DeWalt Air Compressor Kit DW1KIT18PP Review

DeWalt Air Compressor

Today I’ve got a nice little compressor set well I hope it’s pretty nice

I guess got this one sale from Home Depot picked it up for 180 bucks

so yeah this is the the womp heavy duty compressor combo kit obviously it

includes the compressor itself a nail gun the host and it looks like it’s got

the quick disconnects already built on to it so let’s open this guy up and see

how we like it alright guys so here is everything that

was in the box and I gotta tell you I’m loving the colors of this thing if you

guys know me I’m a big Dewalt fan but these colors and everything just looked

me in tastin let’s look at the actual compressor itself first it says it’s a

max maximum of 165 but I would never go that high just for a small nail gun like

this but yeah it does have the quick-connect on it which is cool got

two of them obviously you can run two hoses you got your gauges here aren’t

the biggest in the world but they’re still very bright clean and very

readable so that’s cool one off switch right there on top which

is cool more at the wallet badging there’s the top of it nice handle here

it is a big thick handle and yeah it’s nice you got your cord back here of

course exhaust back here and more stickers and all that junk it does have

rubber feet on it which is cool I know some of the cheaper models don’t have

the rubber feet want to see you’re just setting the metal right on the ground

and once it vibrates its annoying as hell man but uh yeah here’s where the

hoos goes and then you got your release here your air release now I’m sure you

guys most you guys know but always released that at the end of the day you

never want air sitting in your tank especially more than a day or two it

could rust out and then you know obviously blow a hole through it but yes

oops so partners the tank looks nice beautiful double yellow and black of

course but yeah that’s cool now the hose that comes with it once again it’s

pretty nice it’s not the hard plasticky kindness actually feels

nice good thick rubber I was just reading and it looks like it’s a 300 psi

I’m once again I would never use 300 psi on this hose you know I would buy one

specifically made for for that to handle 300 psi but for what I’m using it for

you know I mean hundred twenty hundred fifty would be more than enough for me

does have the quick-connect on it as well obviously but you know once again

comes in a nice bright yellow as well which is cool yellow and black for the

wall and that finally we get to the gun itself the gun looks very nice let’s

check it out I forgot to mention to you guys it does obviously include all the

directions in all event you get your some testing nails with them comb does

come with the belt look if you want to attach this obviously just put it on you

can hang on your belt I think these are very annoying and they always get in the

way so everybody but the gun itself once again beautiful Dewalt a yellow and black gorgeous it

does have a swivel here which is cool like I said on some of the cheaper

models it just stiff and doesn’t move at all I love this man cuz I get into some

plant spaces so that this is great for me I love having a swivel it does have

rapid-fire action if you want to switch modes you know where you can just bump

it and have it fire at the same time it will do that open this guy up here in a

second there’s the other side as well it does have the rubber bump stop wound

or whatever you call that piece there it’s nice the weight distribution is good

it doesn’t feel top-heavy your bottom heavy and actually just feels just right

guys this is pretty nice it’s pretty nice gun one thing I did notice that I

don’t like is you cannot change the exhaust I mean not that big of a deal it

is down here and on the inside I don’t know if I’m gonna pick that up very well

but if you can see it there so you know when you’re kneeling like this the air

shoots out this way which isn’t bad so it’s still far and away from you it’s

not you know blowing the exhaust in your face every time you pull the trigger

which is cool speaking of the trigger it’s pretty nice it’s got a little bit

of push to it you know I mean it’s not just do so it you can feel it being

depressed so that’s cool what’s up yeah so here’s the gun itself like I said you

get everything in here guys it’s a pretty complete manual as well about the

gun and how to use it how to use the setup and how to use the rapid fire all

of that good stuff manual for the compressor as well tells

you all that good stuff and the hoos so uh so far so good guys I’m gonna power

this thing up and see how that goes but so far I’m pretty happy especially with

the heart eighty dollars so stick with me and we’ll do a quick review of it

alright so I’m getting ready to fire this thing up and see how loud it

actually is now I know this isn’t like a quiet one or anything so I’m expecting

it to be pretty freaking loud but two things I did want to mention first of

all about the hose it is a 50 foot long hose so that’s pretty generous um I was

expecting a 25 foot in one of these um you know setups that comes with

everything or whatever and like I said before guys it is a pretty nice hose and

a 50 foot one so that’s pretty cool and this one here I also I don’t know if I

mentioned or not but it’s four five eight two two one and 1/8 size nails in

it so yeah pretty good range but anyway you can also adjust I was thinking the

UM that this was the depth but it’s not under here you can see the little round

wheel here where you can adjust it I don’t think I’m gonna be able to pick it

up very well but yeah you can see in this was for the rapid-fire setup not

the depth guide so yeah let’s turn this thing on and blow out her eardrums I’m

back here on my little back porch so we’re gonna go ahead and fire it up here

we go not you not bad luck home laughs louder than them does have a little rattled

