Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor Pancake Review

6 Gallon Air Compressor

Hey guys welcome back to all its product review in today’s explanation guys we’ll be

reviewing a small compressor 6 gallon bank a compressor by the wall right here

this is let me start by this is one of the best little air compressor I ever

ever owned in my life it’s a really good compressor we’ve been using for over six months

ok it’s very light I’m going to pull in the scale on a little bit so you can see

how light it is but those are the characteristics here it feels all the

way to 165 I looked into other brands and most of them go at the most 150

which 15 15 psi makes quite a bit of difference especially for what we’re

building in 6 gallons 20 2.7 liter self and the other who is tingle and all the

bodies it’s very very quiet compared to the other ones the odd the other

compressors you can hear that are a low noise really noisy compressor when it’s

running this thing it’s it’s that soft noise it’s not so so noise it’s not so

loud so it’s definitely ok even if you work in a house or something if you are

remodeling or anything like that it’s a 2.6 ok you can see CFM at 90 psi

you have the regulator guy here this is the gate that shows you the actual

temperature and this is the regulator pressure you have two outlets

that’s very good design because you can connect two different houses if you’re

using two different tools but this is the knob that you use okay to adjust the

regulator and you have a bleed valve on the bottom right here rocking on and off

that you can empty the water out of it it’s all the way empty now another thing

is it has a safety valve right here blow above so if for some reason it doesn’t

stop at 165 I don’t know what exactly it’s added but it’s supposed to kick it

out okay so it’s not going to explode and kill you

stay with us I’m going to turn it on and see how long it’s going to take to fill

it up all the way he can see it’s empty now all the way to zero so we can we can

see how long it’s going to take and how how loud it is actually so you can hear

it yourself so I’m going to turn the stopwatch on and turn the compressor on

after that okay it’s going so two minutes a night now let’s see what we got

110 pointing psi so now Pat it out this to me is the first minute it was at

about 65 and it’s still feeling right now it’s 222 so let’s see how long it’s

going to take to get to 165 three minutes and 55 seconds and it’s about

165 almost to 174 all the way so we even use it with a big impact it has enough

enough power to run it for probably about 20-30 seconds so what would job

like that it’s perfect also we use it okay you can see this is

the other two channels that we have you guys check them out we use it to rebuild

hockey that BMW will paint the front and on the Beamer we painted the defenders

on this Mercedes okay right here 2014 that will gather the car auction you can

check it out on our repair guys we painted the bumper and the fender on

this side with this compressor now for a fender bumper it works great for a hood

of that size we’ll be using it today you still dig but depending on the Honda gun

that you’re using you may run a little bit low on air you might have to wait a

minute or two until between coats especially so it gives your bottle before you proceed

so we painted the head and you can see on this time the dog as well fenders Bob

and there’s in the bumper without compressor guys and that’s our finishes

or that Mercedes guy here 2014 so for let me see for the fenders and the dog

in the bumper it was great for the hood he did work out but it was struggling

for air so what we had to do just go a little bit slower so you split a little

bit you stop for about 20 seconds let it build some pressure and go again

definitely how recommend that if you need it for a small job and you you

don’t need a bulky compressor to take space because we don’t have enough space

we don’t use it every day but once in a while and it works great for us.

Source : Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Comrpessor Pancake

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