Central Pneumatic Air Compressor 8 Gallon Review

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

We’re going to be doing a first look at the central pneumatic 8 gallon oil

lubricated air compressor this is the Harbor Freight air compressor that I

just bought today and I’m going to do a little assembly off-camera and then we

will you know test it out break it in see how it does replace the oil and then

as you know I’ll give you my opinion of it just some specs on this before they go any further

this is 125 max working psi 2 horsepower and there’s some other stuff it does

have an easy view oil level gauge on it it’s glass we’ll look at that once we

get it all together okay so we’ve got this all together the only assembly you

really do on the east central pneumatic at least this ain’t gallon air

compressor is going to be putting on the handle which as you can see it’s two

bolts on each side and then just simply you know this handle slides braiding the

slot and then you put the bolts in yeah pretty easy and then on the bottom we do

have these little bolts that go through there maybe from the back the bolts just

go through there and then they just tighten on and in case you’re wondering

this does not come with any tools so you will have to supply your own tools it’s

just standard this is an Allen or if you find a similarly sized

ya flat head screwdriver slotted screwdriver you can use that to put it

on just be careful you don’t want to you know strip anything out these are

Chinese ium screws and everything and then the bolts on here this one side

it’s already put together for you so you just need like you know you know

something turned that and then on the inside it’s just a bowl put a little

lock washer let’s see can’t get a better picture of that there you go lock washer

on the inside and then you get your bowl and they are size eleven sixteenths

so what I did was just put my little ratchet on the outside and then I had my

crescent wrench on the inside and you know who hasn’t done that a million times

he just cranked them down a little bit until they go flush you don’t want to

over crank this and start mangling stuff in yes the wheels are designed to have a

little bit of you know play in them they’re not going to go super tight and

you don’t want to over tighten this because that is solid plastic on that

inside of that rubber wheel so you could end up cracking something if you over

tighten this and then other than that there’s there’s not a whole lot going on

here the only other thing we had to put on was up here a little filter and then

besides that you just have to add oil to this before you start messing around and

there he did pressurize this and test it you can tell because there’s a little

air pressure it’s hard to hear but when you pull that you can hear there we go

there was a little air pressure in there and then there’s a bottom release as

well and furthermore you got a little this is actually pretty nice right here

that’s going to be your oil level gauge so I can see there’s a tiny little bit

of oil it’s a yellowish kind of tinted stuff down there so they didn’t want

some oil for this and test it so I know Harbor Freight hasn’t had the greatest

track record I have my ups and downs with them some of the stuff you buy

there is just complete trash and some of it’s actually you know it’s acceptable

for your hobbyist or your person who’s just doing some limited work with it I

mean I myself prefer to buy american-made when I can but in this

case you know I’m gonna be inflating a couple tires and maybe occasionally

running a power air tool I don’t even have any power air tools at this time

but if I do in the future I’ll have something that can at least you know

semi competently do the job this particular line and you know specs of

this particular air compressor it’s going to be for your people who are

inflating tires who are inflating basketballs you know just stuff like

that using airbrush paint and you could do nailing work with this

and I’m sure you could even use some other pneumatic tools this would

probably not work real well for you know refinishing cars or anything heavy-duty

air pneumatic you would definitely want a more complex in compressed Iran there

in a larger tank this one’s right at the cusp and I also did like on here this

handle doesn’t work very nice we can take a quick look at the gauges – the

gauges actually looked pretty good I mean they’re just standard gauges but

compared to some of the older ones I’ve seen some of my friends have these

actually look really nice and here’s there our gauges could turn that on

adjuster here pressure there’s a little connector and then here’s the power cord

of course and then on this side we got our little on/off bar and importantly

there’s our oil drain plug then let’s flip her up real quick so I can show you

okay and then here’s our drain and one thing that I like it’s not a screw valve

like you’ll see on some of those old ones my father’s got one that unscrews and I

know those are like the gold standard but this thing is super easy it’s just a

turn and then and there you go you’re you know you’re draining I mean how much

easier can that get I wonder how well this is going to hold up I think for the

amount I’m truly going to use it it’s going to be fine but I would say being

on the shop floor like this isn’t my garage that might be an issue keeping

that clean you know I have to make sure nothing gets obstructed in there as you

can see it’s just you know a little valve that’s all it is so you’ll

probably want to make sure there’s no dirt or anything in there so they’ll

make the real thing we have to do before we start his adder and I will say and

some of the finishes on here it’s kind of what you expect from you know

hardware for a Chinese quality I mean these are some ugly excuse me I’m just getting over a

cold but I mean look at that Oh God can you imagine I mean I get it’s

rough you know Cass stuff and they’re going for price of here and that for

quality and it definitely shows oh yeah there’s some ugly overspray on

everything the overall paint finishes you know not too bad on the shiny stuff

but holy crap on this cast stuff man this guy must have had a little bit too

much to drink that day at work or gaming hungover cuz he’s got some ugly finish areas and

