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Foxwell Scanner

This explanation is an overview of the Foxwell multi-system scanner the NT510 but it’s

loaded with the poor specific software in this case we’ll go over functions for

the Porsche 997 model I’m going to give you some different places that you can

skip forward to in this explanation for areas of interest that you might have because

it’s a little bit lengthy so at the one-minute mark you’ll notice that we’ll do an

introduction and go over live data functions at the four minute 43 second

mark we’ll go over special functions for example the ABS pump cycling for when

you’re doing brake fluid changes or bleeds at the six minute 56 second mark

I’ll go over vehicle data functions specifically in this case over rev

reports that a lot of people find interest in and then finally at the nine

minute eight second mark we’ll go over coding specific modules

okay let’s run through some functions on this Foxwell NT510 scanner that I

purchased I went ahead and had it loaded with the Porsche software because I want

to use it on my 2007 Porsche 997, so I’ve been shocked at the functionality

I’ve only had it for a couple of hours now but I’ll just walk through and just

kind of show you briefly some things that it can do first of all you’ll

notice that it has regular obd2 functions so it can function as you know

the latest and greatest obd2 generic scanner to read codes reset codes

monitor all the obd2 live data record it all of that good stuff so for that alone

actually it functions pretty well but let’s get to the good stuff so the

Porsche specific software gives you that same ability to read all codes but

you’ll get vehicle specific trouble codes you’ll also get you get a ton more

functionality so you get a lot more sensor data you have programming that

you can do and this gives you the different Porsche, you know models you can manually select

which I’ll do you can also just click auto and it will automatically detect

you know from your DME what car you have and give you the appropriate choices

then in modules so let’s start off you have three you know main you know

functions right now you can go into programming which I’ll show you a little

bit more later the first one though is diagnosed diagnosis but I mean probably

diagnostics and so this one will let you just you know you can do an auto scan

but let’s go to control units and actually let’s show you some stuff off

so I’ll give you an idea of what what can be done here so for example if we go

to the main control module the DME you know the main you see you in the car we

can look at a different live data to check out and there is tons of it here

so you know as far as it’s actually broken up into categories the live data

itself which so there’s so much of it they broke it up into categories there’s

general but like for this one I like a lot it’s temperatures and so let’s say if you

were going to be changing you know your transmission fluid in a PDK car or a

Tiptronic you know that it the temperature itself has to be of the

fluid needs to be within certain you know I don’t know I think it’s forty to

sixty degrees or whatever it is but this will be able to tell you that so for

example right here the transmission fluid st. is 69 degrees intake air

temperature obviously really cool to know maybe if you’re trying out some

different intakes engine temperature engine compartment temperature I thought

that was neat I’d like I guess there’s a sensor in there I didn’t know that

so ton of data there engine oil temperature ambient temperature was

prior to 90 degrees or so yeah mmm we’re in South Florida so so anyway there’s

just a ton of data here to include you know things like your ignition timing

you know let me think your air fuel mixture yeah well look at look at all

this stuff so air mass ignition timing camshaft adjustment misfires which you

know that can be really helpful when you’re doing Diagnostics so there’s a

ton of data here ok here we’re gonna go through this is on the Porsche 997 s the

2007 we’re gonna go through and show you how to do the ABS pump cycling this is

particularly helpful if you get any air in the system I have to replace master

cylinder this kind of thing you can cycle all the brake fluid out of the

pump and get any air out of it so let’s go to diagnosis and we’re gonna go to

the control units which I think what they mean by that is modules the control

modules and then we’re gonna go to the PSM and now it’s going to go into PS m

is in diagnostic mode, okay that’s good now we’re gonna go and

do an active test and pump motor activation okay that’s the ABS pump and

how we can know that’s true is because you’re going to hear it in a minute so

I’m gonna be quiet and listen for the ABS pump very clear and so that works

we’ll do it one more time, okay so that’s like close ABS pump

there’s a different mode to here which I wanted to show you it’s pretty cool

this one says special function and we’ll go down to there and look it says bleed

so you can do calibration too but bleed if you press on that this I believe will

help you do your own kind of brake bleed cyclically actuate brake pedal

throughout entire ventilation process a ventilation device with two bar

admission pressure must be used so I don’t that’s interesting so that will

help you with a brake bleed I don’t know if I’m I’ll try that or not but it seems

cool okay this time what we’re gonna look for here is running what we call an

over rev report right so this is for the Porsche 997 s again many people who are

looking to buy a car want to know how many times you know the engine if ever

has gone over the red line so for manual transmission car if somebody downshift

into the wrong gear too low of a gear the engine may have spun past the red

line and people want to know did that happen for how long did it happen and so

they get over-rev reports run usually they go to a dealership for this or they

rent a tool or what have you well this appears to completely do that

as well so that’s cool what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna select the module

