Cordless Hand Held Air Compressor Tire Pump with Built-in Gauge

Hand Held Air Compressor

I just bought this for my deal works I got in on Amazon this was one of

the cheapest cordless tire inflator as I could find and all the portable

compressors here seem to be kind of in that $40 range and so I wanted to find

something that wouldn’t necessarily break the bank and this is what I found

and I don’t know if it’s any good but we will you know check it out and try it

out and make our own conclusions now I will say it comes with instructions here

comes with a charger so looks like kind of your standard cordless tool charging

set we do have a wall adapter with the plug and then we also have the same plug

but to a car outlet accessory power port so that you could charge it there so

that’s kind of cool, I want to just plug it in here so it’s

the plugs on the side and then you plug this in the wall and it looks like we

have a little LED light to show if it’s charging it up and then the bottom

battery will looks like it should come out from the compressor here you just

squeezing these two tabs and then we have what looks like a lithium ion

battery 12 volts here pretty standard and then they usually will only go in

one way you can’t put it in wrong I guess all the way down it’ll only go all

the way down in the right way so that’s good and then we can get that charged up

here alright so we do have the battery and I can’t close out and then we have

the pump itself and I’m gonna give you the aerial tour of it kind of looks like

your standard big cordless screwdriver but because it’s a air compressor it’s

it feels much bigger so we have you know the handle to the base you know it looks

like pretty similar to other cordless tools we have a little holder here for a

needle and a cone to inflate inflatable tubes rafts things like that so that’s

kind of nice that they’re at there at the ready I will say that the grip on

the thing is pretty big this is where it starts to feel bigger than other

cordless tools we have some holes here I’m not sure that’s where looks like I think would

think air would get sucked into there well the same design on both sides we

have the trigger yellow plastic I will say the plastic the the yellow plastic

around the whole thing feels a little bit you know cheaper doesn’t feel quite

as robust as like a Makita or a black & decker to me but it seems like it’s fine

I mean I’m sure this isn’t gonna be something heavily abused but just a

little cool cheaper you mean you can see the seams here you can see you know the

fit and finish is not quite as high as it might be on like a Dewalt or

something didn’t expect it to be it says idea works right there but right up here

is where you can feel the mass of what’s going on and there’s usually a motor or

runs a little reciprocating arm that drives the pump and then we have place

where you attach the hose which is right here kind of rides in this like a mohawk

and we have now the two ends so and we’ll go in here and we have like a

twist off cap that will probably compress into when you when you add the

hose attachment so I assume that this is the end the threaded end will go in here

and it seemed like that’s threaded to me it’s just like a rubber nozzle so it’s

really just kind of going in there and you’re kind of you might be able to

twist it in and I guess you would take out the hose for travel making it nice

and compact so and then I’m gonna spin this down and that’s gonna kind of

tighten that rubber sleeve around the hose like that I think

nice big knurling nice big fins on it to get a good grip and then and then you

have a threaded end here which will go you know you can hopefully screw that

down on top of a your typical valve I will say that okay so this comes out so

you have like be a small or thinner valve and then this one looks like that

more typical Schrader valve for screwing on to like a a bicycle tire valve or a wheel like

that like your regular car tiger so I think that’s all you’ll need for that

and then you can also take out if you wanted to take out your needle here we

go it’s in there nice and tight and going to screw into this one it seems

about the right size yeah there we go so that’s the one for that so we’ll just

put that back now I’m just going to go ahead and take the battery and maybe

hopefully guess keep the lanyard out of the way which is nice that it’s there

and just put it on and see if there’s a little power alright so there is so it’s

charged it up a little bit and on this side on the back side you will see a

little pressure gauge which can be really really useful and so it’s showing

you bar on the inside 1 to 11 which is atmospheres I believe and then on the

top on the outer ring and showing you psi so for tires you know car tires

you’ll probably be in the 30 slightly over 30 you know bicycle tires I think

you go up to a 50 or something and you can certainly it looks like go higher

which is pretty cool. Alright the battery seems like it’s almost dead because that’s kind of so I

will have to get this thing charged up put the battery in and this tire is

actually flat it’s kind of holding its shape oh maybe a little bit more than

you might think because it’s just kind of a rigid tire but it does have that

standard tire Schrader valve that I think is gonna be the same as on cars

now I don’t know how to prove it to you that this thing is flat other than I can

here and just kind of squish it in as you can see it’s just started to

compress on the bottom so I just went ahead and hooked this up and I thought

we were to try and see if we can get this tire inflated so let’s give a shot preparatory register

now I know what pressure mower tires are supposed to be at but I can tell you

that this seems like heart is rock now so I don’t know that I want to fill that

up anymore actually, so probably quite a bit less pressure than maybe a car tire I like it being a

little flat and grippy but that was pretty quick so I went from you know

sitting all winter no tire register tire pressure to filling it up you know in about a minute

now a bigger tire obviously it’s gonna take a little longer but this is pretty

sweet definitely feels sounds robust and I think the best deal for a cordless

compressor that I found online.

Source : Cordless Portable Air Compressor Tire Pump with Built-in Gauge by IdeaWorks Review

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