Electronic Brake Control Module Replacement Kelsey Hayes 325

Electronic Brake Control Module

Okay this is going to be how to install Kelsey Hayes 325

model automatic brake control sensor this is my chevrolet blazer and the unit

failed with light and the – let me show you that so this this is the status of

my brakes and see the ABS light is indicated meaning that there’s no ABS

that there’s a problem with the ABS so that was my diagnosis that there was

something okay so in the Chevy Blazer the ABS control module goes right here

on top of the masters next to the master cylinder this is the unit came off

there’s three plugs on the bottom one here one there and one there

so I’ll just plug those in and put that together so let me see if I can get the

camera set up to watch the operation hopefully

like that okay so and it says to disconnect the negative battery, battery

terminal before you put this back on so that’s what I’m doing

so this one goes here so there’s three plucks one here you

just press in snap in one and press totally snap great like that

this goes down there like that and there’s four screws there Torx

headed screws can you see that Torx it’s a special knot like that come buy them

at the auto store pretty cheaply a set get the right size and there’s just

these four screws that go in books have to make sure that it’s really

dry and I live in a dry climate so so I’m not too worried about that if it was

wet around here then then I would so just tighten down these four screws it’s

plugged in and then should be able to hook up the

battery and it should be fine one of the things about this was that to replace

this part at the dealer was over a thousand dollars and I found a place on

the internet module dot-com and they said they would disassemble it repair it

put it back together for me and guarantee it for five years so I thought

for and they would do that for 150 bucks so I thought why not take a chance for

that kind of money 150 bucks as opposed to over a thousand and I’m kind of

thinking you know for a thousand dollars my laptop computer

it’ll drive the car for you so it is a break thing so there is a product

liability question so you just snug these down and then

I’ll rehook up the battery and should be good there was some

recommendation that that I test drive it and start that we initialize the main

computer sometimes and there it is so I’ll hook up the battery I use a little

wrench like this to just do the post on the battery which is right down there

I can see that but I put a glove on to do that so be back in a second okay so I

hooked up the battery and I put the module in and now when I started that

light comes on and then it clears and seat belts not buckled so it hasn’t

finished sudden buckle in yet it didn’t clear immediately I had to drive it and

apply the brakes a couple of times so I drive around the block it looks like

it’s working okay so that’s a fixing ABS control module Kelsey 325 on a 2002

Chevy Blazer.

Source : www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFXUfagp5RI

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