EPAuto 12V Small Air Compressor Pump Digital Tire Inflator

Small Air Compressor

All right so today we have this air compressor is for electricity EPAuto 12

volt 120 watt portable tire air compressor pump alright and so man I got

a lot of items yesterday day before yesterday September 14th had I reviewed

I think 23 items so today I have nine items that I got yesterday and I just

finished uploading the videos from that so we’re gonna we’re going to review this one here

okay so we got instructions which is good now this thing’s also got a light

in it so that’s good too oh boy we got more stuff here I’ve got lots of lots of

stuff okay we’ve got a bag for it that goes in the car we’ve got stuff to keep

the thing dry alright let’s fold this back up because I got to take some

pictures as you know then we’re going to go out we’re going to test it because

that’s what we do okay so let’s get it out of the packaging first see here I

had to take some of this stuff out of the boxes to get to other stuff and

because when they send me this stuff sometimes multiple packages you know

come in the same box so alright we got all different types of nozzles here and

a few is evidently it needs a fuse it could blow a fuse or something

so it’s fuse so that’s that’s always good alright so I’ll lay this out so I

can take some pictures of it and I’ll have to take a selfie with it of course

because that’s just one of the rules silica gel all right and we got there’s

that okay and so let’s take some pictures shall we scoop this as close as

I can to me so I try not to get the stuff in the background

alright so phone got lazy there it is okay we’re going to turn this on – yeah

we’ll leave it on a flash for now okay so here we go we’re going to go up like this

just kind of take some pictures here all right get a picture of this

turn it around get another picture and I get a picture the accessories and

instructions and the little bag and just the box all by itself why don’t we do

that let’s get a picture of the box all right now they’re going to want a selfie

so let’s do the selfie oh come on what’s it okay there we go first we’re going to

do one like this oh yeah yeah baby yeah there we go

turn it like this do another one all right we’re done with the pictures for

now all right so let’s take a look at this thing for we go out and use it it’s

got some interesting features here it’s got this handle on top to carry it with

the light in the front which looks like it might actually be for lights I’m not

sure I think it’s for lights it’s got a switch in the front for on and double on

which I don’t know what that means a lot to read something here the cigarette

lighter plug goes underneath and pops out it’s got this this thing here I

guess that’s to keep it organized um the the filling cord here just wraps around

around so it’s actually pretty long and it looks like it would go right on my

tire I don’t think I have to use any of the adapters that come in the kit here

to pump up Falls or anything like that so I think I’m going to leave the rest

of it right here and just take this out and hopefully my battery is still

charged in the car I probably should i hook up the battery charge or after I’m

done so we’ll see see what happens there all right we’ll give this thing a shot

let’s go, right out alright so I tried to use this air compressor on my Nissan Pathfinder

to pump up the the bad tire but it wouldn’t work the the cigarette lighter

wasn’t compatible somehow I don’t know I mean I’ve had that issue before with

certain things in certain cars that just don’t work but it’s lit up here you got

a display that’s on so how this works is it’s got two different modes you this

lights up even if it’s off so number one is just the number two is just the light

number one is a compressor and the light okay so we’re going to hook this up I’m

going to show you how to use this actually pretty cool it works that’s the

thing you gotta find the car works with but we’re going to put it on here

and it’s telling me the psi right now it’s saying that it’s a 34 psi so now

I’m just going to hit plus we’re going to bring up to 35 so and then it should

shut off so we’re going to we’re going to hit the button here we’re just gonna

see well let’s go over 35 they’re shut up as soon as we’ve got

35.5 it shuts off so this thing can actually regulate the pressure of a tire

which is really cool and it’s digital it’s got a digital gauge I’ve never seen

one this fancy before that can do this is pretty cool

this cord the reason that this error hose needs to be so long is because it

has to get up to the tire and because you know the valve could be on the

ground or it could be on the top depending on how your car is parked so

that’s why this is so long and it just goes straps up back on here just like this

just wrap it around and the hose just locks in place just like that which is

really cool all right and then let’s wrap this back up and put

it away there’s the light if you can see it I don’t you can see it see I start to

hear compressor mode on and it was off because of the pressure the tire stopped

when it got to the to the correct pressure.

Source : EPAuto 12V 120W Portable Air Compressor Pump

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