Foxwell NT630 Pro Automaster ABS Airbag Reset Tool Diagnostic Scanner

Foxwell NT630 Pro

I have a Foxwell what is the model number on this I think it’s the NT630 and what this is is as you

can see it’s a ABS airbag reset tool and I figure why not add this to my arsenal

tools because you know you never know you never know I always come across

something when I’m working on a car and if I can help a customer out at the same

time as doing my installations then that’s more power to me and more power

to precision connections or TOCOM alright so let’s just go into the tool I

actually have a car that I’m hooking it up, I got the obd2 port down so this

car has a airbag problem and I’m gonna help this customer out first thing first

better let me select oh it’s not touchscreen, sorry about that guys I just got this

tool son this is the first time I’m using it so I was I was assuming that it

was a touchscreen but it’s not as you can see which is good to let you guys

know it’s not touchscreen so um hit Asian cuz it’s the asian vehicle and

let’s just go down to Nissan get that all right wait for it to load up should

I do an automatic selection all right let me just do or I guess I got it all

right let me try it without the key on see what happens communicating with vehicle so this is

with the off so I’m trying to figure out if it could communicate with the key off I guess not

I’ll just wait maybe two seconds see if it picks anything up I know my ex tool

that could communicate yeah failed all right so let’s try it with the vehicle

on so it’s asking me to manually insert the vin I’m not gonna do that

let me cut this a/c off so that I don’t get any background noise all right let me go back

I guess the f3 is back so you gotta hit the automatic selection hit enter he’s

an ignition mode and it has the VIN all right so let’s finish that up yes

okay I guess I have to let it decode, okay failed all right so let’s go back

maybe I did something wrong so let me just select I’m system section I’ll see

what happens there Auto scan or maybe I should do I let’s just do an auto scan

all right so we got the ABS is detecting I don’t know what’s doing okay ABS past no fault

that which is good airbag scanning scanning scanning see what we get

cuz I watched a lot of okay so we had three faults yeah like I was about to

say I watch a lot of YouTube explanations and a lot of people are saying that this

tool doesn’t work so I’m getting like a lot of mixed reviews but I decided to

purchase the two anyway because I had the seller had a good return policy some

testing the tool out I like and I’ll keep it if it doesn’t work like what the

people on the YouTube is saying or on the forums I’ll just return it so that’s

why I just wanted to jump into this explanation real quick to see if it works or not

alright so let’s just see the faults I actually know what’s wrong with it but I

want to see if this tool is able to tell me exactly what’s wrong with you

so before I go into it this car has airbag I’m doing a couple of airbag jobs

lately so um we have a side impact so we’re gonna have a crash detection and

we should also have both airbags because I have the airbags actually in the back

seat so if it shows me that then I know that stool is a keeper all right so we

have ECU information let me see what that means okay so that’s just screamin

ated doesn’t I don’t know what that means f12 yeah don’t f 21a I don’t know

what that means so let me go back so let me go into read codes communicating with

the vehicle please wait, so we have we have collision site site

collision detective which is true we have side-curtain module open which is

true because I have it in the back seat side module left open which is the seat

airbag the driver’s seat airbag so this is all correct and these are the only

issues that this car has so let’s see if we could on reset this okay let me see

okay let’s just see that press any key you can see let’s go back

all right let me just go to live data passenger airbag right enter status on

okay I don’t know why he’s asking you to pause or continue save five seven yeah I

don’t know what’s doing but like I said I didn’t go through the manual anything

I just once I got it I just started to film so I don’t know exactly what it’s

doing but I guess we will figure this out together that’s why we have the comment section

so if you guys know anything about this particular tools and these special

features just let me know in the comments section the comment section

right, so I don’t know what it’s saving saving a lot of stuff my items

I don’t know if I should go on with the saving or just stop it I’m just gonna

stop it I don’t know what it’s saving and Wyatt saving so I’ll let it go up to

about 2:30 and I’ll stop it if there is even 230 items in here yeah I’m just

gonna stop but I can’t wheel alright so I’m gonna stop that I’m not gonna save

and just go to go back so this goes to all signals let’s hit enter

okay status on it’s not really giving me a lot of information

what’s this in custom list status of view data let me see if I can use data

okay, it’s not really giving me any information just it’s just telling me

status on so I don’t know what that means I probably have to consult the

manual to figure out that means so let’s now erase the code see if that

um all right asking me if the ignition is on yes and so let’s go back

so if this actually erased I should just get the airbag codes and not the

accident code so let me just see if I’m gonna get the alright let me see if I

can go back take the unit free frozed on me, yeah I think the unit froze re all right

so the coats came back so I don’t think this unit can actually reset crash data

you probably have to go inside the the actual module to erase that I probably

do a explanation doing that because I have the tools to do that so I just wanted to

bust out a explanation real quick showing you guys how does Fox whoa it’s what really

works because I from the explanations that I saw online on YouTube get mixed signals

like I’m just getting good reviews with no demonstration or partial

demonstration explanation this tool cannot reset crash data and on what crash data

is is if you’re ever in an accident and the car is physically hit there’s

something called a hard store code which remains in the computer’s permanent

memory now a tool like this won’t be able to erase that permanent memory

because the dealer needs that to determine if the crash is related to a

malfunction of the vehicle or worst-case situation if you’re ever in a fatal

accident they’re gonna need to rely on the information that’s stored in the

factory computer to determine the speed breaking if you have a seat belt on

acceleration elevation vehicle pressure it’s like the black box of a car so they

don’t want regular scan tools to be able to erase that data so that’s a hard core

a hard code if you go to the dealer then it actually remove that

airbag control module and sell you a brand new one they’re not gonna repair

it but you can repair it you can reset the whole module by changing or

reflashing the ECU or the memory EEPROM but um not from the dealer most likely a

deal is gonna sell you a brand new unit I’m planning to keep this because I

never owned an airbag reset tool I always work carefully so I always

disconnect the battery before I work or in certain situations

I just never turn the ignition on if I have to remove a panel or remove the old

radio before putting in a new radio but um I’m getting a lot of fleets of cars

so it’s better to just be more safe than sorry so I guess this is something that

you know it’s like insurance for me so I have to have this so that’s it folks and

I wrap the explanation up if you have anything that you want to add to this explanation leave

in the comment section if you have any questions because I’m gonna keep the

tools so if you have any questions or any concerns about something that I left

out or I should have covered I can always jump back and do another explanation so

if you’re in the market for this and this explanation didn’t help you stare you

into a direction of buying it or not buying it just leave a comment in the

comment section like hey precision I need you to do a explanation with this that

and third and I’ll do the explanation and help you to determine if you should buy this

tool or not again this tool does not do crash data but it will tell you exactly

what’s wrong with the vehicle it’s not gonna it’s gonna spit out codes as you

can see as well as define the codes which is good so I rather have a tool

that defines the code with the code opposed to just giving me codes and have

to run to Google to define the codes.

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