Craftsman Air Compressor 33 Gallon Review

Craftsman Air Compressor

All right guys just wanted to show you new air compressor so this right here

is a craftsman it’s 165 psi 1.7 horsepower electric air compressor in

this oil is look down here you’ll see that it has 6.8 SCFM at 40 psi and 5.1

SCFM at 90 psi it has two gauges on it one for your tank pressure which is

right here and one for your tools right here here’s the regulator knob here it’s

a dual port so you can run two tools off of this air compressor at the same time

right over here is IG’s on/off switch you also notice that it has nice hat two

handles to easily move it around the shop if you have two and actually works

really well, I’m down here these look like I don’t know maybe eight

inch wheels they’re all rubber they look very nice if you see here this actually

did not come with the air compressor this is something that I installed on

here because the release valve which is I’ll show you in a few minutes is like

really small and it’s in the middle underneath the tank and was really hard

to get to so what I did was I used a 90 elbow two of them along with the six

inch male to male threaded pipe Plus this ball valve here and all the pieces

are 1/4 in size right here you have rubber feet and there’s not really much

on the back on here right under here this right here

unscrews this is the air filter and this is where it actually pulls air in to the

air compressor it runs off of a 120 volt so your regular house wall outlet and

that’s pretty much it so let me show you the ball valve I’m sorry let me show you

the release valve as far as where it’s located so you see right here this is

what I installed right here and I used a gas teflon tape to seal this up since

it’s literally air going through and since gasses you know air I figured that

would work better in sealing this so the ball valve works really good actually

about Chester the valve then should go pen pressure still in there okay I

didn’t expect that okay all right so you see the ball valve

works really good I did turn it on to test it out and it takes about just under 10 minutes

okay I got to do this with two hands hold on okay it actually weighs 140

pounds and you need two hands in order to lift it up 149 pounds actually so

what I was saying I did allow it to pressure to fill up to 165 psi and it

took about just under 10 minutes and at first I thought that was a lot of time

but when I did research on air compressors that were similar in tank

size they are were around that so I don’t say okay well then I guess it’s

just some I’ll have to you know what I need to use I just know

first plug it up let it pressurize while I get my tools out let me plug it up for

you so that you can actually hear it’s actually really quiet as well compared

to my old compressor so I’ll turn it on so you can actually hear it

start with it aloud and actually you know what this court

here yeah it’s actually a secretary and I could feel it so there you go so what

I’m going to do now is it’s only got I don’t know maybe 10 psi in there

something like that so I’m going to open the valve here since it works really well when I

installed it I didn’t get a chance to test it check it for leaks I did turn

the compressor back on let it fill back up and within three hours went down a

five psi but I’m not sure if it’s because the outside temperature we’re

here in the garage was about 40 degrees so and I know the air that was in the

tank was was on the warmer side because I can feel it the warmth on the tank

when I had first pumped it up so I got to use some water and soap and spray on

the connectors just to make sure of that so the reason why I bought this is my

brother because I have a cobalt air compressor which I’ll show you right now

so this is my cobalt air compressor this is the first air compressor that I’ve

ever owned and I love it it’s me working on both of our vehicles really easy

doing restoration work on our minivan replacing rusted out door panels and

rocker panels you know I’ve been able to use a DA sander my impact wrench my air

ratchet you know all those tools that don’t require a lot of CFM the cutoff

wheel didn’t really work well because the SCFM on here as you can see is 4.0

at 90 psi this one is 150 max psi is 1.8 horsepower engine this is also all this

compressor and it’s eight gallons so this is servi well I haven’t had any

issues or anything with it but what I needed the craftsman one for is because

I have a plasma cutter now and it requires a higher CFM which this

compressor you know doesn’t have so this one I’m still going to use for small job

like airing up the tires because only takes about a minute or two to fill this

up this compressor is actually louder as well then my craftsmen one my craftsman

one I’ll show you that right now so this one also this one works off of

115 volt as well regular house outlet someone turn this tune on so you can hear

say this one what’s loud, sorry about that guys my phone stopped

recording I didn’t realize it so here are the specs for the craftsman 33

gallon really the only thing that’s not on the tank is the cutting pressure

which is 135 psi and cut out pressure is 165 oh also I forgot to show you this is

the safety valve here so this will open when there’s more pressure in the tank

than 165 so right now have not had a chance to really use it because it just

bought it and if I didn’t mention the price I got it at Sears for 1/4 I’m

sorry for 329 it was on sale original prices for 49 the only thing I did not

like about it was the time it takes for 2 arrow to mass psi which that’s just a

personal preference and the end release valve which is underneath which I fixed

that outside of that I love everything else about it I like the way it looks

you know love the fact that I can wheel it around it’s actually going to be

sitting over here in this space here locked up and also in case you’re

wondering I keep my compressors and most of my stuff covered so what I did was it

should be right here I have a weber grill cover which is for the 22 inch

cover so i’m going to put it on here actually hold on

so you see here you know the you see how it covers it for the most part almost

all the way down so this is what I use and then the plastic that came with that

is right there and it actually covers all the way down to the wheel so I use

both for those to keep it covered when I’m not using it all right.

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