Central Pneumatic Air Compressor 21 Gallon

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor 21 Gallon

Today we are going to be unboxing and doing our first fire up with oil into our

central romantic 21 gallon cast-iron vertical air compressor this one does

require oil they make sure to tell you all over the box with bit little symbols

now I’m just gonna I’ll get you a picture of the front of this it’s 21

gallons it has a 125 max working psi pounds per square inch 2.5 running

horsepower 4.7 SCFM and 90 psi make that square cubic feet per minute I’ll have

to mention it 5.8 SCFM at 40 psi and 93.5 decibel sound level we’ll see how

loud it is here in the garage with it cleaned out a little bit up in here some

echo so I don’t know if I’ll need to build a box and put some foam insulation

that just to kind of quiet it and it runs on 120 volts so we can just plug it

up in the outlet we have and it will run so I’ll get you a picture of this and

then we’ll take it out of the box, okay so the compressor comes double

boxed this box is encased over this and it’s sitting in there in that foam now

to get that out of that foam I had to hold that with my feet and grab worthy

handles in the back there are some nubs with my fingers and lift that would be a

lot easier if you had help to do that and also in with it will attach back

there it has the rubber anti-vibration pads on the front already got the two

wheels here’s the hardware for mounting the handle it’s got a muffler which

we’ll put here it goes right in there and the turnaround hardware real simple

stuff of course the book says make sure you unplug it switch it off before you

do any work to it and of course it’s common sense but you know you don’t think about it

and I got that without like the Start Guide right on there it’s you know it’s

not just in the book is it’s all about my chainsaw if the instructions are

right on there so you don’t have to find them reminders you know hey check your

oil don’t forget it’s got a startup guide here also on the back it has a

typical airline setup the book I glanced through it and they show you how to set

up say have a set of tools that are non lubricated and another tool that do get

lubricated they show you how to set that up depending on if you have a standard

or a base called a lay down style book those through all that and then always

don’t forget read the manual just so you’re familiar with how this

works and the dangers associated with it so that you can be safe using stuff like

this okay so putting this together the fixtures for the wheels nineteen

millimeter the allen head bolts that two on each side that go through the

holes and the rod is threaded those are five millimeter and the muffler the cool

thing air filter is 7/8 now I use the rich not to tighten it but to smug it I

didn’t want to want to mess it up and it has the shape for it so I used it now it

says for start-up to turn the power switch off which they have covered in a

safety tape then once you’re doing anything but hey oil required a little

required so they want you to turn it off and make sure it’s unplugged and we

break it in like this you turn it off you unplug it you insert a mail coupler

right here that’s open and open it open the it says two because they fully open

all regulators and valves then we plug in the power cord we turn it on

so that’s they do not say to add oil I can’t believe it doesn’t say that in the

book if you’re just reading this and you go through it and follow it Wow

seriously, instructions were putting into use okay well they do say read entire safety

information but I can’t believe in the instructions it doesn’t say to add the

oil but we know you have to Wow let’s just uh checking the oil okay and that

tells you in the checking the oil section you have your sight glass here

it has a red circular dot in the middle is where you want to be on the top if

you go on the top of the circle your high over four to go below the circle

you’re allowed it real simple it does say if you’re going to start it

and the temperatures below 32 degrees that you might want to drain the oil and

use a different viscosity than the one that they give you which I think they

said is thirty wait and yeah that’s an SAE 30 wait non detergent air compressor

oil and if you’re going to run it in cold weather spin below 32 use a SAE 10w

non detergent air compressor oil don’t use multi viscosity if doesn’t recommend

that so we’ll put the oil I’m going to read over the entire manual and Guinness

there’s no way that you can run this thing 30 minutes letting the air to go

out and you don’t have hope so it says that everywhere I’m going to do that I’m

just going to read that’s weird oh that’s just weird you know you got to it’s just weird

so we’re going to put the oil make sure we follow the instructions to the letter

and then we’ll put the coupler and let it run for it’s 30 minutes then they say

in the book after first hour of youth you should change the oil out and we’ll do that also you

