Demo Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Control 90195

Prodigy P3 Brake Control

Today we’re going to review part number 90195 this is the tekonsha prodigy p3 proportional brake

controller this proportional brake controller will activate your trailer

brakes and a proportion to your vehicle’s braking action it’ll

automatically adjust your trailers braking based on the deceleration of the

tow vehicle and it activates immediately so there’s no pausing like with your

time delayed brake controllers it does have an automatic leveling ability

because there’s an internal sensor on the inside which will detect

deceleration even if the controller is not mounted flat you can position this

in a 360 degree range and a vertical plane you do probably want to mount it

to where you can see this display though horizontally you do want to keep it

parallel to the direction of travel horizontal and parallel so you don’t

want it to be this way or like that so pretty much like this but 360 degrees

whatever you want on the inside there are five storable settings which will

let you customize the controller for multiple trailers varying loads are

different drivers you can store display settings break type language preferences

and desired boost level and power levels this button right up here is the boost

level button there has three boost levels you can set it at b1 b2 and b3

it’ll let you adjust the initial braking power and aggressiveness so as you go up

in levels it’ll increase the boost level because if you’re gonna be towing a

heavier trailer or bigger trailer heavier load you’ll want to have a

higher boost level just by pushing this button you can change that this

controller has a continuous diagnostic check alert our diagnostic check which

alerts you to any potential problems it does have some integrated safeguards

which will protect your vehicle your trailer and your brake controller a few

of them are it’ll minimize the drain on the car battery by drawing only 3 point

6 milliamps when not in use and it’ll prevent the trailer brakes from

overheating by reducing the power output to them when you’re on the brakes during

prolonged stops and it will help the brake controller and the trailer

breakaway system against any shorts does have a customizable easy to read LCD

display right here let you choose the color of the display

adjust the contrast and pick from different languages yeah on the bottom

here you can see it has a built in rotary style manual override lever this

is used in emergency braking situations where you do want the brakes to apply it

be applied immediately on the back here is a nice quick disconnect feature so

when you plug your wiring harness in snaps right in or you can unsnap it this

will let you easily remove and store your brake controller when not in use or

if you’re going to move it to another vehicle now if you do move it to another

vehicle we do recommend to purchase another wiring harness and mounting

bracket that way it’ll make it easier when you move this from vehicle the

vehicle to just plug it in now this brake controller does come with the

wiring harness it has the plug on this end it plugs into brake controller the

other end are the bare wires to connect to your wiring in your vehicle comes

with this type of mounting bracket if you prefer to use also comes with this

type which would just slide in and snap into place and then you could mount this

to the vehicle, also comes with the mounting hardware

for the mounting brackets and some butt connectors to connect the wires to your

vehicle’s wiring harness and the last feature has a nice pouch nice nylon

coated pouch with a hook and loop fastener so that you can store your

brake controller in there close it carry it with you and it is nice interiors

very nice and soft to protect your brake controller now what I want to do is

we’re gonna plug this wiring harness in and hook it up to some power source to

be able to show you some of the LCD display and just what some of the

features might be so let me just get these four wires hooked up here so we

got some power to the controller and last wire here there we go

all hooked up now we’re just going to plug in the harness and I’m going to

turn the power on with the power and you’ll be able to see it comes on and

says tekonsha p3 hit any button so we just hit this one now it shows you to

display the zero point zero is the power display very bottom corner here it says

e that would mean electric setup for electric brakes you can go in and change

that to where it’ll say H for electric over hydraulic up above that it’s as t1

so this is for a trailer one story we’ve mentioned yet five storable settings so

you can go t1 all the way up to t5 up here just shows the vehicle tow vehicle

and a trailer hooked up up in this top corner there’s nothing showing now but

when you push this boost button you can see it says set boost level 1 it’ll say

B 1 hit it again it’s B to hit it again B3 it again it’ll turn the boost off so

right there’s your boost button that’ll put it to whatever boost level you want

down here is a menu button you can hit this it’ll pull up the menu it shows you

you can change the display the brake tight or even has a help exit out of

there over here is up and down buttons when you set your power what you can do

is just push one of those and it’ll show 6.0 if you go down five nine five eight

and go up so if we set it at 6.0 then what will happen is once that screen

let’s exit out of here now we had that power set at 6.0 so when you push your

manual override as you can see it’ll go all the way up

to the 6.0 that’s what you set your power rating at so when you push that

that’ll give you your full power it ramps up to all the way full power then

it was your boost setting and again there’s just a few more displays it’ll

say this is an exit button that you can use to exit out of there hit your menu

again go up or down it shows you too many different features very nice easy

to use and it also shows you any diagnostic checks you can do on your

hook up the show if there’s any shorts or anything but that should do it for

the review on part number 90195 the tekonsha prodigy p3

proportional brake controller does come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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