DeWalt FlexVolt 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor Review

Cordless Air Compressor

Hey everyone this is a review of DeWalt new cordless flexible compressor it’s

got a two and a half gallon capacity the model DCC2560 it comes in

a kit right now with their fast charger and one six amp our flexible battery

just a few more stats this is a 135 psi compressor the tank does usually cut off

at 150 though and it is rated for 79 decibels it’s not terribly loud when you

get in a garage or something that’s a little bit loud but it’s bearable

without hearing protection when you’re outside it’s not an issue at all so

let’s take a closer look at some of the features and then I’ll show it in action

alright so up front here i’ve got a nice grab handle it’s really easy to carry

with you’ve got a on/off switch that’s rubberized got a rubberized clear boot

around it for weather proofing and it’s got a protector on the top so you’re not

going to bump it on or off accidentally you’ve really got to be intentional to

switch it on or off you’ve got your pressure regulator for the tank right here the pressure readout

for the tank and then your regulator is just a dial that you turn to your

desired pressure you don’t have to turn a knob and then wait for another

pressure dial to get to the right spot you just set it and you can hear it

bleed off and it does its thing it comes with a quarter inch quick

disconnect over here on the side installed and if you look closely here

you can see that it’s threaded you can replace this if you really want to I did

turn this on put it up to full pressure and leave it overnight and I turned it

off I came back two days later and it was down to about 30 psi from the 150 it

stops on normally so it doesn’t hold pressure indefinitely but while I’ve

been working with it I haven’t had any you know major leaks I can’t hear any

hisses and I can’t see this pressure dial going down alright for the back the

battery sits right here on top it’s really easy to get in and out over the

plate it is protected by this roll cage that goes you know down around the whole

base the roll cage has rubber stoppers on it that really damp out any

vibrations so you don’t get the compressor walking on you down here at

the bottom you also have a drain valve it’s really easy to bleed

off the tank at the end of the day one note if you do tilt this backwards on

its side it will ding the tank it sticks out past the roll cage right here at the

bottom but that’s really one of the few spots that sticks out it might stick out

a little bit on to the sides as well I really like how the regulator and the

pressure gauge are protected with this bump out and I’ve had other compressors

that it just kind of sticks out there and it’s really easy to get bumped and

you know it’s you don’t want to be bumping your manifold and you know you

could cause something to misalign caused a leak or something like that so it is well protected here

just a few more data points while I was using this with a brad nailer I said

it’s 70 psi running two inch nails and I got 40 nails sunk before it’s cycled on

the 41st was a little bit proud because I was going really fast and just just

bump firing one after the other this didn’t cycle on in time to get the

pressure back up for that one when I was running it at 90 psi for the same brad

nailer i got 26 shots before it’s cycled on and each time it cycles all night and

i stopped working and let it sit it’s about 30 seconds to recover starting

from an empty tank it’s 2 minutes and 15 seconds to fill up alright so let’s take

this thing out and I’ll show you some footage of me using on the fence this weekend

alright run time I did not test for Brad nails but dEWALT’s claimed capacity is

1220 Brad nails with a 6 a.m. power of battery that’s 18 gage brats and I

tested it out with a framing nailer working on my fence this weekend and I

did three whole eight foot panels with it I put up the rails with three inch

nails at 115 psi that was probably 36 to 40 nails and then I filled in the slats

so that’s 16 slats for a foot section and then 6 nails per slat that comes out

to around 150 2 inch nails that I ran in at 90 psi so that’s quite a bit of work

for a framing nailer that’s not really meant to be used with that and this was

cycling it was running pretty much constantly when I was doing that it

would catch up when I had to stop and refill my nail gun or go grab some more

nails it would it would generally catch up enough that I didn’t have to wait on

it I actually never outran it the whole time I was working I was going in a

pretty good pace but I know a lot of you pros out there probably be able to

outwork me pretty easily and you could probably outrun this with a framing

nailer if you really gave it a run for his money

so one last note I was in all my testing using it 100 foot air hose because

that’s what I had lying around so you might have a little bit of a difference

between how many shots you get out of it before it’s cycles because of that extra

air volume if you’re using a shorter hose you have a little bit less air

volume in the hose all right so let’s talk price point this thing is $300 for

the one one battery kit with a six amp hour battery they’re fast charger and

the compressor I thought that was surprisingly low since some of their

other kits you know the seven and a quarter inch circular saw also retails

for the same price with one battery and that circular saw by itself is a hundred

and eighty so if you compare the the break in price point you get from taking

out the battery the charger we could see this bear – 180 to 200 dollars which i

think is a great deal that’s right around the same price that rigids one

gallon cordless compressor that they released earlier this year

going for that’s a one gallon compressor I think it’s a 1 CFM set 1.2 CFM like

this one is at 90 psi so applications I can see this excelling at our you know

punch list just quick short things you know mostly driving Brad nails it does

quite a bit with one battery and you can even do some framing in a pinch big

advantages this has is its cordless it’s not using gas you know if you’re doing a

lot of yard work a lot of fence work you’re going to bring a gas-powered

compressor out but you can’t use those indoors so if you had another job where

you had to go inside and do some quick work indoors with a compressor you’re

out of luck if you’ve got a gas one or you’ve got to run over the long hose

with this one you can just take it right in and have like a 15 20 foot of hose

that you don’t have to you know just lug around everywhere so this is great for

short fast indoor projects even just running quite a bit of Brad nailing for

a crown or for baseboards or corner round this is an excellent application

if you just want to get in get out you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on

different cordless nailers if you’ve got you know a whole set of your pneumatic

nailers that you don’t want to replace or you don’t want to spend the money

replacing this is a great solution to give you air when you’re in an area that

doesn’t have any power and just a quick comparison I’ve had this thing for about

five years now I think it’s their one gallon trim compressor it retails for

about a hundred and thirty now I think and it is a point seven-five CFM which

is significantly less than the 1.2 CFM this one’s got 90 psi so for what I’m

projecting is probably going to be just another 50 bucks this is a lot more

compressor and it’s cordless if you’re looking at the bear tool option maybe

180 versus 130 if you’ve got some flexible batteries already that one’s a

no-brainer over this one so that’s all I had hopefully you got something out of

it I’d love to hear the uses you have planned.

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