Foxwell NT510 Review With A BMW 335i

Foxwell NT510

All right well I’m going to be doing a review of a Foxwell multi-system scanner

this is model MT510 now this is you can set this up for all different vehicles

if you do set it up for the BMW program it does come with mini and rolls-royce

so many rolls-royce BMW is one package I have used it and I’m gonna show you guys

how to use it today and just give you an idea of what you can do maybe you can save some money

using this and if you have some issues you know I can kind of show you what

this is capable of doing they can save you money with programming not only

programming but resetting any lights or really any light I’ve ever had including

the airbag light and also scanning for an issue I found quite a few issues that

I had and was able to take care of them without bringing it to the BMW dealers

so this is just kind of what it comes with here this is this kind of give you

an idea of what you can set it up for and different more advanced ones this

one is kind of a basic I don’t think it’s the most basic but it cost me a

couple hundred bucks with the programming when divided make sure that

you have the programming with it it also comes with you know some directions that you don’t

even need but what’s it to it okay then I’m using it here on a BMW 335i this is

a 2008 and right over to the left of the steering wheel down you’ll see pop this

off sorry for the lighting it’s so hot I can’t do this in the Sun you’ll see a

little cap that says obd okay now that’s where it gets plugged in see there those

little prongs okay okay this is where the prongs go that’s gonna go in so you

see that angle plug it right in okay bring this over and it plugs right in

nice and easy doesn’t click nothing like that just plugs in alright no you can see here as

soon as you plug it in it turns on okay so it starts to taking the power right

from the car okay now as soon as you plug it in it automatically turns on

you’re gonna go to BMW okay I’ll go back here okay so let’s get a cup up to the

screen you do want a BMW it’s gonna go automatic selection okay now it should

be reading the venn bang it reads the VIN okay communication set with vehicle please

wait loading data okay now sometimes you have to have the car on depending on

what you’re trying to you know figure out here so we’re gonna go ahead do an

auto scan just gonna show you here that’s clear enough so now sometimes

this will show faults also and it doesn’t mean that you actually have a

fault maybe that’s just off so like right now say my doors open well that’s

gonna be a fault I’m the car that the doors ajar so there’s things like that

so when you see fault you don’t just don’t panic we have to go in there and read the code

now I’m just gonna let this scan through so you can see exactly what it’s scanning

fuel pump fuel pump controls you know it just goes through all sorts of stuff and

I was able to diagnose a engine misfire told me which cylinder and all they did

was swap out the spark plug I ended up swapping out all the spark plugs and I

have a little informational via explanation on how to do that if you’re interested it

is pretty simple it probably takes you about 10 minutes to get to the spark

plugs now maybe not maybe five minutes get to the spark plugs and very easy to

to pull those spark plugs out and I was able to fix that with it I was able to

reset an airbag light when I had purchased a different BMW I haven’t I

also have a 320 I in 2014 320 I and they had a Engel sensor problem and

when I popped it off off the airbag I connected the battery well that had the

that made the airbag light turn on when I turn off so actually I was able to

plug this in and with that I reset it you could also with the angle sensor

which is basically underneath your airbag it’s your turning signals and

cruise control and controls that type of stuff and it’s I don’t know just like a

little sensor in there but any ways that you could you need the program to your

car so even if you buy a new part and you put it in it needs to be like

programmed to your car well this will do that and this will also program you know

just kind of smaller things like that you know odds you know I don’t know

exactly you could look it up though but as you can see what this is scanning

through air conditioning I mean it really goes through also I have an air

conditioning issue it wouldn’t my a/c kept turning on and off the compressor

kept turning on and off and it would not stay on well this scanner actually told me that

my pressure in my AC the vacuum or the the pressure was too high so I actually

slowly let some vacuumed out some of the the AC there the refrigerant and it

kicked out and stayed on you know so this saves you a ton of money I this

thing paid for itself that’s for sure since I’ve purchased that and what else did I have a couple other

