Car Air Compressor Shoot Out – Tire Inflation Comparison

Car Air Compressor

Hey what’s going on guys I’m Brad and this is trail recon and in this explanation

we’re gonna take a look at four different tire inflator options and see

how fast it they can fill up a 35 inch tire from 15 psi all the way up to 32

psi now I know if you looked at all four of these you’d be like oh well that

one’s obviously faster and this one’s probably the slow one but I wanted to

put a little kind of trail recon formula in there and figure out over the course

of a year how much time do you spend using each one of these tire compressors

inflating your tires and is it actually worth spending that extra money for that

high-end one we’re gonna check it out today guys I’m pretty excited so we’re

gonna take the time it takes to inflate one tire and multiply that times four

four tires and then on average I’m out on the trail twice a month so multiply

it times two and then over the course of a year times twelve how much time do I

spend inflating my tire and to figure out you know what is it worth the extra

savings it should be pretty interesting now we won’t be taking a look at any of

those budget department store tire inflator as you know when I first

started wheeling I went and bought one of those $49 ones thinking that’s all I

needed and you know what they’re okay in a pitch but if you’re off-roading

all the time it won’t last you in fact mine didn’t even last three months and I

have a lot of buddies that have had similar situations so I’m not gonna

advocate picking one of those up guys if you are off roader and you’re serious

you need to spend the money and get a good quality tire inflator system like

one of the ones you’ll see here today so let’s get started I’m pretty excited I

hope you find this interesting the tire we’re going to be using today is our

Cooper Discoverer stt Pro and it’s a 315 70 r17 which actually measured out to be

about thirty 4.5 inches tall it tried to be as consistent as we could

be so for three out of the four we use the ARB tire gauge now the smittybilt

tire compressor came with its own built-in gauge so we had to rely on that

one for those measurements for the first test we are using a well-used smittybilt

portable tire inflator model number two seven eight one this inflator sells for

around one hundred and fifty nine the benefits of this compressor are its

portability and ease of use it comes in its own bag for storage and you don’t

have to worry about installing it and hardwiring it to your vehicle it just

attaches to your battery with some alligator clips and screws onto the

valve stem and you flip a switch and you’re ready to go

so 2 minutes and 30 seconds for a portable air compressor is pretty good

now filling up four tires will take you 10 minutes and if you’re wheeling twice

a month over the course of the year you’re gonna spend four hours inflating

your tires up next is my personal ARB single piston compressor that I have

been using for well over a year now I have it hard mounted and hardwired under

the hood and I love the compact design and the reliability I’ve received with

this compressor so far and one of the added benefits is you can run your air lockers off this unit as well

so 2 minutes and 10 seconds is pretty much what I would have guessed and times

for tires is 8 minutes and 40 seconds to get done in a trip but I would have

never have imagined that I’m spending 3.4 hours a year inflating my tires that

was very interesting up next is my buddy’s ARB dual piston compressor which

just like the last one works great to inflate your tires and you can run your

air lockers but you can also run some air tools off this compressor and if you

attach a small storage tank you really increase your output capacity

boy I’ll say a minute in 14 seconds is pretty nice and to get all four tires

inflated on under five minutes that’s pretty impressive and you’re only

spending 1.9 hours a year inflating your tires last up is a do-it-yourself built

co2 tire inflation system that my buddy has now you can buy purpose-built tire

air bottle systems but they’ll run you four to six hundred bucks this

do-it-yourself system costs just a little over two hundred and thirty

dollars and my friend built this system using a 10 pound co2 bottle from a

beverage store and some regulators and attachments you can find online I’ll

leave links in the description if you’re interested he says it costs him about

twenty dollars to recharge this co2 bottle at his local liquor store and he

can inflate all four 37-inch tires four times each which is pretty good

we knew this system was going to be fast but wow 33 seconds for one tire you fill

all four tires up in just a little over two minutes that’s pretty awesome and at

0.8 powers per year hands down it beats all the other systems so I don’t know

about you guys but I found that very interesting I was really curious to see

just how much time it actually took with each one of those compressors and now we

know but what I really like to know is what compressor are you using what tire

size do you have and how long does it take you to fill up guys head out to

your garage go check it out and put it in the comments and let everybody know I

think this would be a great opportunity to share that knowledge with folks who

might be out there looking for a tire inflator system you know I love my

single ARB compressor to do it all over again

I probably would have got the dual just because it would have saved me

you know half as much time my buddy who’s got the co2 one man that is a

great option as long as you don’t mind filling it up from time to time and I

will actually leave all information down below about where you can pick up these

tire compressors I’ll leave some information if you want to build that

co2 compressor for yourself.

Source : Air Compressor Shoot Out – Tire Inflation Comparison

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