Central Pneumatic 10 Gallon Air Compressor Review

10 Gallon Air Compressor

So quick unboxing of the centrum pneumatic 10 gallon

pressure anybody who knows anything about air compressors is probably screaming

right now but this is what I could afford so this is what I got but most

importantly it’s definitely a step up from what I currently have with just a

one gallon nothing kind of thing that barely fills tires it’s ten gallons 125

working psi I’m guessing that’s probably going to be closer to 100 2.5 running

Horse Park I’m not sure why that they even bother from then on there it’s

really unimportant in the grand scheme of things this is why I got it 5.3 SCFM

at 90 psi I have very few power tools just something that I’ve collected over

the years and they all require five CFM at 90 psi this probably won’t deliver

the full 5.3 but it’ll be close enough and 6.2 at 40 89 DB so that’s pretty

loud but it is what it is 120 volts so standard AC out North America AC outlet

so no special wiring there says it’s perfect for air tiring and like

woodworking intermittent uses a heavy nailing hobby paints automotive repair

woodworking and you shouldn’t use it for heavy auto true story so running an air

sander for example it’s just not going to work for that I mean it’ll the air

all air will be out of the tank in two seconds basically it is an oil air

compressor so I did pick up some I did pick up some oil for it so I think what

we’re going to do is open it up and see what’s inside and great back ok and here it is unboxed you

have these two wheels which go over there and the bolts one richer right

here so these are going to be a pain to get out of this divert foam just so you

know I have a screwdriver handy it does come some oil so 30-weight non detergent

to compression will compressor would the handle the instructions say to fill it

up with oil to the full line plug it in put something here to let the air out

open both valves all the air escapes and run it for a half an hour and then

change the air compressor oil after an hour okay so we’re gonna do that um so

it also comes with an air filter so this will go right there so that’ll be next

so I’m gonna put it all together and get it ready just before you plug it in I’ll

come back and show you what it looks like when we’re ready

okay so again this is just a boxing in a quick review a couple months I’ll do a

full review of it well you know how it performed and how it worked

interestingly on the package that says that it would be okay to use with an air

impact wrench for example intermittently but according to the package on this

central pneumatic pneumatic air impact wrench if you have a seven to twenty

five gallon compressor that runs at five CFM at 90 psi you can run it to what’s

it say exactly continuously so kind of conflicting there your compressor

packaging says you can’t that’s as you can time will tell the instructions say to

plug it in and let it run and let the air escape and let it run for a half now

to break it in so I just took one of these deals put it on here

and we’ll let it run and then I’ll come back and show you how it works with the

tool it does not come with an air hose luckily I have a short piece of 10 to

15-foot air hose that I can use with it just to kind of test it out and so well

you know we’ll be back in a little bit let me plug it in you can get a kind of

an idea what it sounds like there is a circuit breaker back here so if the

trips you just press that this is the on button it’s loud it’s not as loud as my other compressor

okay we’re back half-hour later this is piping hot right in here has

nice fan going along this way so you want to make sure it’s clear in front of

this and behind it for up tight say up to a foot just six inches for sure just

so that the air flow flows across it it takes it took oh about two

two-and-a-half minutes to fill from completely empty to where it shuts off

it took about two and a half minutes so that’s not too bad and it’s loud but

doesn’t make me want to rip my ears out loud so that’s good tested it with my little it’s certainly

strong enough to power that we’ll see if it can get the full this head this tool

basically has two hundred and seventy-five foot-pounds of torque which

is ridiculously little given that like trying a cordless once today can do up

to a thousand foot-pounds of torque but it is what it is so we’ll see if it

powers it first order of business for me on this right there those are two struts

for my car my car has over 115,000 miles and it’s eight years old and those bolts

are not going to be easy to get out so it’ll be good test for it so a couple of

notes on this there’s no filter here and there really should be so I’m going to

see if I can get one now this ran for a half hour got was stupid hot but not so

much that I couldn’t touch it it hasn’t been off that long and you know you can

touch it it’s hot but it you can touch it so that’s good you know that could be

worse the tank is definitely warm to the touch so but again ran for a half hour would

normally wouldn’t do that so do not touch this I can tell you right now that

sucker is hot very very hot and we’re sitting I don’t know if you can see it

but from what I can tell it looks like it’s maybe 110 psi certainly not the 125

they had claimed that hundred 25 would be right there

so because that’s 150 that’s 90 so somewhere in the middle I would think so

it’s close but it’s not it’s not 125 which I knew they always fit on that a

little bit so that’s it for now and like I said I’ll do it more you know how’s it

working kind of thing in a couple months after I’ve used it for one and we’ll see how it holds up.

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