I’d do a quick review today picked up a brand new scan tool for my vehicles I have four of them

that I’ve been working on and I have an older OBD2 code reader but it’s

falling apart and it’s in pretty badshape so I fear there’s time to go ahead

and spend some money on a new one and I picked this up for about a hundred

dollars this is the Fox well they have a lot of scan tools that they sell online

and I was a little leery so I figured well I’m also buy it and I’ve seen some

other reviews online with scan tools especially this model and the guys

aren’t doing anything they’re not showing you how to work it they’re not

showing you what it’s all about they’re just holding it and flashing it around

so I was kind of annoyed with that when I was doing some research and I thought

well you know what I’m gonna buy one and we’ll do a explanation one at two I’m not a

sponsor trust me I’m not getting a deal I had to pay this out of my own pocket

so hopefully maybe this will help some of you guys out because I know hundred

dollars is a big investment for a tool and if you’re a shade tree mechanic and

do-it-yourselfer these save thousands of dollars a year if you’re going to do

this and maintenance and guessing and saves a lot of time so let’s get right

into it like I said this is the Fox well now this is the NT630 code reader they have

several other code readers when you buy this they give you a user manual and

they give you another little sales book booklet booklet here so I’m trying to

say and they sell other different types of scope Kanner’s scanners now what I

really liked about this before I get too much farther if they give you a thumb

drive they give you another little cable here so you can transfer the data off of

the obd2 code reader and put it on your laptop or whatever and go back and

review and also there’s an update cable that you get which is right here and on

the side there is a SD card Suns coming in and out so I may have a little

trouble focusing here so bear with me this is where all your updates go so

never take that out only when you’re updating it on your laptop or your

computer nursing cable there you put it on in here on the side and you hook it up

to your laptop to get the updates I’m sorry this is they actually they plug to

take the data off that you save one of the thumb drive and put it on your

computer I believe that’s how that works so I mean of course you get this big

long cable that will go down to wherever you want to hook it into so let me just

show you here what I found out so far they give you a nice case here by the

way too and it comes in that nice box and packaging it’s pretty good

took me about seven days to get it and I’ve actually ordered stuff from

California has shipped across country in two days so I don’t know why it took so

long to get here so be aware so right to the point here I’ve hooked it up and as

soon as you hook it up boom it comes on I was a little leery I saw some people

saying well they got it and they couldn’t get to work they had go online

and register before would work well mine work right out of the box which was

great so as soon as you hook this thing up everything comes right up on the

screen now this is not a touchscreen people people think this and I think

this is a touchscreen it is not and also I still have my protective little film

on there so it may be a little shiny I’m not going to take it off right now so

from you set my camera up here so right now you can see if you get these arrows

down here and you can see you can go through different aspects here different

settings things you want to do and let me go back here and we can go right into

the obd2 codes and see if there’s any on this so I’m gonna hit enter one reason I

really bought this I liked it it does graphing it’s a really a big help

especially if you’re trying to figure out what’s going on and I’m gonna go

ahead and start this vehicle up real quick so we can actually get some data going

and this is a pretty big scanner I have real relatively large hands this thing

sits nicely in my hand this is not a little scanner and this is not for the

like I said the first time do it yourself or if you’re not familiar with

these little scanners you may have to do a little homework and research and I

will be doing other explanations later on this down the road today it’s just sort of an

introductory explanation so you can see it says no codes found which is great if

you go down to the bottom you get all this other data so we’re gonna go on in

here we’re just gonna say okay get rid of that now we’re back into this other

menu here now you can start really going in here and looking if I hit the down

arrow key I’ll hold this camera just right and we’ve already read the codes

so let’s go down and do some live data now you let me just pass that real quick

and show you you can go all the way back down to the bottom and it just keeps

going and going you got all these other test components you can do and like I

said I’ll do other explanations later on it system status you hit that I have one

system status that come up let’s just see what that says there’s system status

no codes found no monitor okay well no apparently everything’s okay I don’t

even have a check engine light on so but like I said this is it introductory

explanation all right so let’s go back up to the live data get into the good stuff

here I want to see why my o2 sensors are doing so there’s live data we’ll hit

enter hopefully my phone doesn’t crash loading shooting this explanation and it’s reading all

the pins it’s quite a few here lalalalala now when it loads up here on

the bottom there’s a bar if it’s gray it means that you can read that data on a

graph so apologize it’s there we go huh we got a custom a complete list right

there or you can do a custom I just go and do the complete list for now it

makes it a lot easier so we hit enter and there we go it’s communicating and

there you can see all the stuff going on so let’s go down to the o2 like I said

I’ll be doing other explanations on some of this other stuff here later map sensor

rpm speed sensor see where zo – there we go – Oh – so there’s one right there go ahead

and hit enter and it’s graph it and see you seen working one graph boom and

there we go now remember f1 f2 and f3 is basically back forth and select whatever

you see here in the gray on the bottom a lot of people think hit the back key

it’ll go back well you don’t know not really so see the o2 there and that

looks like a normal Oh to reading sensor to me if you don’t understand how to

trust me do some research online read you will be amazed how smart you can get

with one of these you’ll be proud of yourself now we can do two graphics

that’s hit this here real quick f2 do two graphics and you can see we can get

into some other aspects here which is pretty cool this is what a normal Oh –

sensor should read especially on that Bank this is mainly why I bought it

because sometimes this can take a lot of guesswork out so so we’ll just hit merge

graph again we’ll hit f2 which is pretty cool see it gets pretty technical okay

and then we can just you can save it if you want over here you can save the

graphic or you can pause it will pause it there and you can see it’s paused and

so forth and now we’ll just basically go back get this and if you can get down to the

custom list and if you know the code of the sense or whatever you want to work

on or look at you just hit enter and it’ll tell you let me hit enter there

there we go you can go right into it so pretty cool and you cool it temperature

let’s just go right in look at that real quick it’s been not running very long

hopefully this explanation is not going to be I might have to end the explanation here and

probably do some more explanations a little bit later because I’m up to eight

minutes and you can see and there it is which is kind of cool you can see where

the temperature bank 1 bank 2 fuel trim and we can hit f3 and just view that

data that’s the square to view that data and now we want to graph it let’s play

graphics so we’ll hit f2 right here and boom there we go a constant temperature

they’re running off looks like it’s about a hundred and fifty 158 degrees so

I’m really excited about this that’s a quick review on this I want to go ahead

and in this explanation for just too long but if you guys like this and you would like

for me to do some more explanations here a little bit later on this let me know and

all that but the I was kind of leery when I saw this and but it turns out

it’s actually gonna be pretty nice now if you’re not very well if you’re not

very educated at reading codes and graphs you just start small but there’s

nothing wrong with buying one of these and learning so that’s how we all got

started right and you can look up codes race codes and also this will do the

airbag and I don’t want to have to end the explanation here and probably do another

one a little bit on the airbag because my camera will not accept explanations over

ten minutes long so let me know what you guys think if you want to see some more

explanations on this and I’ll post them other than that thanks for watching and I’ll

be back a little bit later I think I got myself a pretty good deal and if you’re

gonna dive into buying one of these my suggestion is go for it so updates later.

Source : FOXWELL NT630 PRO OBD2/ABS/AIR BAG Code reader. Is It worth it?

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