I just think he was like screwed but man look at that that is ugly another thing

I noticed down here we do us a little bit of no bending going on here but

really how big a deal is that not much I can’t complain for something

that’s you know costing me basically a hundred dollars so I am going to add the

oil in here and then we’ll pick it up with the next one okay guys we have

filled the oil in per the manufacturers directions we’re right there at the half

point a little bit high it looks but that’s fine this is just oil that we’re

going to do the break-in with and if you don’t know the break-in is supposed to

be thirty minutes if you look in the quick set-up guide it’s referenced and

they recommend you fill it with oil to the appropriate level have this thing

fully assembled and then you open up all the regulators and valves let it run for

30 minutes and that’s just to get this engine you know fully lubricated and you

know make sure everything in there has all the lubrication is working properly

before you start putting pressure into it which makes sense and everything I’ve

read online says you know it’s a good idea they tend to work a lot better

after you give them that break-in so they also recommend putting in just an open

after as you can see this is just standard adaptive right here this one’s

going to be just a quarter inch plug and I put that in there and then we’ve

opened this as far as we can that’s open and then at the bottom we also have open

so we’re gonna turn it on and see how loud it is and we’re gonna let this

thing run for thirty minutes and see what happens I’ll turn it on let you

guys hear how loud it is and then hopefully we don’t trick a circuit

breaker or anything for these things are notorious for doing that if you’re using

too long a line like if you have something super far away from your

electrical box this thing draws quite a few amps apparently so we’ll see if we

trip anything then we’ll go from there

alright guys we’re back after 30 minutes of this sitting with that open and we

can see a little frothy in there it looks like no real world guide used it

might be fraught because I just tipped it a little bit so I can get back to the

bottom but I’ve already tightened all the valves on this again and I’m gonna

release a little plug and you know this thing ran there was air coming out of it

and I really didn’t you know see anything unusual there was no smoke so I

was happy about that but it doesn’t look like it really used much oil which is a

good thing this thing was chewing through oil we’d have a problem these

tools do eventually use it so it’s not unusual but I mean it might have dropped

a tiny tiny tiny bit but that oil that’s in there right now it’s just some cheap

throwaway oil I bought you do have to launch the oil you put in these things

it can be 5w30 and you know just straight 5w30 know you know anything

else in there no detergents nothing fancy so if you’ve got extra car oil or

ATV oil don’t use it it will tear apart the insides I’ve read all types of

horror stories about it eating through the caskets and everything in here and

it’ll cause a whole bunch of other issues including some of like that

little window right there where we can view the oil I’ve heard if you use the

detergent oils they slowly start to leak out of there and cause all kinds of

problems so make sure you’re just using standard you know 30 weight oil if you

are going to be using that type of oil with no detergents I bought to replace

there’s my little bottle of the standard you know oil that they give you and then

I bought just at Harbor Freight a little thing of the central pneumatics you know

compressor oil all the reviews online say it’s good stuff and there’s 32 fluid

ounces in there so I imagine we’ll be able to get at least you know one to two

uses out of that thing so we will wait till this cools down

I’ll give it 30 minutes or so and then we’ll train off this old oil

and it will go recycle it and then we’ll add in a new oil and we’ll be all ready to go

