Craftsman 30 Gallon Air Compressor Review

Craftsman 30 Gallon Air Compressor

All right so I just want to do a quick explanation here this is the overview of my

duplex air compressor I had one of these craftsman 150 psi six horsepower 30

gallon six horsepower air right and I needed more air basically and instead of

going out and buying a new compressor I decided I’d look up on Craigslist and

see if I could find a second one of these and just run them in in parallel

so I did just that I found one for sale at a fairly reasonable price it was a

bit of a nightmare because somebody cobbled the cobbled up a rebuild on it

so I just want to go over how how I connected two compressors together in

parallel now one of the things I wanted to accomplish with this is that these

could easily be separated and even used didn’t even just use one at a time I

can’t use two completely separately but I can use what I’ll call the master by

itself and it’s I uh I plugged it here because this valve kind of runs into

that so that I put the T here for a pressure release valve then I just have

my valve here and it runs through that line to another T fitting which goes

into my regulator and then the blue line is my working line for whatever I’m

using and then here’s a quick connect and then it goes over to what I’m

calling the slave compressor and then just another valve another pressure

gauge and there is a pressure relief valve on that tank as well one thing

that your pressure switch does is this little steel line could be plastic could

be whatever go see what’s called your unloader which unloads the line coming

out of your pump so that when it starts back up it doesn’t have to work so hard

to get going so this is where the unloader line comes out of mine so again

use the t fitting and then this this other yellow line here goes on over to

where the unloader would be on the other one so that way when this one on loads

and unloads both come at once and then for electric this is a

12 gauge for conductor wire so I’m running 240 into the switch so switch

switches the 240 and then back here in this outlet this outlet box this is

where it splits off and one you know one side goes up to the to one motor and the

other side goes out to the other motor so here’s the outlet that goes to the

slave and it’s just a simple twist lock outlet and here’s the outlet that goes

into the wall and again using twist locks so here’s the outlet in the wall

and that’s just a four four prong twist lock I guess in theory I could have ru
just a three conductor here but for safety and codes sake I went with the

redundant ground so the the ground and the neutral just go right through the

switch so ground is uh is bound here in the box and up at the motor to mount

this regulator here it was everything was getting pretty long over here so I

just had this the steel here and uh made up a little mount there and one thing I

did that was kind of interesting is these valves are venting valves so it’ll

be really loud here when you close it off it vents the line for you yeah so

instead of using that little petcock that comes on these things get rid of

that thing that’s horrible put some fittings down in there and and

some brass tubing in a ball valve where you can actually reach it and then I did

one better I put some plastic line on a barb fitting and ran it out the door so

I don’t have all that rust on the floor all the time

so when I can just mount these something else I thought of was what would happen

if you left this back tank the slave tank closed and then ran the master down

and then the pup both pumps kicked on what basically happens is the air that

goes through this on loader line just follows the path of least resistance so

it pumps up the lowest tank until the pressure equalizes I guess the only

other thing to do here is the turn-on and that’s the only downside is that it

is incredibly loud alright well that’s my duplex compressor right there.

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