Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner Review, Code Reader For Cars

Foxwell NT301

I’m here today to do a review of this Foxwell NT301 obd2 and 2obd code reader in this

explanation review i’ll be going over the features and functions of this awesome

tool and showing you how to use it now let’s get right to it here’s the actual

unit which I’ll go over in just a few moments but inside the packaging you

also get this awesome users manual which goes over everything for the unit and

here’s the packaging itself you can see very simple packaging on the back it

shows you the features the notable features and then it also comes with

this cable right here to connect it via USB alright let’s get right to it as you

can see when you take a look at the actual unit it looks very durable

I like the coloration of it because you’re not going to lose something like

this I love it when tools have these vibrant colors because they’re really

hard to eat hard to lose okay now if you take a look over here there’s a whole

bunch of buttons I’ll show you exactly what they do in just a moment around the

outside of the casing right here is this nice and durable material which is great

because you’re not gonna have to worry when you’re using it about damaging it

or anything like that because it feels very durable so it’s gonna be able to

withstand quite a bit you have some technical information on the back right

here and what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna get to the good part of this

review which is to actually plug it in and show you how it works so right here

we have the actual cable I’m gonna take this I’m gonna plug it into the OBD port

right over here let’s just plug it in and you’ll see the unit starts up as you

can see right there now I’m only gonna go through the most common features and

the most useful functions in my opinion which are these two sections but I’ll

tell you what the other ones mean okay so I think you see first and foremost

color display it looks awesome it’s easy to read so we’ll go to this one review

is basically when you can review the data that has been stored on the unit

for the most part so if you stored that on the unit you can review the data I

don’t believe that I have any data stored which is correct no data

available so I’m just gonna go back right over here okay the next thing is

print data which is very straightforward about gives you some additional

information and setup allows you to adjust the various options for the unit

now we’re gonna go to this section right here which is the DTC lookup now this is

a very useful tool because it allows you to look up the codes okay so some codes

are stored many codes are stored on the unit and this dtc lookup

allows you to look up the codes so i’m gonna hit enter and as you can see you

can actually change the code right over here and then you can look it up and for

some codes obviously it’s gonna have multiple manufacturers so for that code

you’re gonna be able to choose the manufacturer so i’m gonna hit enter

right over here manufacturer specific codes are found press any key to select

vehicle make so we’re just obviously going to select let’s just select let’s

select cadillac for this code right here so it says please refer to vehicle

service manual okay that is what this code is associated with all right so

we’re gonna go back right over here back again and what we’re gonna do is we’re

gonna go to this section right here which is the most useful section

actually before that i’m gonna show you the quick read functions before I show

you that section because these are a little bit more simplistic so first and

foremost we have a read button right over here this is a up button but it’s

also a read button it’s a quick read button so if I press and hold it down

its gonna actually pull the codes from the car okay so as you can see it’s

linking to vehicle and keep an eye over here because these are these little

light indicators that allow you to know what’s going on with the engine green

means good so you can see there’s no code stored in the module

so basically green means that everything’s okay yellow means that you

know something might be wrong and red means that something is wrong those are

the that’s the easiest way to explain it okay the next thing that I want to go

over is another quick feature which is I am readiness so if you just push this

button right here it gives you the IM readiness status so once again it’s

gonna link up to the vehicle just like that and we’re gonna see once again

green means good green means that nothing is wrong we’re gonna see these

status of the vehicle right here as you can see this is the IM readiness it

gives you a quick little view of what’s going on you know green is good

obviously certain things are not applicable depending on the vehicle and

the year and so forth but that’s basically the quick version of the eye

readiness so I’m gonna hit back so let’s stop it stops beeping at me now we’re

gonna go to the obd2 ii obd scan right over here we’re gonna do is we’re gonna

hit enter try to do this with one hand so I’m doing my best and it’s gonna give

us a wide variety of options so this is the main purpose in my opinion of this

unit itself is to actually read and scan the car and deal with anything that you

might find upon scanning ok so as you can see right here oh good so what we’re

gonna do now is it says erase previously stored data to save data from this test

I’m gonna hit no I don’t want to save this data because it’s green

everything’s good I don’t need to save this data and now as you can see it

wants me to select one of the modules right here I’m gonna select the first

one and we’ll actually take a little bit of a further look now there are many

options read codes is what we already did we read the codes when we did that

quick that quick quick scan right over there erased codes can be used to erase

the codes live deep live data is is what we’re gonna be using and I am writing

this you can see there’s so many different options right over here but

we’re gonna be going to live data so check this out this is one of my

favorite features clicking live data and it’s gonna actually show me some live

aspects of the car and will be able to see those live aspects on a graph so

it’s pretty cool we’re just gonna let it scan the vehicle and you can choose to

view data record data or playback data we’re gonna view it now we’re gonna view

the complete data set you can adjust those options right over there if you

want we’re gonna move down and what I want to show you is probably the most

common one that you’re gonna know that anyone would know that is watching this

and that is the RPM so once again we’re gonna go find the RPM today did I miss

it I must have missed it here it is rpm there we go so I’m gonna click that

right there and as you can see it now shows us on a graph the RPM of the

vehicle which is really cool because I mean you can look at the tachometer as

you can see my cars idling over here and you can see roughly what it is but this

is gonna tell you the exact fluctuation so you can make a decision based on that

if the RPM is of if the RPM of your car is something that you’re concerned about

and that’s basically it I’m just gonna hit back a few times we’re gonna get out

of this and back to the main screen and that’s basically at the NT301

yes we’re gonna exit the anti 301 by Foxwell is an awesome awesome unit as

you can see color display durable unit easy to use I’ve just shown you the

basic features but you can go way more in depth with regards to what you want to do with the vehicle.

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