but she opens it up and she showed

me a soft case so I guess I’ll take that over the hard case let’s take a look at

it the one advantage we have in the soft cases it takes up less space I think it

has a little less protection but I don’t know if you’re tucking it somewhere in

your RV you’re probably not going to beat it up anyhow this basically got a

couple of clips and you’re going to find the unit itself tucked away in this one

and you’re gonna find an air hose tucked away in this one so one thing they’ve

changed over the years is it now has a quick coupler so it kicked quick couples

onto a pigtail that is permanently attached to the air compressor I guess

you can pull it off and protect it or replace just this if you need it it is

pretty long it’ll stretch out pretty far the power cord is only about 12 feet

long I wish it was longer seems to me that the older one was

longer maybe they had problems with them burning up they do have alligator clips

you’re not going to plug something like this into your cigarette lighter it just

would not handle the amps if you could I figure a fair review on this little pump

would be to see how fast it will inflate a car it is sold as a high volume air

compressor I suspect we’re probably going to be in a neighborhood of a

couple of minutes to fill a tire from completely flat with zero psi up to

about 35 so I’m going to do this without one cut so you can see there’s no

trickery so if you’re not interested in seeing a tire inflate just fast-forward

to the end or like a subscriber do something other than watch this video

right there’s about 35 psi so you can go back and look at the

minutes to see how long that took but that certainly was a lot faster than

using your typical big box store type of air compressor that’s kind of got a

screw on end as you’ve just seen I don’t really like those but they do get a nice

tight connection and just got a little baggy on the hose with accessories so

you don’t lose them and in this little bag is like just different air

attachments to blow up balls and and things like that if you want to put air

in a soccer ball or other little devices and there’s a little blow air nozzle so

you can blow things clear it does power psi and this very quick the last model

appeared to be very durable so if you’re interested in one of these hopefully

that helps you decide if you do or do not want to buy one.

Harbor Freight 12Volt 150PSI Air Compressor Review

12 Volt Air Compressor

Hello and welcome to exploring jeeps so say you want to go out and take your

Jeep out and maybe you want to go four-wheeling or something and you want

to lower the tire pressure down or maybe you just have a load a low tire or you

need to fill it up you know what do you do you can find a gas station pay a

quarter or whatever but or you can go out and buy an air compressor and this

is something that a lot of people will use to take with them so that they can

air down out in the on the field and then they can hear themselves back up

now this unit is one of the cheapest models you can get it’s from Harbor

Freight I forget what the cost was for $59 or something we can get all kinds of

coupons but it does come with everything you see here alligator clips hose with a

gauge on there and the compressor itself now it does have a like a inflator

needle in there as well as a little small thing that you could use to kind

of maybe blow some debris off or something like that but in my opinion it

didn’t work that well so hooking it up you start off with just hooking the the

hose to the to the compressor itself it’s a two-part piece you kind of push

it back and then lock it forward it’s pretty self-explanatory take the

alligator clips and what you want to do is connect the red alligator clip to the

positive terminal of the battery I just use a bolt up on top the negative

terminal you want to find a chassis ground you don’t want to go to the

negative terminal of the battery so here I have a galvanized good galvanized bolt

that I’m connecting to and that worked really well any painted surface isn’t

going to work now before you connect it to the tire you’re going to want to turn

it on they mentioned that in the manual I’m not sure if you connected it if it

would back feed air through the compressor I don’t know if that’s bad for it or

or what what they do mention to do it first so then I’m just threading it on here

and it works pretty well you don’t have to hold on to it you can just

concentrate on the gauge that you’re using to you know to see

when you’re full my tires are 37 psi and this goes from from about 10 psi to 37

psi and about about three minutes it was actually as fast to pump it up with this

compressor as it was to let the air out with you know with a little like a pin

or like a little place to do it so I’m actually pretty impressed with this the

only problem I have is it does get hot but that’s that’s the physics your

compressing air and there’s it’s creating a lot of heat that the place

underneath the handle gets really hot so there’s if there’s metal there you do

not want to touch it after you after you’ve done it I did two tires in a row

it got pretty hot I let it sit between the time I you know did it for the other two tires

I gave probably 15 minutes to cool down and that seemed that seemed enough it’s

relatively cool as you can see it’s snowing here in Chicago but a good little unit cheap

I’m sure the the more expensive ones work better but I’ll keep using this one

and and I’ll let you know long-term how it holds up but it seems to be doing

fine and I’m impressed at how fast it fills a tire up you know three minutes

is is pretty good and I was expecting a much longer period of time so you know

traction is important you know this this little unit will help out in the field air in your tire zone.

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