I’ve heard that’s the best way to break these things in you know just that first

cycle through gets anything that’s Kompas ibly in their contaminant wise

out will come back with the oil change in just a couple minutes okay guys

you’re back and we’re going to be draining off the oil I did let this cool

down for a lot longer than I intended so I’m not too worried about it though this

is kind of a you know it’s not a super viscous oil it should flow pretty easily

but I’m just gonna connect this up here real quick and then I’ll show you some

tricks and some tips oh there she goes, okay so that wasn’t too bad now one

thing to know because we pulled that bolt out that oil is going to come out

of there and it’s not a lot of oil so it’s not gonna be like in you know a car

or it just goes blue head comes flopping down I imagine it’s gonna have a little

stream but it’s probably gonna stay pretty close so I did kind of

preemptively put a little paper towel down here and what I’m going to do next

is tilt her back towards the wall and loosen this and since it’s uh you know

pretty much loose I think I can almost get it by hand we will then take it out

and then rotate it back and I have a jar you know this is an old motor oil jug

that I recently recycled some oil in and I’m going to it’s empty right now except

for some sludge at the bottom but that’s fine I’m going to use that to catch all

the oil we’ll be taking out of here now we want to leave the drain plug or

sorry the you know cap for the filling in there and then the drain plug was the

one we’re gonna take out first the reason being you know when we take

this out we kind of want to have a little bit of pressure to keep it flowing

you know freely and then when we tilt it all the way back we let the oil drain

out as much as possible and then we’ll take this out I’m sure you could do it

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

time but I don’t know you know based on how far we’re gonna tip this this way I

don’t whole coming back out through the top and making a mess so I kind of want

to keep that you know in there until almost all the oil has been drained off

so I am going to loosen that right now as I told okay so we got this tilted

back now and I am loosening this case you’re wondering this is a three-quarter

inch they got here that’s coming out pretty easy but it’s so much easier when

you only have one hand free to it’ll work with something to use it too like

this and I think just about out all right here we go Looby and that’s got a

lot of material on that it might be it seems like that’s weird it’s like some

type of glue or desiccant they might have used that some type of threadlocker

that’s really strange it’s almost like sandy I mean that’s probably something

to keep you know now that I think about it it did say there was some desiccant

type material in there another reason you do want to run the oil through here

so now we are going to tilt this back this way and start draining off the oil

okay and now we’re coming back and actually somebody noticed if you have a

wide mouth this is just eight you know five quart jug you can actually put this

on here and that way you kind of prevent anything from leaking out of you see we

got a little bit of that that’s million oil coming out of there

and then instead of leaving it like this and letting it slowly dribble out of

there we’re gonna take this and tilt it all the way on a side and actually

gravity do all the work for us so if we get this right we’ll actually be able to

kind of prop it up like that you’re not gonna leave it like that it couldn’t

fall but we’ve done is kind of kind of cold today like I said

there we can’t get a good angle in this but it is slowly flowing out of there

there you can kind of get a little bit of that brownish part right there that’s

all the oil flow another and it’s coming out a pretty good tick I’m you know I’m

happy with that and then when we see the stream slowed down take the plug out to

give a little extra motivation but until I see it really start to slow down let’s

see yeah you know what it’s slowing down quite a bit there wasn’t much oil in here

I mean we put in maybe 8 to 12 ounces something

like that so let’s just take the plug out now so I can show you guys what’s

gonna happen and this thing is just an easy unscrew it’s kind of a gaudy little

thing you think it would have given me something metal but this is just some

team you know abs style plastic I don’t know how that’s gonna hold on and

definitely don’t want to over tighten this thing I mean it already doesn’t

have great workmanship look at that rough that is that guy shut up the were

just completely plastered that day he was working the molds I mean it’s got a

little over him right here so I suppose it’s fine but things you know you pay

for quality and I certainly did not pay for that year then again you can’t

really see that but they just flown out a little bit heavier so we’ll let this

run for you know 10 15 minutes see what happens and then when we come back we’re

just gonna flip her back up fill her with some new oil and we’ll call it a

day all right oil has been drained off it’s about time this thing actually took

probably closer to 20 25 minutes to fully drain then as you can see you’ve

already added oil in there right back where we need to be and the grounds not

super level so it doesn’t look like it’s a little overfilled but it looks like to