called DME okay right so that’s the standard ECU there then we’re gonna go

down to a belief it’s a special function and okay and we’re gonna go down to

vehicle data so this stuff you just kind of you get used to it I’ve only had this

now for like I said like a half an hour so I’ve just been going through stuff

and looking and it’s really it’s incredible how much this has how much

capability this device has I’m extremely impressed with it so I thought that I

wasn’t able to find you know and get certain functions to work like ABS pump

and all that so it does it’s all there it’s just I was like

place so here you go number of ignitions range one so these are all like the

normal just up to redline one and two and this is actually an automatic

transmission car so you’ll see that that’s you know driven up to redline

often enough but probably not too long ago really and then but you’ll notice

anything after you know it doesn’t go above redline so and this car won’t so

you’ll see obviously that’s the case here none of them in range four five six or

three I think two and then tells you the operating hours and everything tells you

a lot you know it tells you you get anyway this thing gets tons of

information and will keep updating you guys okay and now we have both the

driver’s side and passenger side buckle coded to know and we did that and so now

what I was getting last time I was getting to is that we had a little

airbag legs show up but that is just because we coded the module it will go

away so let’s back out of all this stuff and back out of all this

yes yes alright now we’ve done that now the airbag light is it’ll make you mine

is blinking its this is passenger airbag off but it’s all good

it’s fine it just had to code it had to relearn itself and took you know all of

what maybe 10 seconds there and now we’re in the car we don’t have our seatbelt on

and the crime is not gonna go crazy now I always drive with my seatbelt of

course I encourage everybody to do that but like I said I have a mailbox that is

quite a ways away down the road not really the road down the driveway and I

like to go back and forth to it it’s kind of what I look forward to and

so I don’t like it going crazy and you know if I’m seen in the car for a while

or whatever I don’t have to worry about it and it doesn’t ding ding and even if

you’re working on the car inside of it that that little noise can drive you nuts

so that coding worked let’s try some other stuff okay so the next coding here

we can see the turn signal on the car and this from what I understand it

should be the standard way to turn signals work, you got a turn signal in front of the

car you have a side marker and that is there it’s a live side marker but it of

course doesn’t go on with the turn signals from the factory you may in

Europe I don’t know what the programming is over there or other countries but in

the United States it does not appear to do that factories so if we wanted it to

just to get a little extra maybe side visibility if somebody you know was was

kind of sitting with you more like this and it lets them know you’re kind of

coming over on them let’s see if we can do that okay here this time we are going

to go to I’m actually gonna go set it up for you guys so it takes a little less time for lunch

okay here we go we’re gonna go to programming we’re gonna click enter and

we’ve got a lot of choices here so really there’s a lot of possible

programming functions I’m not gonna go through every single one because this

explanation would take forever but we saw the seat belt one works oh that’s so that’s

a really common one if that didn’t work then you know we’d say there’s probably

a usability out of this but let’s now look at other really common ones that

they should have pretty you know much nailed down with a programming so the

I’m sorry the turn signals we can do a couple of things I hope one of them

would be making that site marker become a turn signal and so that’s always nice

maybe a little additional safety there on the other thing is to actually

reprogram them as LED bulbs so I don’t know if you guys have ever tried putting

LED bulbs in the site markers if you don’t reprogram the system

look at the actual bulb when the LED is out it’s not fully out it will show kind

of it will still be dimly lit and so this is you know quite you know

quote-unquote the proper way to put LED side markers in the car is to program

them in for it to ok anyway as you can see we’re gonna go down here and I’m

gonna try and find ok I found it it appears to be the side marker or flasher

repeater and so we’re gonna just click enter on that and it’s gonna give us an

option or I’m sorry we’re gonna click Edit and you see how it says site marker

so basically you know that’s it’s very abbreviated but what it’s saying is hey

is it a side marker or is it a flasher and right now it’s saying it’s a side

marker that’s what it’s acting like right now so we’ll click Edit to that

and we’re gonna say no it’s not it’s not a side marker anymore it’s a flasher all

right so just click enter there and see if that works and then click finish

okay hold on I’m gonna put the date in that takes forever okay so it’s asking

now if we are ready to accept the programming we’re gonna click okay and

communicating right now so right now it’s a rewriting the module code

completed all right now let’s see if that’s really true all right so let me

back up out of here and let’s see what happened let’s see if

it actually happened without restarting the car, I know some people say you

shouldn’t refer any modules while you’re you know doing this so with the car on

and all that but I don’t know all right so hmm hold on okay haha

better that was literally one second later I went and I turned the turn

signal off and turned it right back on and it recognized it so I had the turn

signal on I’d left it on so there you go as you can see you’re getting double

double your turn signal action there let’s see if it still will act like a

sight mark or I don’t know if it will or not it probably won’t but I see here

turn the lights all the way on let’s see if it behaves like a side marker no it

doesn’t so it’s a turn signal either you get one or the other.

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