Craftsman Air Compressor Parts Repair

Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

Okay it’s very windy here I’ll try and keep the noise down today we’re going to

try to repair this model nine one nine one five three one three one craftsman

air compressor I’ve already gone ahead and taken the covers off actually

they’ve mostly fallen off over the years I was contemplating going down to the

local the local import store we’ll call it hardware store buy a new compressor

for about a hundred dollars with a coupon or I could try I guess there or I

can try to repair this one and there are kits available for the craftsman so I’ve

gone ahead and ordered the the sleeve here the piston and the o-ring seem to

be the most popular parts I don’t have this gasket but I do have to take the

head off then what daaad to replace that I might point out the problem we’re

having is it would only build up to about eighty pounds the noses on the

last project it was running and running and running and never getting up to

power just even sound good so this is some literally and replace on this was

this check valve here and this pipe here I think I use something from an old

kitchen kitchen sink faucet or something let’s go ahead and finish taking this

head off okay so far after loosening I just had to pull this straight out

there’s our reeds in there which I know folks have replaced but I think that’s

our we may not even have to go near what I do have to take separate because

that’s the sleeve we have to replace pissed replacement part this was under $40 30

something I’m sorry to say Sears wide almost double that price

although the diagrams are helpful the pricing siding away instructions I guess

this is a number of manufacturers I don’t know who the OEM that this

compressor was but the tanks as Phoenix Phoenix sa 181 us a okay we have to

remove the valve plate here which is where the gasket is so I’m going to

leave it on the wood stove here a minute let it get nice and warm try to just hit

it with a throw those plastic hammers and see we can separate those yeah

although it does say to separate these halves to change the o-ring I’m not

going to go in there I gave it a couple taps with the plastic hammer and I’m

sure I could pry it and get it apart but if it’s not broken I’m not going to fix

it and I don’t have the air intake replacement part anyway that was quite

that was quite prohibitive cost wise that’s the only reason I would need to

separate this so I’m just going to clean it up with some steel wool and but you

put the new o-ring on and go change out the sleeve the reeds look okay I have no

reason that ok that cleaned up pretty nicely and I’ve gone ahead and unscrew

this and this doesn’t seem to be giving us any problem either I do have to get

that bearing out of there though I think, we only have to loosen this and slide it

off I’ll take it out we get a new one with our replacement anyway single in comparison of our new

sleeve and our parents leave in the old piston connecting rod supposed to be new

and improved I gather and we had no trouble getting the the blower in color

whatever call it off okay it says place it to the edge push with the engine that

is a torque sleeve okay the one mistake I made you install them as one piece yesterday

okay so nothing’s a discrepancies position locating mark towards motor I

don’t have one of those and the other thing this one has a mark the old one

the old one has this ring that was underneath it do I put the ring on do I

leave it absent this one doesn’t she doesn’t show it I’m gonna put it in

there so I’ll take it off again it goes right in between these things they don’t

tell you okay I’ve gone ahead and installed a little washer thing under

the cylinder okay so here we are all put back together and go plug this in and

see how it goes alright let’s turn it on and see what happens

you where is perfect we’ll wait a few minutes to see

this holes now there you have it being made in USA kind of lends you to the the

fact that you can get parts for it because I know someone that tried to

call the hob afraid to get a piece for their compressor and they were like we

don’t have any parts of of those so this you buy new one attitude has been going

on for too long this will be as good as new.

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