Central Air Compressor And Stapler, Easy Instructions

Central Air Compressor

I am Catherine now over a year ago I purchased this oralist

air compressor from Harbor Freight no this is not a sponsored ad but I

recently got all the parts and began to use it during my furniture

transformation series and I’m so amazed at how easy it is to use so the sound of

it was an adjustment to me it sounds like a small lawnmower but I really do

like the result so I decided to share it with you based on some of your comments

about your fears in using one and hopefully I can encourage you to do the

same now on the side of your compressor you’re going to have quick instructions

on how to use it and this is what fascinated me it tells you exactly what

to do attach the quick coupler and that’s this little darling right here as

a matter of fact you’re going to need two of them one is here and one goes to

the end of your hose which is also another part that you’re going to have

so this is a coupler it’s going to go here and then there’s also one that is

here that’s attached to the actual unit so that’s step one step two you’re going

to adjust the regulator knob the regulator knob is right here and I’m

going to show you how to do that by turning it on and turning it off the

next step is to close the drain valve and that’s at the very bottom I’m going

to pick it up so you can see this little knob here on the very bottom you see

that right there on the very bottom when your unit is in use you are developing

moisture inside of the tank so you want to definitely keep this valve closed and

when the unit is not in use you want to open it up so that the unit dries out

the moisture can college your tank to rust on the inside so you definitely

want to open the valve after you finish using it but this is very easy to

operate I had to get accustomed to the sounds because it is pretty loud but other than

that it really is easy to manage so let’s start out with attaching the

coupler and step one you have one that’s attached directly to the compressor now

this is my stapler this is the actual one that I have is the pneumatic and it

is the 20 gauge wide this is the one that I use to do my upholstery I love it

it’s lightweight and the small plastic bottle of oil and two small allen

wrenches are included place a few drops of oil right here before I got started

and the other thing I want to remind you of is to make sure that you have that

safety light on when you have to refill it with staples doing the working

process this is an upside down loading the instructions on this is so weird

the instructions they turn stapler upside down and nobody sings understand

what that means and neither did I but this is the best way to show you how to

do it to release your gun right here you want to pull and this allows this to

slide open for you and now you just want to insert your staples like so so right

inside there’s some longer ones in there also a mixture of them is going to have

one kind on this project we’ll go ahead and put those in and pop it back in and

raise this handle right here and it locks it in according to instructions

you want to attach your coupler follow those very carefully stick it on there

okay that’s done right here this little knob so you can control the direction

that that little puff of air comes if your stapling and downward it’s going to

blow to your face so I kind of react so you see this little opening here this

bows it away from me so this puff of air isn’t coming in my face and that’s the

best way it was here but I turned it this way and I love it on

sighs so now if you’ve done that you want to go ahead lean it over and

tightly close the drain valve go to the black mount there is a regulator knob

that’s going to control how much air pressure is going into your staple gun

you’re going to turn it counterclockwise do this before you turn the unit on to fill the tank

now this little gauge here on the right that has the brass ring on it so to

speak well that one is there to measure out the amount of pressure inside of the

tank now I’m just a consumer I am NOT an expert on compressors and staplers but I

do want to let you know something here’s a trick when you buy yours go ahead and

tell them to assemble it right there at Harbor Freight that’s what I did for me

and I’m really glad that they did press the button, yes that’s the sound that I am hearing

when I’m doing upholstery but you don’t when I edit the sound out and when you

turn the unit on the HDL on the Left does not move the one on the right is

going to move it’ll tell you how much pressure you are building up inside of

the tank now I’m building up pressure in the tank notice the gauge on the

right-hand side it is moving and like I said it can go up to 180 but it shuts

off when it gets to around about 100 this is a small unit and once I got

accustomed to that sound that was okay but remember this is a regulator part

now turn the black regulator knob until the gauge hits about sixty to one on the

left-hand side and once it hits that then time the little knob above the

regulator knob that’s that little skinny black one turn that one until you lock

it in place above the regulator now in other words this holds it at cruise

control for the airflow I operate at about sixty for my upholstery projects

and I lock it in with the second dial same stop so remember this is how much

is in the tank and this is my please control right here as you can see I play

it safe I have safety glasses and glove place the stapler on top of whatever it

is you’re trying to staple and gently press the trigger then the unit switch

is on and off automatically while you’re stapling when you’re done immediately

unplug the unit and open the drain file on the bottom and as you can see there

is moisture inside of the tank next pull that brass ring right there on the right

and release the rest of the pressure inside the tape as I mentioned earlier I purchased my

compressor about a year ago so it was a little bit cheaper so I’m just going to

go for all of the supplies with you staples I’ve heard that people can’t

find them at Harbor Freight I have no problem mind is brand-new and I go

between two of them at least once a week I also purchased the Aero staples at

Lowe’s the majority of the time I am using the 3/8 of an inch staple but you

can use the 1/2 inch also consider the thickness of your fabric I have the hot

dog style compressor when I got mine it was an extra 20{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} off I have this coupon

with me and my stapler is a 20 gauge that you saw earlier top right hand

corner it’s $21.99 and of course I got the extra 20{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} off when I purchased it as

well you need your couplers and as you can see here male and female 20{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} off is

what I paid and lastly I needed the hose and once again my friends and family

this is not a sponsored ad I just wanted to be able to share with you how I came

to use the compressor with comfort and with ease and I’m really really enjoying

it especially considering how much work I’ve got to get done and how much money

I want to say by doing it myself so if you notice subscribe I hope you will

consider doing so and I hope you’ll follow up and check out all of the other

explanations associated with the furniture transformation series and remember to

turn in your notification so you don’t miss a single explanation I’m still working hard in my hot garage.

Source : Central Pneumatic Air Compressor & Stapler

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