things that you know just kind of helped me out with let’s see rain sensors it

goes through everything it tells you about you know even like if you have a

parking brake sensor I’ll tell you which sensor is broke it doesn’t work so which

one is the problem tells you if you’re lighting in your car if you have a light

out really it’s very much in depth okay so that went through so I’m gonna

give you an idea so this is a fault engine motor electronics let’s just give

you an idea of what happens so identification a now I’ll go through

gives you a part number okay that’s huge so see it’s broke look it up

by that part number okay this is an issue on my vehicle now this is all

without the car on sometimes you have to have the car on this goes through so we

will go to read codes turbocharged boost pressure too low actually so this was

this was an old error that I had this was the 30 FF and I never reset the code

now what this was and I did a review on this I I had a 30 FF air okay sorry and

I had to check all my hoses and watch that explanation to get more info on that but

I’ll show you how to solve that 30 FF air that’s huge I’m gonna actually take

a picture of that and use it as my front pitcher for YouTube you know and

I’m not doing this for the money I’m doing this because there are so many

people and not that I can make any money I hardly have any user subscribers or

anything but I learned so much from YouTube and I just kinda want to give

back a little bit here but I’m gonna show you how to clear this air so now we

go back okay we’re gonna go to erase codes okay because I know that air is

gone I don’t have an error light for that anymore oh and also well let’s

clear it you could hear it working my computer not sure if you heard that

noise but it goes through live data this is kind of cool so probably not gonna

show you anything now because the live data the car isn’t even on look at oh go

through your valves oops let’s go back up go through your operating valves

oxygen sensor title I mean this tells you it’ll give you what your Idol is

let’s see engine speed so then I’m gonna just select all so I’ll hit f1 u data

now right now zero our PM’s okay let me get this car started with my feet I’m

gonna see what this does this is oh I gotta put the key a okay now the keys in and sound

so now that gives you the RPMs and you know I don’t active goes bad running

nobody here that high pitch high-pitched noises the comments because I don’t know that

let’s see that it’s what all you data, now this I am the muffler’s deleted on this

meaning that there’s no mufflers at all so it’s a little bit louder horsepower

so I really don’t know what any of this means but I’m sure you can look it up and find out

both my soldiers want us running smooth test engine order five you can look it up

issues have any area lights so I really I think that’s all should be let’s go down here

fuel pressure low pressure high pressure this is the amount of stuff that you can do

live toss than they have there’s a football imagine or let’s see that is default

this might be something that never was reset let’s go recode not present

so this is no idea so let’s go back issues that might just be something

that’s not installed on my card you see new information my dad tell us

anyways you go through the stock terminals sensor switches have Golic valves so

this is Khalif 11 convertible oops this is for the good burger

you know so this is pretty much every kind of issue in your car it’s gonna scan then you

could go into all these get live data on all this different stuff of their self overall and here’s

our fault so there’s a fault that we cleared that was a thirty i-5 let’s go back

no no code so now if I still hear that error when I went back to read codes

that would tell me if there was an issue test fuel injector

his injector wand that was where I had a misfire actually now I have that

so also that’s another weird thing you can activate them I’m not gonna do that

now so I really sorry excuse it but you could activate things so you can turn on your AC

compressor right now so now if you turn it on using the computer you know it’s

not the switch you know stuff like that turn that back off so you can hear

what’s going on here but I would say it’s definitely worth it you know like I

said I got this for a couple hundred bucks and it was worth every penny for

me so I hope this review helped you guys out if you have any questions leave it

in the comments if you could give me a thumbs up there’d be huge or you know

let me know if I stink or whatever but you know again I’m just kind of doing

this to kind of give back a little bit because I’ve saved so much money using

YouTube to help me figure things out and not only with cars but with everything I

also have a 320i that if you guys have any questions or you know want to see

something on the car so you can compare it with yours to see if it’s right or

wrong or whatever just leave it in the comments and I would be happy to you

know hook up my scanner and read my active codes and then you can see what

yours are and and see if we have any of the same you know numbers or whatever.

Source : FoxWell Scanner NT510 Review with a BMW 335i

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