FOXWELL NT201 Scanner Review


Hey guys welcome back to our repair guys if you’re looking guys for the cheap obd2 that is

very powerful stay with us and we’ll cover that today guys we got an Foxwell

okay Foxwell here with you it was sent by Foxwell and I’m quite impressed

with that little thing okay it’s pretty powerful you can see what it

comes with you can check IM readiness which is if you live in a mission state

you can check if your vehicle is going to pass emissions

you can check engine light clear engine light you can see you can see live data

and quite quite a few things also we have the cable phone for one click

updates as well super super simple design so what I’m going to cover today

guys we’re going to check if that BMW is ready for emissions we will show you

that after that we are going to actually disconnect the part on the engine and

see if it’s going to tell us which one it is so stay with us and let’s see if

it’s going to work now so I’ll just go ahead and connect it to the OBD port

okay I’m going to turn the ignition on I will not start the car okay the two

power grab you can see a few loose like that now if you want to see I am

readiness there is two ways to do that I am readiness means if your vehicle is

ready to pass emissions of its Lobby first the first one is you can go to obd

okay and once it connects the full screen will show how many complete

computers we have how many incomplete and how many are not available if you

have incomplete then it’s bad okay and you have to have green light if there is

engine light or anything like that you have red light if one of the computers

is incomplete you have yellow light so it’s connecting now I mean green

light focus visual pass emissions but stay with us our cover more details

seven okay three are not not maintained and zero incomplete so because you know

none of their about three of them because that engine is not equipped with

these computers now what you can do you can go back actually and just click the

am readiness button which is right here very quick and easy design so all we

have to do click this one and wait for it to connect to the car completed again

you have to have the ignition on do not run the catalyst Arabic just turn the

ignition on without starving the vehicle and wait for it to load it will take

about 25-30 seconds so it can communicate with all the different

modules ok and detect if it’s going to pass emissions of love okay

perfect green light that’s very very good, okay and check it out now new this is

for the engine light if the engine light is on you have that bulb which means

that the engine light is on DTC there is no code stored in the computer and there

is no pending code ignition it’s part type or he has pork box and you can see

all of those computers I completed the one with the red and then I remote blue

those are those are not available if you have computer incomplete you have a

yellow light so perfect for now also you can see some live data and don’t forget

to stay until the end we’re going to put it to the test and see if it’s going to

recognize which sensor we are going to disconnect on the vehicle okay let’s

give it just a few minutes I’m going to go ahead and start the car for the live

data so we can see on that BMW some models some cars you can see quite a few

live data parameters on some you can see just a few it really depends

on the model usually newer vehicles you’ll be able to get more live data or

we need to update this game so now we’re going to go ahead okay and go to you can

change units of measure to metric or u.s. you can read engine codes okay let

me go ahead and read the codes show you we didn’t have any now codes are found

it super easy to use if you have codes all you have to do fix the problem goes

to erase not realizing they leave that code, okay now under live data

let’s see what parameters we have complete data set okay you can see the

battery voltage here you can see also you can see the voltage of the vehicle

okay and you can open a graph of the voltage okay like that now you can see

the voltage is between thirteen point six and thirteen point seven I’m going

to go ahead and turn the lights off okay I’ll turn the lights on and check out

now the voltage drop so it’s in 13 and now it’s going to stabilize after that

so you can see how precise that thing is I’ll turn the lights off now okay and it

goes back up now what I’m going to do I’ll turn the AC off okay right now one

two three AC is off then you can see the vault it goes up because the AC is not

consuming any voltage now I’ll turn it back on and it will go down so you can

definitely check what it the voltage carefully the cool feature and let’s go

and test it now and see if it’s going to detect engine code as well so what we’re

going to do we’ll go ahead and disconnect the mass air flow sensor okay

you can see it’s disconnected okay and we’re going to go here guys start the

car and see if it’s going to tell us that there is a problem with the mass

airflow sensor the engine light should come on a few seconds maybe a minute after you

start the car okay we’ll see how long it’s going to take for the engine light

to come home sometimes what you have to do you come on after you turn the car

off okay so let’s try that engine light is on now what I’m going to

do router the kind of telling the ignition of only the ignition on means

that you have all the lights on but the car is not running oh you guys and after

we scan the system that’s what we have P0102 mass airflow sensor so you can

see it definitely told us what’s wrong with the car so next I’m going to go

ahead and connect it ok the car will think that everything’s fine because yes

connection it’s not like it’s a bad sensor rocky close the hood now let’s

see if we can reset the code and turn the engine light off ok you can see the

ignition is T1 engine light is T1 we’re going to go ahead select the obd again

give it a little bit a little bit of time okay to communicate and after that

we are going to you guys that like we will still say here that we have one called

okay let’s just give it a few more seconds perfect that’s the protocol that

it will be using date that will peak, right now it’s communicating with the

vehicle we have one code okay let’s select enter here is code

yes terrible cause are you sure yes evils don’t press any key to continue

okay let’s go ahead start with care enough and you can see the engine light

is not all anymore so for being so for guys that computer is pretty good

deal and I think you can check engine light just a generic engine light reset

it you can check some live data and you can check I am ready

so pretty cool you guys I’m happy with the product and it does job good for what we tested.

Source : FOXWELL NT201 SCANNER REVIEW. Cheap and Powerful

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