Dewalt Cordless Air Compressor FlexVolt 60V Max 2.5 Gallon Review

Dewalt Cordless Air Compressor

Today we’re going to take a look at dEWALT’s flexible 2.5 gallon air

compressor kit model number DCC2560T1 this includes the air

compressor a 6.0 amp hour FlexVolt battery which operates at 2.0 amp power

at 60 volts which this air compressor needs and it also includes a Dewalt fast

charger now what we’re gonna do in this explanation is go over this tool figure out if

it will work for you kind of test it with different nailers figure out how

many nails it’ll put in before it turns on give you the specs and how fast it

pumps up how fast it recovers and just generally walk around this unit and go

into it so let’s go into some quick specs this unit does have a brushless

motor it does have a fan cooled internal system so it will try to keep itself

cool with air moving through it it runs at approximately 79 decibels it’s not

quiet it’s not real loud it is an oil-free pump so there is no maintenance

inside the owners manual does not say anything about the break-in period but

we highly suggest that when you get this unit at home put in a battery run it for

20 minutes leaving the air system open so it doesn’t build pressure it will

just kind of work its way through things will get quite hot you’ll be surprised

but then that kind of sets this unit up to last a long time it’s rated at 1.2

SCFM at 90 pounds in 1.5 SCFM at 40 pounds so it’s not going to run very

large tools this is really going to be meant for pulling in in working with

your punch list now it does not run off of AC power that would be something that

would be awesome in every flexible tool that we look at since the miter saw we

think men incorporate this so this could be our all-in-one air compressor we use

an extension cord and plug it in or the battery not the case battery only so

after a quick 20 minute break-in in a 30 minute battery charge we threw a fully

charged battery in this beast and said how long is it going to

to pump up from 0 to 135 psi and that number ended up to be 2 minutes now it

will drain down to a hundred psi and then it took approximately 23 seconds to

recover to 135 psi without any use using this air compressor is very simple

just pop a flexible battery in the back come around front and turn on the power

switch you have a gauge up front that tells you how many psi is in the tank

and then you have a single knob pressure regulator that allows you to pick from

all the way up to maximum for how much pressure you’re putting out now while

this is accurate right now in the future I think it would be neat to put a gauge

off of your single outlet quick-connect and put another quick-connect on the

other end to get an accurate reading of exactly what you’re putting out to the

hose so this unit weighs in at 24 pounds and has a nice grab handle on top for

carrying it around this is a nice lightweight unit to walk into smaller

jobs or to finish up a punch list now with that said we wanted to check how

much this unit was going to run while it’s on the jobsite it is 79 decibels

and we kind of feel that if it’s turning on and off constantly that could be an

annoyance so we pulled out our 18 gauge brad nailer hooked it up and decided to

see how many nails we could put into a piece of wood before this unit needed to

recover that number ended up being 15 we wanted to take it a step further and say

ok what would it be if we’re shooting 16 gauge nails that number ended up to be

10 so 1.2 CFM everything seems to be in line it’s going to work with those

nailers we wanted to take it a step further and say okay if you had a

framing job this is really not a framing unit but worst case scenario if you

needed to just shoot 2013 ales would it work the answer is yes we got four to

five framing nails per time this unit would recover that’s obviously not going

to work for a framing job but if you did have to go in small area very quick it

could be used secondarily you could use this to fill up tires if you’re on the

road and traveling one of the things that I always find if you’re hauling a

trailer this is nice to have you that you have a tire that’s going flat

you’re in the middle of the expressway you need some hair this unit will

provide it so I think there’s a lot of different reasons people will purchase

this unit might even be just to take it on a trip camping blow up some of those

inflatables it’s it’s priced at 299 with a battery and with the charger so it’s

not that far out of reach and it’s not that expensive for what it is if you

want to keep it around home it’d be great for your pumping up bike tires and

just generally doing small items that you would need there without having to

have a very large compressor this is not going to run an impact wrench it’s not

going to run a lot of die grinders or a lot of pneumatic tools because they’re

gonna need a little bit more than one-point-two SCFM but overall this is a

nice unit that’s fairly quiet and has a lot of rubber on the bottom stopping the

vibration from going through to whatever it’s sitting on now internally Dewalt

says there’s a cooling system inside so we pulled off each of the covers on the

side just to see what is in there and we found on one side one of the hoses that

feeds the tank from the pump has a factory clamp on it over time sometimes

those factory clamps will fail you can always fix that very easy with a screwin

type hose clamp on the other side you can see the fan that blows air across

the motor remove the fan just to see what’s behind it you can see that the

motor is back there along with some other electronics to keep things in

check overall using this you know that it will get hot over some period of time

even the tank so we highly suggest that you drain the air in the tank after use

you will find that there’ll be a small area of condensation after you drain it

on whatever table it’s on I would think that over time I would keep a lot more

oil in my nailers using this small of a tank right now there are very few

manufacturers with a battery operated air compressor but Dewalt is by far

leading the pack with this unit you know two minutes is a long time to pump up

from 0 to 135 psi but if you think about the time that you’d have to drag a cord

in or the time that you’re saving using this just with the battery I think it’s

going to be worth it to have now the other thing to be said is how long is the battery

last and what we found here is that you could pretty much run this unit almost

all day if not maybe nine hours it’s all going to depend on what you’re using so

if we were going to just use this in the shop for Brad nails while it would

continually run more than what we would like you’re gonna easily get all day out

of it in our testing we were able to drain the battery but we were just

pushing this thing constantly and sometimes even just leaving the petcock

in the back open to have it run to see how long the battery would last

Dewalt claims up to 1220 Brad nails that’s a lot but at the same point it’s

all gonna depend on what nail gun you’re using in everything how that’s gonna

play out I think that this is going to work well for most people it’s going to

give you an option and I think that’s what a lot of people want is the option to go cordless.

Source : DEWALT DCC2560T1 FlexVolt 60V Max 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit Review

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