Emax Two Stage Air Compressor Review

Two Stage Air Compressor

I wanted to do a quick review on the Emax air compressor to seven and a half

horse two stage compressor 80 gallon there wasn’t a lot of information online

about this newer compressor this is really made by the same company that

makes polar air it’s a division of Eaton air compressor out of Ohio so if you

want a us-made compressor which is unlike the kind of the cheap version of

the end assault brand that’s out there like tractor supply and that sort of

stuff in my and looking at those very deeply if you do any work at all you

need to just stay away from those those are end up made in China anyway quite a

bit different from the industrial size and it’s all brand but this so this is

Emax this is a version one of the things to note about this seven and a half

force but it does have some pretty unique features one of the facts is that

it runs at 1725 rpms which is a relatively slow for an air compressor a

lot of other air compressors you know they run it roughly twice that rpm to

get the amount of flow that this one can actually do at 1725 of course running at

1725 stuff stays cooler and it’s much quieter on that side so the tank is

welded straight straight up in Ohio all the metal itself is fabricated Ohio the

belt guard everything like that the motor is from Mexico and the

compressor itself the two-stage is from overseas but made to specifications very

nice unit it has the oil sight it’s got the oil drain as well they installed in

that which makes it easy to change the oil the valve on the left-hand side is

basically the continuous run valve if you turn that on then you’ll basic

they have continuous run on that side it comes with a square D motor contactor so

good solid product and it comes also with a timer for the drain valve which

is nice just runs off 110 on that side it runs on I put a 40 amp service in so

it runs really nice I run all sorts of air tools and the main reason I stepped

up from my previous air compressor was I got a much bigger sandblaster than this

clearly fits the bill I probably went a little overkill for my need but this is

I wanted this to be the last compressor I ever purchased so on that side so

recommend it you can get these from air compressor direct I happen to order mine

directly from the factory there’s really no advantage to order it from factory to

be quite honest I waited a little over a month so probably around that six weeks

timeframe for it to show up but I still have my other one so with an issue

compressor direct stock sees and the price is virtually the same so like I

said there’s really no advantage to actually ordering it from the factory

the only thing this compressor didn’t come with was the isolator feet which a

quick trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot you can pick those up and then the the bolts

that bolted down to the concrete that’s really the only thing that it didn’t

come in if it comes with a valve already on the output so it’s really ready to go

it comes on a big skid I’ll try to show a picture maybe at the end of how it

shows up but it’s a it was packed well no doubt about that let me go ahead and

turn it on so you guys can there touting somewhere around 74 DB or so I certainly

don’t have any issue with it in the garage here when I

in here working it is quieter than my older 60 gallon professional craftsman

but so let me turn it on so you guys can seek yourselves how quiet it is

so let’s just give you a little look at the master professor like I said there

was a lot of information online it’s kind of a new model for them but highly

recommend the 1725 rpm so that just kind of made your compressor last I have a

lot longer lot of Steel up there lot of Castille so actually we run it run it

with the same Laster 26 CFM at 90 psi so it puts a heck of a lot of output they

also have a big single stage as well for a lot of flow that tops out and about

somewhere around 20 so I went ahead and got the 7.5 horse pretty darn big to

immersive but if you do the work that I do probably will overkill but it’s well

worth the money actually all right I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you very much.

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