DBPower 12V Portable Air Compressor Review

12V Portable Air Compressor

I want to show you another DBPower portable tire inflator that I picked up

now you may say Pete didn’t you just review one yeah you know I did because

I’m going to open this sucker up it’s a it’s a DC power player and one of the

reasons is that I like having multiples of these because a lot of you might have

multiple cars and the place I like to keep them is in the trunk of a car

because you never know when you’re going to have a flat tire or a low tire or

something like that and even if the tire has a slow leak sometimes just filling

up the tire you know it’s good enough even though it’s going to continue to

leak to get you to safety so this one’s kind of cool too but man it’s kind of

kind of funky looking alright so got the compressor there it does come with your

little inflatable Slater accessories here so what we do have is this little

Ziploc bag with a a needle for filling up footballs basketball so sex-linked a

very conical tube for filling up play tables and then the kind of them

stubbier flatter one for play tables as well so you do have all of these and

actually has a pretty good variety of them too so whether you’re inflating an

air mattress or pool toys or things like that you should be able to take care of

that no problem construction book in the box – but who what real man uses

instructions then if we take a look at the unit itself it’s kind of like oh man

it’s kind of funny I mean it’s cool it’s you know and it’s like cloverleaf type

oh look it kind of looks like one of those conference room Starcom phones

speaker phones it has some rubber feet here on the bottom they’re kind of a

very hard rubber so I don’t think they’ll be super grippy but that’s kind

of nice to be able to put it on the ground like that and then you have

almost like inventing there and this cable you know the power cord the DC

power cord looks like it wraps up around equal feet looks and then the plug

itself looks like it just snaps in there so you can keep it all together here and

you know it does kind of pack up nicely I don’t know if there’s a place for

these yet will kind of look because it’d be nice if there is a little pocket or

something where you put those in there on that on the outside you have this cut

around there and this is where your inflator hose is and so as you can see

it’s kind of tucked in the side here so if I pull it out and it’s wrapped all

the way around so the packaging is pretty clever about two feet long

and it’s a braided hose and that’s kind of more of that traditional style or the

kind of the older school style connector that I’m used to where you kind of put

it over the valve and then you lock it down with a little lever here that kind

of tightens it around it so a little school you don’t need the threading per

se but this is the one I used a lot when I was inflating things as a kid just

cool and then on the front we have looks like a power switch right here very

physical power switch and then we have our plus and minus and then a little LCD

screen there so what we need to do is figure out if this thing will really

inflate a tire so let’s go out fill up a flat tire

sorry guys so I’ve got my DB power air compressor plugged in and into the

twelve volt of my GMC Terrain here you can see backlit LCD here and it’s

showing me the pressure that the holes would detect which should be nothing

right now in psi this little R is kind of the mode or NSF the measurement of

pressure so it’ll scroll through a bar till a Pascal I think and kilograms per

centimeter Q squared I guess I don’t us any of those so I just use psi and then

you can use these buttons here to set a higher or lower pressure so I’m going to

go up to 35 and then this button right here will turn the the compressor on or

off so it’s awful right now zero and it’s going to turn on as soon as I

hit that one so I’m going to put this kind of traditional hold on to eval here

really easy to install and you might be able to see here that it’s reading 32

and a half pound so it should add a little air pressure and turn it on

because it was close to 35 it’s going to run up there pretty quickly

and it shuts off actually it looked like it got up to 36 and it kind of shut off

so that’s kind of nice it over and place a little bit just hit the power button

off again unhook it put your valve cap back on and voila TV

power air compressor Manas is the thing definitely work nice kind of compact

design the hose fits all the way around throw this in the trunk of your car you

know your your bicycle bag of equipment or whatever might be and it’s pretty

cool I love it there’s definitely going to terms of one

of my cars and I will use this nxm them on the road DB power compressor Peter Vaughan panned out.

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