something not set up right because I’m not building up any pressure so let me

figure out what’s going on and get right back all right there we go

found the source of the problem the what I thought was the little drain lever is

a little on-off switch I don’t know if I’m gonna pick it up

guys but there’s a little one off switch here and I need to tank right here and

it was stolen off so I had to turn it on and off this here is your actual drain

trigger to drain the air out of the tank there so yeah it’s it’s not too loud

like I said the last little compressor they had was a little louder than this

one but this one does take a little bit longer to fill up it took me maybe three

minutes to get it up to about 115 actually about 110 I think see here so

let’s fire a couple and see how it does see how straight the gun actually suits

and we’ll take it from there so we got the believe there’s one inch

nails in it right now which is what it came with in the package so we’ll go

ahead and fire a couple here do a little piece of wood known as you can see it

didn’t sink them all the way because uh it didn’t and actually went in pretty

good and I had to set up – um not countersink very much so maybe there’s

just a lot of air going through there on this soft spine as well so I’m gonna

actually gonna back it out a little bit and see how it does from there ain’t no

you and turn it this knob right there for me turn it towards the compressor

mm-hm you feel it moving mm-hmm alright that’s good for now well let’s try

we tried backing out a little bit so

honestly that looks about the same as these first couple I’m gonna try it a

little bit more actually turn that knob again move it let’s see where we are

man this is some really soft fine so it’s just sinking these things right in

well I mean it’s a little bit better but I’m sure if I wound this thing you know

all the way out but I don’t want to do that because I like to countersink these

anyway but uh yeah that’s a little better they’re almost right at the top

maybe a 30 second sinking it but yeah that’s pretty good and I can feel the

exhaust coming out like I said down here is where it was coming from right here

is where the air shoots out from the exhaust you know it’s not annoying or

doesn’t get in the way or anything like that let’s see here shooting some at an angle

and yeah these are stuck way up more now that there’s some resistance to it

because of this piece of wood here so I will sink that back down for sure giving

me three or four turns now let’s try that again

yeah counter sunk attendant get in the way so I can even go a little more than

that but yeah it’s pretty nice man I’m like I said I don’t I don’t really feel

the exhaust or anything like that sink some pretty good well you said it feels

good in the hand I like the weight distribution unlock if anything it’s a

little bit heavier at the top up here which is what I like you know I mean you

don’t want it down here and throw your way off so but yeah feels good in the

hand guys this the handle isn’t very comfortable it’s not like a rubber it’s

more of a plastic feel to it so I can see you know if you’re firing hundred

and fifty two hundred shots at a time it might get a little bit uncomfortable but

it’s not heavy uncomfortable just you know it doesn’t have the greatest grip

in the world got some yeah overall still feels good um another weird thing is it doesn’t

like push down here I mean you basically just set it on a bun now I believe I

can’t do something do I control that as well I have to read the manual about

that but Barnes straight yet man angle buds oh yeah like I said the only two

things I really don’t like not a big deal about the exhaust cuz I don’t feel

it the handle is not very comfortable I wish maybe it had some kind of a

a rubber grip to it and it would feel a lot better in my hand bugged off I don’t

know I might be able to wrap a home cushion around it or something like that

but because I do use nail gun a lot in the stuff that I build so um pressure

I’ve fired maybe what 1012 shots that lose too much but and like I said the

compressor is not very loud it’s not too bad at all and a lot louder once but it

does take a little longer to fill up for sure um as far as everything else

obviously I don’t hear any leaks or noises or anything like that so seems

good to go guys um I didn’t fire anything bigger than what I have now

and I can’t remember if I told you yes it does shoot from 5-8 to 1 and I mean 2

and 1/8 so we’re good to go well I guess that’s about it I think

that’s the whole review guys so far so good like I said I’ve only had it for

one day I tried to show you what I could about it and about the actual compressor

itself not very noisy at all it’s kind of quiet um takes a while to fill up but it seems ok

the hose is very nice hose for you know something that comes with a kit and I’m

pretty surprised to the nail guns pretty nice as well so like I said guys for a

hundred eighty bucks I’m pretty happy so far maybe I’ll do an updated review in a

month or so and see how I like it after then.

Source : DeWalt Air Compressor Kit DW1KIT18PP

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