me we’re right on target one thing I forgot to mention this little opening

right here it doesn’t really fit sting and Daffy almost four you know like you

would find in a car actually pulled out a bunch of mine and

I’m like okay here’s my filter let’s just slap her and I’m like oh crap

I was like that’s too big I was like I wonder for my little you know speed

filter I’ll fit in there or keep saying filter funnel and I put her up there and

I was like oh geez and luckily I have my real tiny step filter and this thing

does not really fit in there it just kind of barely is you know the right

constriction for that so you got to be you know if you don’t have a funnel the

thing that fills in there I would not recommend trying to just pour this in by

hand you won’t make a mess go slow you do not want to overfill these oil

compressors so you know you might want to get greedy and be like you know look

look look look look and just fill it up as quick as you can but that’s

definitely not the way to go just you know take your time add a

little bit and it does take a little time for it to go from up here trickle

down and through here and then fill up down here on your little gauge at the

beginning it seems like me and I’m adding oil nothing’s happening then all

of a sudden it like creeped up to like there I was like whoa hold back and yeah

just take your time I mean it’s not you know it’s not that competition I wish I

would have measured out how much oil I went in here my container has you know

it’s about a third of the way empty now that 32 fluid ounce one so you know

what’s that about a ten point three ounces something like that so it’s

probably in the neighborhood of you know that amount each time so we’re going to

put that plug back in I pick up these funnels and put them back in my face

and after that well that’s it guys my initial impressions it’s a decent little

compressor it’s gonna get the job done it’s gonna do what I want

we’re putting this plug back in and that’s it for this this was an unboxing

kind of a assembly and then a run-through of the break-in for these

for people who might not know what the break-in period is or the process or you

know how to fill the oil so it’s just kind of a first look with a little

unboxing building and then you know the first impression of this hey guys we are

back with my hair tool so I figured you know let’s still test out this little

you know telescopic tool it’s really easy to work with and why isn’t that

expensive is only a couple bucks but it just pulls right out and then you just

tighten this little you know grommet right here it’s compression fit itself

and then I don’t have a tub pressure in there right now it’s just a couple

pounds but let’s see if we can you know get this thing working and let’s see

what it does holy crap see how it jumps why there’s so much

corrosion here from over the years look at that stuff fly oh man I love

this little tool this is great for like it

I’m driving all the time let’s go back here get some dirt on our battery terminal

that was pretty nice we uh you know I know it doesn’t look clean it’s not

supposed to we were just kind of playing around with this thing

I Drive the highway a couple days you know pretty much five days a week for

about an hour each way so two hours every day I Drive a freeway to get to

where I normally work in yeah I get a ton of dirt in grime from the road and

the winners here in Northeast Ohio there’s just salt and there’s leaves and

there’s rocks and there’s tar and it’s always under construction so that’s a

good idea that clean out that stuff for you and what better time than the present

look at that but cleaned out of holes leaves we got some of that loose debris

that was sitting in here that was fun so you know what let’s actually make this

wrap-up of the pneumatic tool so what is now officially plugged it and used it

for some function and then you know tested that function and it works really

good this thing gets up the pressure super quick my god

I had an old oilless one that that thing that seemed like I would turn it on and

get up to a hundred pounds you swear you’re asking to tell you know take you

doubted in a prom and have her back by 10:30 without a mark on her this thing

just super quick to jump up to fool psi I mean I said that thing to a hundred

and then whoop and I was like oh crap something’s wrong I blew a fuse

I’m gonna tell you guys if you don’t need to spend a lot of money on

something professional-grade or if your guys just starting out on

something that get you a you know through a couple of paychecks until you

can afford something nicer you can get one of those nice ones from Home Depot

Lowe’s or you know whatever catalog you’re gonna wear it from give those

central pneumatics to look they’re actually competent machines not a lot of

maintenance here you know you know if you’re working in a construction or any

type of capacity where you’re using this on a regular basis I do believe they

recommend you change the oil on a monthly or you know ivory you know like

for you know four times a year depending on how much use this is getting for

enthusiasts and you know hobbyist like me it’s a you know once a year project

but give them a look they’re well worth the you know 100 or 150 because I think

they have a couple other sizes if you wanted a larger one on sale all the time

being forewarned at 20{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} off coupons almost always exclude air compressors I

thought I was gonna go in and grab this or like you know 80 bucks and guys like

no he’s like read the fine print right here you see this that you can’t even read

the very bottom that’s where it’s written in you know like French or

Portuguese or something he’s like yep that says compressor and I was like huh

good eyesight okay fair enough hundred bucks good investment I highly

recommend it guys so go out and get yourselves one and let’s you know

yourselves have fun with it and then if it doesn’t work out for you you need a

bigger one or it wears out by all means buy a bigger one or buy a brand-name one

again guys Eman Brent oh five and this was you know the last part my final

thoughts and use for this little central pneumatic air compressor it is the eight

gallon variety and it operates at a max of 125 psi it’s a two horsepower on

there and this is the oiled version.

Source : Central Pneumatic 8 Gal Oil Lube Air Compressor

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