Gardner Denver Air Compressor, A Trusted Partner Since 1859

Gardner Denver Air Compressor

Gardner denver a trusted partner since 1859 for over 100 years

gardner-denver has been producing compressed air products designed to

deliver the most reliable and efficient experience today we continue to be a

stable dependable partner to the world’s most demanding and ever-changing

compressed air needs from a half horsepower reciprocating compressor at

your local auto repair shop to a 500 horsepower rotary screw compressor at

the largest industrial manufacturing plants gardner-denver air compressors

continue to perform maintaining production at the highest level

gardner-denver provides the broadest range of air compressors to handle a

wide variety of applications from the most demanding which requires compressed

air 24/7 to the fluctuating day-to-day or shift to shift we have the right

compressor to maximize productivity and energy savings

in 1975 we introduced the Electra saver which became known as the industry

leader in energy savings and reliability today we continue to lead the way

creating a new standard with the V S series which is a highly efficient

variable speed rotary screw compressor backage that effectively matches output

to the applications demand ensuring that zero compressed air is wasted and energy

savings are maximized realizing that compressed air is a very important very

expensive utility our number one goal is to design and deliver the most efficient

and reliable air compressor package our team of world-class engineers utilizes

the latest technologies to design some of the most innovative compressor

packages in the world each compressor package design is run through a battery

of tests to make sure that it is worthy of the gardner-denver name first

computational fluid dynamics or CFD identifies the best design that

minimizes pressure drop from the air inlet all the way to the air discharge

of the compressor this results in maximum performance and efficiency next

finite element analysis or EFI a test the strength and rigidity of each

package component this allows us to identify every weak area or component

making certain that the best design or component is chosen resulting in

worryfree operation for the customer next thermography is used to maximize

heat transfer through the package ensuring that each gardner-denver

compressor operates cool and efficiently extending its life and increasing

reliability finally we measure the sound level thanks to our state of the art

sound lab we can effectively measure each design sound level in accordance to

ISO 21:51 by testing to ISO standards we can guarantee that the sound level

published for our compressor packages will be the sound level you experience

once it is installed gardner-denver compressors are truly the total package

with two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the USA our

compressed air products are produced using the latest manufacturing

technologies and procedures combining the latest manufacturing technologies

with cutting-edge quality measurement equipment every gardner-denver air

compressor ships with the same type of quality that our customers have expected

for over 100 years, thanks to us-based manufacturing supporting our products is easy

implementing the latest in production and logistics management software our

customers experienced some of the fastest deliveries in the industry

making certain that their compressed air installations are always operating at

peak efficiency and maintained with gardner-denver genuine parts and

lubricant we realize that building a quality compressor time after time is

extremely important this can only be accomplished by dedicated experienced

employees who take pride in every gardner-denver product that leaves our facility

gardner-denver air compressors are used around the world in an extensive range

of industries customers who choose gardner-denver employ some of the most

demanding applications where downtime is not an option compressed air at our facility is

extremely important all of our tools are air driven our test pressure which is

essential in building our tanks is provided by the compressors that is a

humongous component of our business if I were to lose my compressors you know

literally my facility would be going down you know when I’m down I’m losing

money we could not perform without compressed air we would be out of business

we chose gardner-denver for our compressor air units because here in the

past we’ve had great success with a units low maintenance low costs very

efficient units for us you know we’ve had very good success with

it’s reliable and it’s easy to work on when you hit start it runs and it runs

till you hit stop we have five we went three two time and usually they run

about eight hours shift and we would cycle them out we run sixteen hours a

day and that it runs every bit of it we’ve had really good luck with these

compressors and they’ve got a lot of hours on them that’s the true test is

once they get ours on them do they continue to perform flawlessly and they

have we have tried the other guys had experience with another brand and they

did not have the reliability in a long life that the gardner-denver compressors

had they have met and exceeded our expectations, they’ve always met my expectations I’ve

never been to a plant before where I’ve had a problem with a gardener typical

person from the production in maintenance aspect they have been

worryfree they have been reliable and they have been effective in their

application supported by a distribution network of over 100 locations nationwide

our customers experience true compressed air resources averaging 20 plus years of

compressed air knowledge back this with an experienced customer service group

gardner-denver authorized distributors provide our customers with industry-leading service

and support each and every one of our gardner-denver authorized distributors

send their service text to numerous hours of gardner-denver factory training

making them some of the most knowledgeable compressor technicians in

the world to them it’s really all about the all day everyday dependability and

service provided to the customer that really matters gardner-denver offers compressed air

products and services designed to be efficient reliable and incredibly easy

to use selecting gardner-denver products for your next compressed air project

means that you will be selecting a solution aimed at exceeding your

expectations and improving your bottom-line gardner-denver

a compressed air technology leader and your trusted partner then now and for the future.

Source : Gardner Denver Air Compressors: A Trusted Partner Since 1859

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