Craftsman 26 Gallon Air Compressor Review

26 Gallon Air Compressor

Now once you spend a good 10 minutes getting the sucker out of the box let’s

just quickly go over what we have here this is a 26 gallon oil free air

compressor the numbers if you’re curious we have 150 psi maximum it’s 1.5 horsepower

again the capacity is 26 gallon the SCFM where the standard cubic feet per minute

is 3.8 and 90 psi and 5.1 at 40 psi some of the features with this sucker now

this happens to be a kit it also includes a half inch drive impact wrench

and a 3/8 drive ratchet it does include 25 feet of PVC hose has two male plugs a

female plug quick connect and sealed tape so all that is included in the kit

this has a 500 hour life you don’t add oil to it throughout the life of the air

compressor there’s no belts no pulleys easy cold-weather start in fact in this

case it’s a 90 volt startup so really a lot of nice features right from

Craftsman if you’re new to air compressors let’s just go over what we

have here of course on top you have your motor and there’s an air filter in here

that you should really check every time you use the air compressor of course you

want clean air coming in to the air compressor and that just makes the whole

system run efficient directly below that we have two gauges this gauge is for the

pressure in the tank and then this gauge is for how much pressure you want going

to the tool or the job that you’re doing so of course you have a regulator here

that adjusts how much pressure you want going to that specific tool and every

tool is different so if you’re standing you’re painting you’re doing auto repair

whatever you’re doing just look at the manufacturer for that specific tool and

they’ll recommend how much PSI you should be doing or you should have for

that application this happens to be a tank safety valve the way that this

works is any excess pressure there’s a valve in here that opens and lets the pressure out

it’s a safety feature that’s all this guy is and then on the bottom every time

where every day that you finished using your air compressor there’s a relief

valve now what happens is condensation will build up on the bottom of the tank

so instead of having that condensation rushed away and deteriorate the metal

there’s a valve you open and that allows all of the condensation to escape and

you always want to do that when you finish with your air compressor for the

day then of course coming over to the side here we have the power cord if you

happen to use an extension cord you want to use something no longer than 25 feet

and make sure of course it doesn’t have this grounding feature with the

extension cord and the gauge should be 12 gauge regarding a break-in period

it’s not required so you just plug this sucker in and you’re ready to go first

step is we need to attach this plug this happens to be a male plug we’ll wrap it

in teflon tape which the kit includes we’ll go ahead screw it on to the air

hose and then this will connect right into the air compressor and we’ll make

sure it’s nice and snug you don’t have to over tighten this but now to the left

of the gauges here you have a quick connector just push in the adapter now

this is completely secured when you’re done for the day just push this in and you get to go then

go ahead plug in the air compressor right here is the on/off switch now also

you want to make sure that the regulator is turned all the way counterclockwise

so it takes around eight minutes to get up to 150 psi that was a quick

demonstration I’ll show this air ratchet I’m not going to do it for very long

just because really this needs to be oiled and the kit does not include the

oil for the air ratchet or the impact gun but just as a demonstration let me

just show you in this case this tool runs at 90 psi so you just adjust the

lever here to around 90 and then we hit the lever and as you can see this works

perfectly okay now when you dump for the day just make sure you turn off the switch here

of course you have to unplug the air compressor and then on the bottom we

have our drain valve close it back up and that’s it.

Source : Craftsman 26 Gallon Air Compressor WITH TOOL KIT

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