all right so I’m slowly filling this up it tells you here I meant to get a new

camera it’s low you have the red circle say and if your oil line is on the

bottom part of the circle you’re low so I slowly add it because I can see in

this glass tube here as I add the oil through the little funnel I can see it

working its way around so I don’t give it a little give it a little and let it

work its way and we don’t want to be over the top of the circle because they

call that overfill and that’s not good for it either more more oil in the

engine is not always so and a little bit at a time that’s right almost touching the bottom

of the red now so starting to fall through in there so let me continue to

do that till I get it Center and then I know I’m good and we’ll start it up all right

so I let it sit 24 hours after I put the oil because as I was filling it I could

see it trying to work its way through the little the cyclases got ridges and

things that takes a minute so then we had some freezing cold I wasn’t going to

change the oil out and try to break it in under 32 degrees you guys all know

about the storms January 2016 that we’ve had passing through a lot of snow stuff

so it’s are a little warm again and I let my picked up before I got started I

have all this stuff but um it’s digging it out right now plus someone just has

some a good little kit so I picked up this I did somewhere between seven and

twelve dollars it’s got all kinds of pork pieces you need to do just general

things some for Arbor Freight to central pneumatic the same as this you get tired

you get the dual type of air filling nozzle can do the each side it’s got the

couplers has a bug on nozzle blows on safety nozzle with air compressor I don’t know

basic knowledge you guys have it you should never really you know blow air at

your skin it cuts things like that you can put an air bubble in your skin and

then you can die so the safety nozzle all it is is that when you have a tube

that you’re spraying through usually it has a little holes from the backside of

the tube so that if somebody does you know do like that and you touch it to

your skin it goes out the sides and all that compressed air isn’t going towards your skin

that’s a good thing seeing people take those up before because they wanted more

or pressure based adjust and it’s not a good thing to do so it’s got all the

pieces you need to do basic stuff fill up basketball soccer balls it’s got

your tape to help seal up when you connect the parts together you put a

little bit of that teflon tape so you don’t get leads got your trigger here

and I have air tool oil what I typically do I don’t have a system yet set up like

I explained in the book it tells how to do a oil lubricated tools line and a non

lubricated the line so me I just put a couple of drops in the tool before I get

started I am going to set up a line system because I think that’s pretty

cool so I’m going to put the male adapter into the receptacle here into

the female and that way pressure is not building up in here like it said we

wanted that first half hour where it’s just compressing not compressing is

generating working through the motor not building up compression and putting more

strain on the motor we’re going to let that half hour first and just it will be

an open system basically blowing out air and they say when you set this up

should make sure you have a clear path the plug goes in you don’t want it to

trip over it you want to clear you want this to be level so that the pump can

operate correctly you don’t want to have it you know tilt it up or something

because you got a mess and kind of keep the kids and pets away from it and you

should have a 12 inch clearance around it, so that it can get air circulation

because it is a motor is pumping and working to compress air and get warm so

you want it to have circulation so I’m going to plug it up the put a little mail

canet into the female then we’ll go through the steps that are printed right

here and we’ll fire it up and let it break in then I’ll change the oil out

and we’ll be ready to use it I’ve got the bottom the release valve closed off

and we’re ready to start and get some use out of this good tool

so when it half-hour I checked the oil levels every five to ten minutes

convincing well with one win it will get into the low tides eye socket popped it

off a little bit to get the midmark of the circle and now our half hours up I’m

going to let it cool as the book says and then I’ll change the oil and then

we’ll be using it different projects we have that we get involved with and

you’ll see it in use through other videos and we’ll see how it does but not

that bad to set up and get going it just where I touched a little bit does have

just a hair bit of heat here not really that hot actually

but you don’t accidentally sit your hand on it too hard up earlier when I was

pointing over to these valves here when I turned it on at first it was running I

didn’t hear any any air coming out here to see it not see it hear it or feel it the valve

they had it closed when they ship it so you got to open it up a little bit so

that air can come out of there other than that running like it’s supposed to

oh I said I’ll change out the oil put the new and then we’ll be able to you

know fill up the car tires and blow debris all kinds of stuff use the air

tools I have a few that I have from other jobs I’ve had before we had our

compressors everywhere we use their tools and hopefully it will it’ll do as promised.

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