DBPOWER 12V DC Lowes Portable Air Compressor Review

Lowes Air Compressor

Today I’m going to be reviewing a product courtesy of a company called DB power today the

product in question is an air compressor this particular air compressor is

designed to be portable plug up to the 12-volt outlet in your vehicle and has multiple outputs

that you can configure on the device and is good up to a maximum pressure of 150

psi according to the manual the power plug is 3 meters long the air hose is 20

inches long in the center we have the on/off power button as you can see right

here and we’ve got the psi scale right up here going in further reveals that is

a few more specifications to take into consideration the full load current is

10 amps the test at standard pressure is 42 psi continuous working hours 10

minutes and that’s important to note right there you’re not supposed to use

this device for more than 10 minutes at a time so keep that in mind looking

forward the operation temperature which is important to note is negative 20

degrees Celsius to approximately 60 degrees Celsius so you don’t want to use

the product outside of that range of temperature now that we’ve gone over

some technical specs let’s actually take a look at the device itself here you’ll

see it has a compartment to talk away that big three meter cable and in here

you also see the adapters that will go on the nozzle these adapters allow you

to connect a particular different things I know this big thing this big metal one

is particularly good for inflating things like basketballs and stuff like

that but let’s move around to the other side and you’ll see there’s another

recess in the device where you can store what would be I’m sorry it’s a little

cumbersome with one hand the cable that plugs up to your car

well if you’ve ever used any sort of device that pumps or inflates you should

be pretty familiar with this type of setup in order to release you have it

sticking out words you put this over the little protruding nozzle on the wheel

and then you close it and it clamps it shut one thing I can tell you right away

is it feels like I’m going to lose these little adapters if I just leave it

sitting in there like this there’s no way to securely place them in the device

without worrying about them falling out so you might want to find a better spot

to keep these for future reference somewhere in your vehicle now since this

product is really aiming at being portable so you could keep it in your

car in case of an emergency this is what we’re going to be testing the product on

specifically is the vehicle so when using this product for your vehicle it’s

important to remember that the specifications for the psi of each of

your tires is already predetermined by the manufacturer of your vehicle and can

often be found just inside the door handle so for me the front and rear

tires should be a 29 psi so that’s what we’re going to be aiming for so in the

back of my vehicle I have a 12-volt outlet and this is the wire for the

compressor and as you can see we’ve got plenty of distance on it just be more

than capable of trying to pump up the tire right here I’m going to let out a

little bit of air and we’re going to compress it back up alright so as you

can see I’ve let some air out of my tires and I’ve also got my car running

so that we don’t wear out the battery the air compressor is hooked up and we

are sitting at a little under 25 psi remember we want to get to about 29 now each step marked

on this air compressor is 5 psi so 1 mark above 25 psi is 30 psi so we’re

going to try and get right on that mark above the 25 March let’s go ahead and

turn the device on okay so we’re sitting at just under 30

psi or about 30 psi and you remember we needed to be a 29 psi for my front and

rear tires according to the specification set by the manufacturer of my vehicle

we were down below 25 psi when we started and popped it back up pretty quick

taking a visual inspection of my tires everything appears to be fine so I’m

going to say that the the Vice here seems to work pretty well so right now

I’m going to go over my final thoughts on the product here the cord is

definitely long enough to be able to pump up any of the four wheels on my

vehicle now I have a 12-volt outlet in the back of my vehicle and one in the

front which means that I’ll always be able to get to it with this three meter

cord the cable used right here for the actual air she was pretty well made

everything seems sturdy I don’t think anything’s going to break

although the plastic on here just kind of make it feel cheap better remember

plastics are generally pretty good nowadays compared to where they used to

be and because of it not being all-metal it shouldn’t have any sort of corrosion

problems or rusting problems once again these little attachments are good for

some extra things but ultimately you’re going to want to store them in a

different space for what it’s worth this product was pretty inexpensive and I

think it’s you know pretty good actually I used to carry something like this in

my vehicle just in case of emergencies a long time ago and I stopped carrying it

because it was actually kind of bulky and really didn’t fit well in my storage

areas of my vehicle but I do like to have stuff on me just in case you know

better to have it not need it than to need it and not have it this is one of

those devices that I can see definitely being under that category of you know

just in case because you carry jumper cables in your vehicle generally a lot

of people still carry spares in the vehicle like I do I don’t see any reason

why I wouldn’t carry something like this as well it falls under that same kind of

category so given all of that yeah okay it doesn’t feel like a super premium

product but functionally it works quite well so that being said yeah I would

personally say that this product is something that if I had to purchase

again for another vehicle I would probably be comfortable purchasing it again.

Source : DBPOWER 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Review

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